Rythm Bot Commands for Discord – Updated 2022

Rythm Discord Bot Commands – What Are These and How to Use Them

Discord is the largest and most popular AI-powered Free-to-use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol or the technology that converts your voice into a digital signal) server available online. In addition, users can get the best chat experience through ‘Rhythm bots’ (or robots) that use Discord Rythm bot commands.

On the other hand, Rythm is a music bot that can access and play songs from a popular music streaming platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, and so on, using Rythm. Indeed, Rythm Discord bots can listen to, change, and search for any song in your Discord server simply by using the rhythm bot commands.  

With a few Rythm Discord bot commands, you can also play music, import and export playlists, and put all your favorite songs on a queue for listening whenever you want on Rhythm Discord bot. Moreover, Rythm discord bots have all these features to make your life easier by automating boring or repetitive Rhythm commands so you don’t have to do them every time while keeping your experience optimized through simple Rythm bot. Often, they are free to use but can be upgraded (paid) with additional features.


How to Add Rythm Discord Bot to Discord Server Using Few Rhythm Commands

Follow these simple steps to add, set up, and receive Rythm Discord Bot within minutes if you already have an account on Discord.


  • Rythm bot can be found at rythm.fm on any browser. However, you shouldn’t have any problems as long as your internet connection is good.
  • Click the ‘Invite the bot’ button.
  • If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to register with your email address. However, you can also easily scan the QR code to register.
  • Log into your Discord account and click the ‘select a server’ button.
  • Confirm that you have the ‘manage server’ permission (check your server settings for this permission). Moreover, this is required to complete the authorization process.
  • Click ‘select a server‘ and select ‘Music Lover. on the authorization page.’
  • Then, click on ‘Continue’ in the bottom right corner of the page after selecting your desired server.
  • Be sure to check all the boxes, including the ‘Administrator’ box. If you don’t, all your other settings will not work.
  • It is important to assign the ‘Administrator’ permission to the Rythm Discord bot on your server for the best experience. Indeed, Rythm Discord bot can now play music, play sound, and perform other tasks.
  • To complete the process, click the ‘Authorize’ button. 
  • In the final step, you must authorize and verify the setup by completing the Captcha. Then, after adding Rythm Discord Bot to your server, you will receive a message saying, ‘Thanks for adding Rythm.’


Within a few minutes, these steps can be completed. Indeed, you can now start streaming and playing music. Next, we’ll talk about the Rythm Discord bot. Moreover, despite the list not being exhaustive, priority will be given to the most commonly used commands on the Rythm Discord bot server.


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Rythm Discord Bot Commands

Below is the list of Rythm Discord Bot Commands for Rhythm:


  • !lay: This Rhythm bot command plays any song you select
  • !np: The current song is displayed by this Rhythm bot command
  • !disconnect: Disconnect the Rythm bot from the server using this Rhythm bot command
  • !skip: Skips the current song
  • !skipto: Skips to any song in the queue
  • !move: Moves any song forward or backward in the queue
  • !rewind: This Rhythm bot command rewinds the current song to the desired point
  • !forward: Forwards the currently playing song to any desired destination
  • !clear: Clears the queued song
  • !ping: This Rhythm command checks the Rythm bot’s response time on Rhythm Discord
  • !aliases: Displays the aliases for each bot Rythm bot command
  •  !remove: Removes a song from a queue that has already been created
  • !search: Finds a particular entry in a music source
  • !soundCloud: Finds a song on SoundCloud
  • !seek: Locates a specific point within a music track
  • !stats: Displays the Bot’s stats with this rythm command
  • !join: Allows the rythm bot to respond to your voice commands
  • !loopqueue: Loops the entire song on the queue
  • !donate: This Rhythm bot command displays information about donating to the Rythm server
  • !shard: Shows the shard you are on
  • !removedupes: Removes duplicate songs from the queue
  • !info: This Rhythm command provides information about Rythm Bot
  • !replay: Plays the song currently playing
  • !settings: Rythm’s settings are changed by this Rhythm bot command
  • !shuffle: This Rhythm bot command shuffles tracks in the queue
  • !invite: This Rhythm command displays all the invite links
  • !volume: The volume of the track will be adjusted by this Rythm bot command
  • !pause: This Rhythm command will pause the cuurently playing track
  • !clean: This bot command deletes messages and Rhythm commands on the Rythm bot
  • !lyrics: This Rhythm bot command displays the lyrics of the current track
  • !playskip: Skips straight to a song in the queue from this Rhythm bot command
  • !playtop: This Rhythm bot command plays the top songs in the queue
  • !queue: This Rhythm bot command shows a user the songs in a typical queue. In addition, type the command and add the page number if you have more than one queue. (For example, queue 4)


I know you have been waiting for this! Remember, for any of these commands to work well; you must have installed Rythm on your Discord server.


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Rythm Discord Bot Commands Lagging or Not Working? Try These Working Solutions

In addition, despite being a great tool, Rythm Discord isn’t always reliable. However, occasionally the Bot doesn’t work or lags. Moreover, here are some quick fixes to get your Rythm Discord bot back online in no time:


  1. Make sure the server does not mute the Bot
  2. Verify that the Bot has the necessary permissions
  3. Make sure your Bot is online
  4. Your device’s audio settings need to be adjusted
  5. Make sure you’ve entered the correct command
  6. Rejoin the channel after leaving


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In most cases, one of these simple and easy options will fix your Rythm Discord bot commands. However, in some cases, it may be beneficial to apply the steps gradually.


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