Samsung Washer DC Code Error? Here Are Multiple Fixes

While attempting to run a load of laundry on a Samsung washing machine, you may encounter a DC code error. I’m glad to report that most of the time, the Samsung washer DC code error is a very easy fix!

DC code errors on Samsung washing machines can indicate that the washer is unfit to spin because of unevenness in the load. A Samsung washer DC error code can be fixed by redistributing an existing load. Replace the suspension rods (or shock absorbers) to reduce the overall weight of the washer.

Below you will find answers to common causes of a Samsung washer DC code error and ways to resolve it so you can continue using your washer.


Make sure that the load in the washer is balanced to fix Samsung Washer DC Code Error.

Redistributing the weight of the existing items inside the washer is usually the best way to fix the Samsung washer DC error code. The following reasons are commonly responsible for unbalanced loads.

  • A bulky item, such as a bedsheet, comforter, or towel.
  • Three pieces of clothing: jeans, a sweater, and a jacket.
  • A load that is oversize.
  • A load that is undersized.

In the event that you receive a Samsung washer DC error code, make sure you check for one of these common causes.

Try balancing bulky items around the spin barrel if they are unevenly balled up in one place.

Heavy items like towels should be moved evenly around the barrel if you have a load of them.

Finally, check to ensure that large or bulky items are not tangled around the spin barrel during the spin cycle. This can lead to the spin barrel getting stuck, resulting in a Samsung washer DC code as a result.

This might be caused by bulky items such as jeans, sweaters, and jackets being re-distributed within the spin barrel.

You may want to try removing a few items if that does not work for you. In some cases, the weight of the items may prevent the motor from spinning the center barrel.

Unless you are washing bulky or heavy clothing, try not to overload the washing machine.


Samsung Washer DC Error Code Due To Overloading:

It is still possible to overload Samsung washers, leading to a DC error if the spin barrel cannot rotate.

Last but not least, if you’re washing only one item (or a few small ones), the spinning motion may cause the item to ball up.

The Samsung washer might report a DC code error if it detects an uneven load balance. It may be a good idea to add a towel to balance the load.


The washing machine needs to be leveled.

It may be that the washing machine itself is not level if weight redistribution does not correct the Samsung washer DC error code.

An alert might be triggered by the mechanism that detects the machine’s leveling when this occurs.

The washer should be placed on a flat, level surface before you begin the installation process. Use a leveling tool, if you have one, to ensure the bottom of the washer is level in each direction.

You can level the machine with a glass of water or a measurement cup with lines if you lack a leveling tool.

Try manually rocking your washer whenever you are unsure of its level. There is a good chance that if it rocks during the spin cycle that a Samsung washer DC code error will be generated.

Consider shifting the position of the machine so that it is more level if your surface is not perfectly even.


Fix Samsung washer DC error code by moving the washer:

In case that doesn’t work, you might want to consider moving your washer if it’s possible to do so in your space.

You might be able to get your washing machine to a level surface by adjusting the leveling pegs on the washer itself if you are not able to move it.

If the surface of the washing machine is uneven, turn the corner peg counterclockwise.

Choosing another peg and spinning it clockwise will lower it if your leveling pegs are already at the highest possible level.

You might have a failing internal component if adjusting the leveling doesn’t fix the Samsung washer DC error code. I am glad to be able to share with you that there is an easy fix for a common problem!


Make sure the suspension rods are in good shape.

The drum suspension rods on Samsung washers are likely to wear out over a period of time due to normal wear and tear.

It is common for suspension rods to become damaged or faulty, which in turn can result in a DC code error. You can fix this for a low cost and in a few minutes!

However, you can order suspension rods online from Samsung or third parties whenever you suspect they need to be replaced.

You can buy a full set of four suspension rods online for less than $100, which is likely to be less expensive than hiring a technician.


As soon as your suspension rods arrive, follow the following steps to replace them.

  1. The machine should be unplugged from the power source.
  2. Take out the two Phillips head screws that secure the control panel.
  3. The two existing wire harnesses should be disconnected.
  4. A flathead screwdriver can be used to unscrew the retaining clips (or another flat tool).
  5. Using a clamp or large item, lift the lid and keep it securely in place.
  6. Lift one rod to clear the upper mount (don’t try removing all four rods at once).
  7. The rod should be lowered until it clears the lower mount.
  8. Set aside the rod after removing it.
  9. For internal components, wipe off excess grease with a towel or shop rag.
  10. The new rods should be greased where they will contact the existing machine mounts with silicone grease.
  11. Lower the rod ends into the lower mounts.
  12. In the upper mount, the other end of the rod should be raised.
  13. Make sure the rod is securely fastened.
  14. For the remaining three suspension rods, repeat the process.
  15. Drop the lid of the washing machine by unclamping it (or moving an object out of the way).
  16. The two wire harnesses should be reconnected.
  17. Two Phillips head screws should be used to secure the control panel.
  18. Make sure your washer is plugged in.
  19. Make a new load of laundry and test it.

I would like to congratulate you if your DC code error has been resolved. The code may require more than a simple DIY fix if it persists.


If still facing Samsung Washer DC Code Error Then Make an appointment with a professional.

The DC code error on your machine will not be fixed if you redistribute the weight of a load of laundry. You can replace the suspension rods if you are confident that your machine is level. If that’s the case, your machine might have other internal problems.

Your machine might benefit from a service technician’s attention in this situation.

The technician will likely cost a few hundred dollars, so be sure you need him before requesting him.

On Samsung’s support website, you will be able to find a Samsung-preferred technician who will be able to assist you.

They will assist you in troubleshooting efforts for weight redistribution and washer leveling. The following are some of the most common parts that need to be replaced:

The best thing you can do if you are in doubt is to contact Samsung directly if your machine is still covered by warranty.

Through Samsung’s online chat platform, customers can reach Samsung 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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