Kwikset vs Schlage – The Ultimate Smart Lock Guide

Kwikset vs. Schlage [Everything you need to know]

If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering what kind of locks to get for your house. Kwikset vs Schlage? Everyone who moves into a new home tends to wonder about this. Although there are other lock types, these two are the most popular, accounting for over 95% of the home lock industry. You may get it from every hardware store, including Ace Hardware, Menards, The Home Depot, and local locksmith services. Which is better, you ask? To cut to the chase, I’ll compare each company’s conventional deadbolt since it’s the most popular lock that both Kwikset and Schlage sell. The rest of the waves that both brands sell are of exceptionally high-quality standards, go through comparable production procedures, and have many of the same components. Therefore, we may quickly ascertain which lock is better by contrasting their most fundamental lock, the deadbolt.


Smart locks from Schlage vs Kwikset: What you should know

1. Schlage

Schlage offers four intelligent lock solutions, each with its functionality and aesthetics. The Schlage Encode is the company’s intelligent wifi lock that links to the wifi infrastructure in your home. The Sense smart lock is a deadbolt that relates to your phone to regulate access. Because of its Z-Wave and Zigbee connectivity, the Connect model is ideal for partnering with other intelligent home goods and alarm systems.

  1. Kwikset

Kwikset offers a variety of intelligent lock features, including [keypads, touchscreens, and a one-touch deadbolt]. Kwikset website is soon to announce a new fingerprint feature to customers soon. Kwikset has seven innovative lock models, each with its capabilities. The Kevo is the cheapest choice, as it lacks a keypad but provides electronic keys and the ability to lock and unlock your door automatically. Kwikset’s Halo offers a better higher-end model with an opportunity for wifi, keypads, and advanced capabilities


What do Schlage and Kwikset have in common?


Schlage and Kwikset have far more in common than differences. Here are some parallels between the two firms’ offerings: it’s also worth noting that both firms offer a selection of various smart locks with varying capabilities that you’ll want to look into separately. When picking which locks to buy, consider the features of each model.


  1. Options for rekeying


Both Schlage and Kwikset allow you to rekey your lock if necessary.


  1. App for smartphones


You’ll be able to regulate who and when enters your home using the Schlage and Kwikset smartphone apps. Users can even establish remote keys for guests if they are not home.


  1. Compatibility with smart homes.


Depending on the model, Schlage and Kwikset provide a variety of intelligent home connection choices, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Z-Wave, and others. It means you can integrate your smart lock with innovative home technology you already own or want to purchase.


  1. Flexibility.


You have opportunities not just in terms of accessible features but also in terms of aesthetics. Both brands provide various locks, including touch keys, touchless models, and those with or without a handle. Each wave might have numerous options of entry depending on the model.


  1. Crucial and keyless entry.


It’s OK if you’re not prepared to hand over the keys. Schlage and Kwikset make locks that can be opened with standard and intelligent keys.


  1. Several entry codes


Some intelligent locks only provide a few remote critical codes to limit the number of persons who can enter the residence. But with Schlage or Kwikset, you won’t have to worry regarding that. Schlage allows up to 30 access codes, while Kwikset provides 25.


  1. Do-it-yourself installation:


Installation isn’t easy, but if you have some DIY skills, you’ll be able to install a Schlage or Kwikset smart lock.


Kwikset vs Schlage – Qualities

Kwikset Features:-

Indeed, Kwikset is a renowned brand that you may wish to investigate for home security. Besides offering excellent resistance to picking, drilling, and kicking, Kwikset also offers lock-bumping protection (in which thieves use refined keys to break tumbler locks and traditional pins). Another factor that differentiates Kwikset is the Smart Key technology, which permits you to rekey without the assistance of a locksmith.


Schlage Features:-

Schlage is ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 approved to rescue your footstep from all forced entry attempts with bumping attacks killing, threatening, lock selecting, and drilling. It’s made of strong, high-quality metal with a satin nickel finish, offering an extra layer of security to any door. The B60N, B660P, and B560 are three popular deadbolt models. However, if you want a smart lock to complement your smart home, there are better choices than these choices.


Kwikset vs Schlage: Installation process


  1. Schlage Process.


Schlage installation is simple since it fits neatly into the pre-drilled holes in most standard-sized doors. The adjustable latch on the lock may accommodate a 2-3/8′′ or 2-3/4′′ hole.


  1. Kwikset Process.


On the other hand, Kwikset has an adjustable latch that allows installation readily on any conventional door. So no one can gain access to the house to the inside of the house. You only require a couple of minutes and a hammer to secure accessible screws.


Kwikset vs Schlage – Prices


Even though this quality has nothing to do with the lock’s functions, it is nevertheless vital to consider the quality of the retail price.

Because more robust material makes Schlage locks, they have superior mechanisms and provide significantly greater security than Kwikset locks, but they are more expensive than Kwikset locks. Consider the retail price of a deadbolt from Kwikset and Schlage, for example. The brass deadbolt from Kwikset costs $14, whereas the brass deadbolt from Schlage costs $30. Only you can put a figure on your property’s security, but the price difference is well worth it.


Security & Insurance of Schlage vs Kwikset


  • The ANSI/BHMA standards typically grade the security a door lock provides. Different tests determine the deadbolts’ effectiveness, hardness, and sturdiness throughout the three grade levels. Grade level 1 is the most advanced of the three grade levels.
  • The Schlage and the Kwikset have an ANSI/BHMA grade 1 designation for residential use. It implies that both deadbolts provide the maximum security and protection for your door against any brute-force attack using instruments such as a hammer, saw, wrench, lock pick, or crowbar.
  • Schlage and Kwikset provide a restricted lifetime assurance against material and artistry flaws. Although lock owners can obtain this warranty


Kwikset vs Schlage [Bolt & Screw Sizes]

1.    Bolt Size:


Schlage is superior: Once your door is locked, the bolt prevents it from reopening, even if an assailant kicks it in. In contrast to the Kwikset, the Schlage bolt is longer and stronger, with little room for your door to wiggle. As a result, in the case of bolt size, Schlage comes out on top.


2.   Screw Size:

For enhanced security, the Schlage lock has a drill-resistant plate. The screws are likewise more extensive and robust, making drilling entrance difficult.

Conversely, Kwikset does not comprise a drill-resistant plate, and thinner screws are designated. Thus Schlage is better than Kwikset in terms of drilling resistance.


Kwikset vs Schlage Pros & Cons


1.    Schlage Pros & Cons



  • Rolling, picking, and other brute-force attacks are very resistant.
  • It supplies commercial-grade protection.
  • It has an attractive satin nickel finish.
  • Simple to set up.
  • It includes a limited lifetime guarantee.


  • Customers express their dissatisfaction with inadequate customer service.
  • Some essential options still need to be included.


2.   Kwikset Pros & Cons



  • Highly dependable deadbolt lock.
  • It has bump-proof technology. Rekeying includes SmartKey technology.
  • Safeguard your privacy.
  • Low price.



  • Customers claim that the rekey method is unreliable (though we have yet to have any issues with it).


What is our choice between Kwikset vs. Schlage?


When the deadbolts are available, the market has a lot to provide. However, they are not all created equal. In this essay, we will compare and contrast the two most popular and trustworthy brands in the business, Schlage and Kwikset.


While each has its own distinct set of features, they also have benefits and drawbacks when choosing a lock. Moreover, these deadbolt locks are exceptional in terms of features, protection, high-quality materials, and a generous warranty.


 Schlage vs. Kwikset Last Words


You will be happy going with Schlage or Kwikset if you’re looking for a smart lock. However, Schlage outperforms Kwikset due to its ANSI Grade 1 security grade and built-in alarm option. Schlage allows customers to incorporate the technology into any connected home ecosystem while adding an extra degree of security to their front door. You’ll get adaptability, value, and the most powerful lock on the market.


Kwikset is another excellent alternative. Its locks have intelligent home features and a fingerprint entry lock that will be available soon.


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