How To Open A Door Without A Key – Ultimate Guide [2022]

Is there ever a time when you have been locked out of your house or room, stuck in someone else’s room, or unable to open the cabinet in your bedroom because your key has been lost or broken? We have provided all answers to these questions and a guide on how to open a door without a key below.

Being unable to gain immediate access is very frustrating. The situation is even worse if the door is locked and you need to get in or out in an emergency. In this case, how can one open a door without having a key in hand? How would you open a lock without a key if you were locked out of your house?

Even though this unfortunate situation exists, there is one thing you can do to deal with it, and that is to learn how to open a door without a key.

When you are locked out of your house or room, you should know several methods.


Quick and easy step-by-step instructions on how to open a door without a key

In some cases, these techniques are geniuses, while in other cases, they may be desperate measures. Regardless of the situation, none of these proven techniques can keep a door unlocked for too long.


Method #1. How to Open A Door Without A Key By Using A Credit Card

There are many simple methods for opening a door without a key, but this is by far the easiest. Ideally, it should be used with doors with a spring lock and latch bolts. Deadbolt-equipped doors cannot be locked with it.

Are you locked out of your house? If you plan to use a credit card to open the door, make sure it is one that you are no longer using because it may get damaged or broken. Ideally, you should use a card that has some pliable properties in order to be able to get the best results. By bending and wriggling the card, you can get it into tight spaces.

locked out of house
Are You Locked Out Of Your House?

How the process works

Is there ever a time when you have been locked out of your house or your room? It is necessary to insert the card between the frame of the door and the lock of the door. By bending the card backward, you can push the lock against the door. An unlocked door can usually be opened this way.

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Nevertheless, there is a possibility that the doorframe and lock do not overlap. Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to insert the card above the lock between the frame of the door and the lock itself. As you pull the credit card towards the door frame, swipe it downward until the door unlocks.

When you are facing the latch bolt, you can apply pressure with a credit card on the angled end of the bolt. Once you have inserted the card between the latch bolt and the doorjamb, turn the doorknob to open the door.


Method #2. How to Open A Door Without A Key By Using A Paperclips or Eyeglass-Repair Screwdrivers?

What is the number of times you have been trapped and locked in a house or room and unable to escape? Generally, interior door locksets are used on bathroom and bedroom doors in order to maintain privacy. It is still possible to open or unlock them despite this.

You can find a tiny hole on the face of the door knob. Handles are usually found on sides of doors that don’t lock. It is necessary to push a small button inside the tiny hole found inside the door in order to open it.

An eyeglass repair screwdriver or paperclip can be used as an improvised key.

The tool must be inserted into some interior locks and twisted to unlock them. In this case, a tiny screwdriver can be used to fix the problem. To flatten a paperclip tip without a hammer, use a paperclip.


Method #3. Using a screwdriver to remove the doorknob

Do you know how to open a door without a key by using a screwdriver method? Doorknobs can be removed and the lock dismantled with a screwdriver. An interior door that is locked can be opened with this method.

Before disassembling the doorknob and lock, use a screwdriver to remove the screws.

To see the mounting screws, you must take the knob apart if there are no visible screws. You will be able to reach the locking mechanism once you remove the screws. The last but not least thing you need to do in order to open the door is to move the latch away from the doorjamb. A doorknob lock can be removed without showing screws in this video.

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You will find it easier to reassemble the doorknob if you dismantle it properly after unlocking the door.


Method #4. Hanging Clothes With A Wire Hanger

Doors with latch bolt locking mechanisms can be opened using this technique.

How to proceed:

  • Open the angled end of the clothes hanger by cutting a piece of wire and using it to open it.

  • Wire can be bent and pushed between the doorjamb and the edge of the door to make a small hook.

  • Straighten the wire and hook it around the latch bolt.

  • Pull the wire toward you while turning the doorknob with one hand while holding the wire with the other. When pressure is applied to the latch, it will retract, allowing the knob to turn and the door to open.


Method #5. The Lock Must Be Picked

Despite the fact that this technique can be used on any type of lock, you must be familiar with how the parts of the lock work in order to use it. By picking the lock, you mimic the action of a key. Bobby pins or paper clips and an Allen wrench will be your tools.

How to proceed:

  • Insert the Allen wrench’s shorter end into the keyhole’s lower part.

  • Turn the Allen wrench slightly in the same direction as the door key to turn the door lock. The wrench should be applied some pressure while doing this.

  • To hold the wrench in place, insert a paper clip or bobby pin into the keyhole. Now that you are in the middle of picking the lock, you are close to completing it.

  • Move the paperclip or bobby pin upward gently. While gently tightening the Allen wrench, move the bobby pin or paper clip in a circular motion.

  • In order to shift the door lock, you must exert more pressure each time you repeat this motion. The pin or clip should be moved in a circular motion while maintaining pressure.


If you cannot open the door with these steps, try picking the lock one pin at a time. Gently push the clip or pin in while applying steady pressure to the Allen wrench. Upon making contact with a pin, lift the handle upwards until a click can be heard. Keep repeating the procedure until the door unlocks with the additional pins.


Measures taken in desperation

If you have tried the above methods of how to open a door without a key but still cannot open it, here are some desperate measures you can try.

Before you resort to these ‘desperate measures’, try the above methods first (they’re safer!)

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Method #6. Hinges to be removed

When you cannot unlock a door, you may resort to this extreme measure. You can open the door without causing any damage to it by using a flathead screwdriver and a mallet to remove the hinges.

Depending on where the pinhead is located, the screwdriver should be inserted between the knuckle and the pinhead. To loosen the pinhead, tap the screwdriver handle with the mallet. The pin will need to be removed once this has been done.

All hinges will be subject to the same process, and the pins will be set aside securely. It is important that you gently push the door open after removing all the pins from it.

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to force each pin out if you have trouble removing them.


Method #7. The Lock Needs To Be Drilled

A jammed lock can be unlocked using this technique. Lubricant, a drill, and a flathead screwdriver are all you need.

To determine which drill bit/s to use, drill over the keyhole first. Once you have lubricated the drill bits, you can begin drilling. The bits will be able to cut through the metal more easily if this is done.

There is a possibility that you will destroy the pins if you drill a hole through a lock or knob.

The flathead screwdriver should be inserted into the newly drilled hole as soon as the drill bit reaches the internal cylinder of the lock. It is possible to damage the lock during drilling, but you won’t have to replace the door.

Before drilling around the lock, it’s recommended to drill the lock itself first.

Alternatively, you can drill around the lock if the door remains locked. Drill a few spots in the wood to loosen the lock, then push the door open. When you remove a jammed lock this way, you can damage the door, so you will have to replace it.


Method #8. The Hammer Method

If you’re locked out or you need to get into your house in an emergency, you can smash the lock with a hammer. In order to break the doorknob or lock free of the door, you will need to repeatedly bash it downward.

You can prevent being locked out or locked in by keeping a spare key securely hidden somewhere. A locked door can be opened in several ways if you do not have a key.

It can be done in many ways, from the simplest, such as using a credit card or paper clip, to the most extreme, such as removing the hinges or breaking down the lock with a hammer.

In the event that you find yourself in a hurry, it’s best to hire a locksmith as soon as possible.


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