TV Has No Sound But Not Muted – How To Get It Fixed [2022]

The TV does not have sound, but it is not muted: Problem reasons and solutions

There are several reasons why a TV does not have sound but is not muted:

  • Connectors of signal sources are damaged

  • Elements of the mainboard are damaged

  • A short circuit has occurred on the mainboard / T-CON


As well as possible solutions for TV has no sound but is not muted, there are various reasons for this.

Finding that your TV is not muted but has no sound is a problem that occurs quite often. Fortunately, there are a number of possible causes, and you can easily resolve most of them yourself. These are some inexpensive solutions to TV has no sound but not muted problems.

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The level of the volume

Despite seemingly minor causes of TV has no sound but is not muted problems, this is an aspect to keep in mind before panicking. It is very common for people to overlook turning up the volume on their television or leaving it muted. It is very important to check the volume level and make sure that it is both turned on and unmuted when a TV has no sound but not muted problem occurs.


Your set-top box must be in working order

Ensure that the volume of your TV is not muted or reduced by checking the volume of your set-top box (also known as a cable box). The set-top box must be connected correctly to the video input of your television if it is connected via Audio/Video (A/V).


A television cable that is not secured

An unsecured television cable could also prevent your TV from making any sound. An external speaker device could have been disconnected from a plug cable, preventing the TV from producing sound. If one of the cables on your TV set is damaged, you can get a new one. Therefore, if your TV has no sound but is not muted, make sure the wires are intact and not broken, detached, unplugged, or unsecured.


Due to damage to the signal source, the TV has no sound but is not muted

There is another possible cause of the TV has no sound, but the sound is not muted problem that involves this. It is important that the TV signal is strong and has a level above 20db. It is always possible to resolve this issue by going to Settings > Support > Self-diagnosis and then selecting Signal Information. If you are experiencing a TV has no sound but is not muted issue, try performing a signal check on the TV.

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Due to damage to the mainboard elements, the TV has no sound, but it is not muted

Sound will not be produced by the TV if any of the mainboard elements are malfunctioning. An electronic device’s mainboard, or motherboard, functions similarly to a television’s spine. Detecting a problem with a mainboard cannot be done immediately. The necessary elements should be purchased if the cause is verified and discovered. This type of repair, however, is usually beyond the skills of a regular person and requires professional assistance. It would certainly help to fix the TV has no sound but is not muted issue.


It is necessary to update the TV software

Indeed, it is possible that a TV is not producing any sound for other reasons. Some or all channels may be affected by an out-of-date software version or driver. Be sure your TV software is updated, and if it isn’t, make sure you do so as soon as possible. By connecting the TV to the Internet or by using a USB flash drive, you can update the TV software automatically.


Analog broadcasts should be performed

If your television has analogue broadcasting, you should perform an analogue broadcast tuning to check for noise. When there is noise or sound coming from the television, you might need to check other sources, such as the playback content or connected appliances. You’ll need to move on and check your TV for other problems if you can’t hear any noise.


Make sure your television’s MTS settings are correct

Your television set’s MTS settings, particularly whether it’s set to MAIN or STEREO, are another important consideration. There is only one speaker producing sound or the volume seems to be very low. In some cases, televisions are not capable of transmitting stereo signals because they are not configured for stereo. It might be necessary to replace or adjust the source device in order to resolve the sound issue.

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Turn off the TV and unplug all connection cables

You might be able to resolve the TV has no sound but is not muted issue by temporarily unplugging the connected cables. Resetting the television temporarily clears the short-term memory, as well as resolving other issues.


Due to an input selection problem, there is no sound on the TV but it is not muted

Make sure there is no wired or wireless headset connected to the TV and that the input selection is correct. It is possible that the TV will not produce sound if Aux is selected.


The television should be reset to its factory settings

Even though all your personal settings will be removed, your television set’s sound will almost certainly be restored if you reset it to factory settings. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset the device to factory settings by holding down the menu button for 10 seconds. When trying to resolve the Television has no sound but is not muted problem, this should ideally be your last resort.


TV has no sound but not muted: Conclusion

You can check the aforementioned things to troubleshoot and possibly resolve TV has no sound but not muted issues on your television set. In the event that none of the above suggestions have worked, we are happy to provide you with a free estimate.


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