How To Ping A Phone Without Spending A Penny – [Complete Guide 2022]

Have you ever wondered how to ping a cell phone location without paying a penny? Did you know that you can do this without spending a cent? If you didn’t, here’s how you’re going to find out! Most likely, you have heard the word “ping” being used quite frequently in communication.

A ping is the act of sending a packet to a network interface and receiving a response, usually an echo, as a result. Imagine it as a digital counterpart to echolocation, which is used by bats and dolphins to locate and communicate.

However, you should keep in mind that pinging can also mean tracking someone’s cell phone in the world of surveillance. Among the reasons you might ping your device is a variety of reasons. You can use pinging to contact an old friend to surprise them.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies and private investigators use complex legal programs and sophisticated software to identify suspects’ locations. Based on someone’s phone number, it is possible to track their location using programs such as Localize.

You should know, however, that pinging comes in varying degrees. Pinging offers the most comprehensive way to find a person’s exact location, as well as information about the device, the number, and the person who owns it.

The information is available only through authorized software programs, to which only those with appropriate clearance are granted access. mSpy and eyeZy are good location tracking programs that we recommend to the average person.


The methods below will guide you how to ping a cell phone location without spending a penny!

Check out this guide on how to ping a cell phone with your phone company

Most iPhones and Android phones have a default trigger that automatically sends all location and GPS data to the parent cellphone company.

Under the “Location services” tab of the Settings app, you might find it. While you continue to use your cell phone provider’s services, you will still be protected by your service provider.

When you switch cell phone providers, the new provider will be able to track your location and keep a record of your history.

The tracking process is relatively simple. Mobile phone towers are placed throughout the covered region, and your phone is connected to each tower as you move.

These companies can triangulate your location based on the tower you connect to. 911 operators are also equipped with location software, as are the staff at service stations.

Using this software, they are able to speed up operations and respond to emergencies more quickly. However, there are many legal methods how cell phone companies can ping your phone by “tracking” your location.


How to Ping a Cell Phone with Access

Without access to a person’s phone, it is illegal to ping his/her phone. The chances of pinging their device are slim most of the time. Furthermore, there is the possibility that you will commit a crime as a result of breaching your privacy.

However, if you are looking for ways to ping a phone when its owner is aware of your actions, you are not faced with legal problems. Here are two ways to do this, and they are both outlined in the following paragraphs.

Learn how to track a person’s location using Google Maps, or use the Command Prompt on Windows to ping the phone of someone else. Without further ado, let’s get started.


1. How to ping a cell phone using google maps

A user’s location can easily be tracked using Google Maps, which is probably the easiest way to do so. You must first gain access to the phone you wish to ping (and ask their permission to do so) before you can open the Google Maps application.

The Google Maps application should also be updated to the latest version, otherwise performance will be affected. You will then be able to open the Settings Menu by tapping on the vertical bar with the three dots.

Once you tap “Share Location,” you will see a dialog box that will allow you to “tell friends where you are.”. You will find this screen once you tap the “Get Started” button.

After clicking it, a new window will appear, in which you can select the period of time for which your location will be shared. The time begins at one hour, and can be increased or decreased accordingly.

As an option, you can choose “until you turn it off.” You may choose the option that best suits your needs and the phone number can be located directly by clicking on the three vertical dots.

In this way, you will be able to see all the apps through which you can receive data. By selecting people and entering their email addresses, you can also receive information by email.

The same steps can also be repeated if you open your phone and share your location in real time.


2. Find Out How To Ping Your Cell Phone From A Computer

The same as every other device, including your computer, your cell phone has an IP address as well. If, however, you wish to learn how to ping a phone using a computer and if the computer and the cell phone are on the same IP address and are connected with the same Wi-Fi network, you will also be able to ping the phone.

Despite the fact that it may seem technical, you will receive all the technical information about the ping. For your cell phone to be pingable, you will need to know its IP address as well as the IP address of the computer. It is important to know that a computer must be on the same network as the phone before learning how to ping a phone from your computer.

Additionally, you need to remember that Android phones have only this option. There will be a dozen of commands that must be entered to complete this procedure. It is crucial that both the “Windows” key and the “R” key are pressed simultaneously. After pressing both of these keys simultaneously, the Run box will appear. When the Run box opens up, a dialog box will appear.

Press Enter after typing “cmd” in lowercase. Once this is done, the Command Prompt will be launched. In order to open the command prompt, type “ipconfig” in the command prompt and then hit Enter to open the command prompt. There will be an array of numbers displayed on the screen which includes the IP address of your machine as well.


Here is How to Ping a Cell Phone Using Various Commands:

In addition to using the ifconfig command, you can also use the ping command to determine the IP address of your machine. Enter “what’s my IP” in the search bar and press Enter to find out your IP address. Along with your IP address, you will also be informed of your Internet service provider.

But, how to ping a phone properly? The best thing you can do for that is by using the Command Prompt. To ping your mobile device, type “ping” in the Command prompt and enter its IP address. The ping will be sent directly to your mobile device.

Observe the data that appears on the Command Prompt to determine whether or not the ping was successful. In the event that the ping was successful, you will see two or three lines with the reply that your cell phone received.

Your mobile phone receives these data packets as they are sent from your device. Pings that are not received will get a reply saying that the ping has timed out. In addition, we will mention a small amount of time which has been spent at the end of this document.

Pinging and receiving the response took a certain amount of time. The method is very fast since most of the amounts are displayed in milliseconds.

It is also possible to determine how many data packets were transmitted to the device with this method. Restart your computer or cell phone if you receive an error when you try to ping the device.

Additionally, you could also consider rebooting your wireless router if that doesn’t help. Additionally, it’s possible that the IP address is the cause of the problem.



You will not be able to determine the location of the device using this method; it only pings the device.

In other words, it is just a way to check whether your cell phone is connected to the internet or not, and if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you might not understand what the data packets mean or how they are returned.

A cell phone can be pinged using either of these methods. It is not possible to do either of these unless you have the permission of the mobile phone user you are pinging.

Without a person’s express permission, it may be difficult to gain access to their phone unless you are a 911 operator or work in law enforcement or an emergency center. Cell phones ping frequently, and it is very important to be aware of this. As soon as you know how to ping a phone, you can use it effectively once you have learned how to do it. Please reply in the comments section below with any questions you have.


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