Samsung Washer SUD Error Code – Here Are Multiple Fixes

The Samsung washer SUD code indicates that suds have exceeded the drum’s usual level during a washing cycle. In more specific terms, the Samsung washer SUD error code indicates that the washing machine is reducing the amount of foam that is produced. A 5-10 minute stop has just been made to allow the suds to dissipate so that the wash cycle can continue.


There is a feature on Samsung washers that allows you to control foaming. It is possible for the machine to switch to a mode that reduces the suds if the suds are excessive. The Samsung washer SUD error code indicates the washer is unable to reduce suds, so it needs some time to dissipate naturally. According to the concentration of washing powder in the water, it can last for quite a while.

As far as Samsung washers are concerned, all three codes – 5D, SUD, SD – are virtually the same. There are a few Samsung washing machines that display the SUD error code when the washing cycle is complete. There are different codes for the same error on the other Samsung washers. Since it’s hard to read the number 5 and the letter s on a small display, the 5d and Sd error codes are the same as SUD.

It is most likely that the washing machine is faulty if you are confident it is not the powder. To put it more precisely:

  1. It appears that the foam level sensor has a problem.
  2. It is apparent that there is an issue with the pressure switch.
  3. The drain system is partially clogged (hose, branch pipe, sewer).
  4. There has been a malfunction of the control board – an extremely rare occurrence.



Identify the cause of the Samsung washer SUD error code if you see it on the display. Errors occur when:

  • The washing powder you used was not designed for automatic washing machines.
  • Poor-quality powder has been used by you.
  • The amount of detergent required for one washing cycle has been exceeded.
  • The foam level sensor has a problem and needs to be replaced.
  • It appears that the pressure switch has failed.
  • Clogged release hoses, branch pipes, or sewer lines.
  • A serious failure has occurred on the control board (but this is a rare occurrence).

It is first important to consider your washing powder, which can be changed to solve the problem.


HOW TO FIX THE Samsung washer SUD ERROR Cod?

The following steps should be taken when your Samsung washer displays the SUD code and the drum is full of suds:

  1. Let the suds dissipate for a few seconds and the cycle will automatically resume. If your Samsung washer requires it, press the start button.
  2. After completing the wash cycle, rinse the drain filter.
  3. Using a long wash cycle and high temperature, remove excess powder from the washer without clothes.
  4. In the case of excessive suds, you should change the detergent.

The code is there, but there are no suds in the drum:

  1. The machine should be turned off.
  2. Drain the water through the emergency drain rather than trying to open the locked door.
  3. Drain filters need to be cleaned.
  4. To check the machine, start it with the previously chosen cycle.


Remove all powder residue from the drain and drum.

It is likely that the foam level sensor is malfunctioning if you receive the Samsung washer SUD code again during the cycle. There are some Samsung washing machines that do not have a foam sensor. Often, this function is performed by the water level sensor, also known as the pressure switch. There is no way to repair the foam level sensor; it needs to be replaced.

It is quite simple to replace this part:

  1. The washer should be unplugged and the water turned off.
  2. The top lid should be removed.
  3. The water level sensor is located in the top corner of the machine.
  4. The air duct should be removed.
  5. Make sure the wires are disconnected.
  6. Replace the part with a new
  7. The elements should be reinstalled in reverse order.

Occasionally, the Samsung washer can show the SUD code if suds aren’t gone because of a partial obstruction in the hose or branch pipe. There are a variety of parts that need to be cleaned. Clean the drain hose using a wire, for example, after disconnecting it from the machine. It is necessary to take the branch pipe out of the washer in order to clean it. It is accessed through the machine’s bottom:

  1. Turn the washer upside down.
  2. If there is a bottom, remove it carefully.
  3. Disconnect the branch pipe from the tub and pump by loosening the pipe clamps.
  4. The element should be washed and reinstalled.



When you need a professional’s help:

  1. Despite the fact that there are no suds in the drum, you are still getting the SUD error code. It might be a malfunctioning foam level sensor, so replace it.
  2. Usually, the Samsung washing machine displays the SUD error after starting or during a cycle. It is necessary to replace the water level sensor because it is broken.
  3. The washer drains the water for a long time without detergent; the error appears when powder is added. It is caused by debris clogging the drain hose or sewer branch pipe. It’s important to clean them to get rid of the error.
  4. You’ll get the SUD error when you start the washing machine or during a wash or rinse cycle. Most often, it results in replacing the control unit when it indicates a malfunction.

After the suds have dissipated, you can try to get rid of the code again after the suds have dissipated. By clicking the “Start” button, you can reset the Samsung washing machine.

Contact the repairman if none of the suggested measures have helped.


Do you know what to do if your Samsung washing machine displays SUD?

In the case of a SUD error, it indicates that a foaming sensor has been triggered. Your Samsung washing machine produces a lot of foam when it is being used. In order to dissipate the foam, the system was stopped for a while. We used a lot of washing liquid for this wash; we chose the wrong washing liquid; one of the washing machine’s elements was damaged.


How do I fix Samsung washing machine error code 5UD?

There is no code for 5UD errors listed in the list of Samsung washing machine error codes. In most cases, this is the letter “S”, and the code sounds like the word “SUD”. Your washing machine has formed a lot of foam as a result of the washing process. In response to the foaming sensor, the machine stopped washing things until the foam dispersed.


What does the Sud symbol on my Samsung washer mean?

Your amount of washing liquid is probably significantly higher than what is required. It was as a result of this that a lot of foam formed and the system stopped working. There is also the possibility that a detergent with a high foaming coefficient was selected improperly.

Do you have questions about the SUD code on your Samsung washing machine? We can assist you if you have tried following the steps above and let us know your issue. If you have a question about your Samsung washer, please let us know the model number.


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