Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume Feature Not Working?

The Android absolute volume control or Bluetooth absolute volume control enables unified volume control, so when you increase, decrease or disable the volume on your phone, it is reflected on your Bluetooth device as well. This feature has been around for a long time and is already enabled on Android devices running Android 6 and later. Learn how Absolute Bluetooth Volume works on Android and how to disable it (or whether you should disable it).

There is no way to disable Android absolute volume if your Android isn’t paired with Bluetooth headphones or if you’re experiencing Bluetooth issues. It’s just a volume-related setting.

Do you know what happens when you disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android?

Absolute Volume unifies (synchronizes) the volume controls on your Android phone and Bluetooth device. Therefore, adjusting the volume on your phone also affects the Bluetooth audio device connected to it. Having one slider for your phone and one for your wireless headphones (or earbuds or speakers) is much more convenient. As a result, the primary audio output device is prioritized.

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Bluetooth Absolute Volume has the potential to cause a discrepancy in volume levels between devices. It is possible that even with the lowest volume setting on your Bluetooth headphones, the Android volume level is too loud. Conversely, cranking up your phone’s volume might be too loud for the Bluetooth device. Users complain about low Bluetooth volume on Android devices in internet forums. People who have very specific preferences definitely notice this, although it’s not as common as some would think. All it takes is the right optimization and compatibility between your phone and Bluetooth audio device.

Whenever you disable Bluetooth Absolute Volume on Android devices, you will see a separate slider. A phone’s physical volume buttons affect only the media volume when you increase or decrease it. If your Bluetooth device does not have physical buttons or touch controls to increase the volume. Expand the Volume panel on your phone and use the Bluetooth slider to change your headphones’ volume.


You can disable Bluetooth Absolute Volume on an Android device by following these steps

With Android 6 and later versions of Android, the Android absolute volume feature is enabled by default. Moreover, there is no option to disable it under the Sound settings, which is contrary to what would be expected. To disable Bluetooth Absolute Volume on your Android device, the first thing you will need to do is turn on the Developer options on the device, which is located on the Settings menu.


If you want to disable Android absolute volume on your Android phone, here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the Settings page.

  2. You may need to open Software Information after selecting About phone.

  3. A PIN/password/pattern must be entered seven times after tapping the Build number to unlock the Developer options.

  4. You can now open Developer options from the Settings page by going back to Settings. Under System, you may find Developer options on some Android devices.

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Enable Disable absolute volume by finding it and clicking on it.

If you disable Developer options on your Android, the changes you made won’t disappear.

If you know what Absolute Volume does, you can disable it now on an Android device and, maybe, the dedicated Bluetooth slider will work better for you. Moreover, regarding the compatibility issue, we discussed software optimization and compatibility. Apps from third parties and first parties can both enhance your listening experience.

I use the Sound Assistant Good Lock module to reduce the step volume on my Samsung. By changing the volume step from 10 (100, 80,…20, 10, 0) to 2 (100, 96,…6, 4, 2, 0), I am able to control volume more precisely. Due to the fact that the volume can be set as low as 2% instead of the factory default 10%, it transmits well to my Bluetooth earbuds. Third-party apps can accomplish the same thing on Google Play.

The easiest way, however, to control the volume of your Bluetooth devices is to use the absolute volume control that Android offers. In terms of putting your phone away, touch controls are second only to that.

We hope that works, and if you want to make any remarks, feel free. Thank you for spending time to read and your feedback would be appreciated.


Frequently Asked Questions

In order to enable absolute volume on Android, what is the best way to do it?

By default, this feature is enabled if Developer options are not disabled. When unified controls don’t work on your Android, unpair the device or reset the network settings.

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Is there a reason why my Bluetooth volume keeps
going down?

You should uninstall third-party apps if your Android or Bluetooth volume keeps going down. However, we suspect there is a bug of some sort and a factory reset will fix it.


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