Samsung Washer UB Code Error? – Multiple Methods To Fix It

If the washing machine malfunctions, it can cancel the program and display an alphanumeric code. There are a number of character combinations that are often found on the Samsung washer, one of which is error code UB. It is a sign that sensors and assemblies have been damaged or have been overloaded.


When a Samsung washer UB error code is displayed, the system does more than just report that there may be a problem. It triggers an automatic protection mechanism that blocks the rotation of the reel if it is not controlled. It can run out of control, break something, or rip the hoses off and flood your house if left unchecked. The washing machine stops working at the slightest hint of imbalance and signals a malfunction with UB, UE, UR (for new models) or E4 (for old-style machines).

There are times, however, when the Samsung washer UB code error occurs for no apparent reason. The control module may need to be rebooted if it has experienced a one-time failure. By disconnecting the equipment from the mains for 10-15 minutes, you are able to restart the equipment. Once the last step has been completed, proceed to the next step.


There are several possible causes for the UB code in Samsung washer.

A major problem with imbalance is that it is influenced by numerous factors. I would like to start with the first and simplest package, which is the transport packaging which holds the suspension of the tank. In this case, however, only new, recently purchased cars are affected. When it comes to old ones, anything can happen to them. If the equipment is installed incorrectly, even an uneven floor will affect its performance.


A washer that has been overloaded.

If the drum becomes unbalanced during washing or rinsing, turn off the appliance, drain the water, and check inside. Samsung washer error code UB is typically referred to as the following:

  • An unbalanced load (too few or too many things).
  • There is a twisting of linen that takes place.
  • Non-adherence to washing rules (no bag for shoes, wrong fabric combination).

The loop should be restarted after the problem has been corrected.


The drive belt of the washer is worn out.

A transmission system transmits torque from an electric motor to this part. It loses its elasticity over time and stops rotating the drum normally, causing Samsung washer UB code error. Remove the washing machine from the power source, remove the back panel, and remove the cover. Check the belt’s condition and throw it away if it’s badly deformed. It is estimated that a new one will cost more than fifteen dollars.


There are problems with the bearing and crosspiece of the washer.

It is located on the supporting part of the drum inside the crosspiece, just beneath the bearing. The failure of these elements can cause backlash and vibration, as well as the need to replace the broken elements. Moreover, disconnecting the drum from the motor shaft allows the work to be done independently. However, in some models, it is difficult to locate the faulty node without professional assistance.


The washer’s imbalance compensation system has been disrupted.

Vehicle swing is controlled by suspension springs, dampers, and shock absorbers. Samsung washer UB code error appears on the screen when they break off, weaken, or collapse. There is no way to restore these parts – they need to be replaced. In addition, ensure the craftsmen check the integrity of the tank and support cross when taking the equipment in for repair.


There is apparently something wrong with the motor of the washer.

In most cases, carbon brushes fail due to wear and tear caused by old carbon brushes. Moreover, wearing them out makes the machine incapable of spinning, resulting in a crackling noise from the motor. Burning and flying sparks are also characteristic features. Then you will need to buy and install new brushes, and the cost of a pair of them usually ranges from $ 10 to $ 30.


The washer’s tachometer is inoperative.

There is a possibility that the UB error code is caused by the speed control element. It stops adjusting the rotation speed in the event of a breakdown, resulting in an imbalance that stops the washing machine. As part of the repair process, the tachometer should also be replaced.


The board of the washer has been damaged.

A faulty control module is often to blame for a drum that only moves in one direction. In most cases, it is broken or burned out, causing Samsung washer error code UB to appear. However, by restoring damaged chains or by resoldering some of the elements, it can be repaired. There are cases, however, when a complete replacement of the microcircuit will be necessary.


Why does my Samsung washer have a UB code?

There is an imbalance in the Samsung washer that causes the UB error code to appear. There is something that is preventing the drum from gaining momentum and loosening up when it should. In this case, a protective system is activated that prevents rotation from taking place. If the laundry is loaded incorrectly, some parts will break down, such as engine brushes, suspension assembly, shock absorbers, belts, bearings, tachometers, and control modules.


Do you know what UB means in a Samsung washing machine?

A UB error indicates that the Samsung washing machine was unable to distribute the load along the drum axis. Moreover, to prevent uncontrollable rotation from causing harm, the cycle is interrupted. Some possible causes include failures of the mainboard, Hall sensor, bearing, drive unit, carbon brushes, suspensions, and shock absorbers.


Is there anything I need to do if my Samsung washer displays the UB code error?

In order to fix the UB error code, you need to redistribute the laundry in the drum. In the event that this does not help, you should check the components that are causing the imbalance. However, in some cases, motor brushes, drive belts, tacho generators, or bearings may need to be replaced. There may be a necessity to repair or replace the control board in extreme cases.



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