PS4 Controller Lag Issue? – Here Are Best Methods To Fix It [2022]

Are you facing PS4 Controller Lag Issue? Here are some of the best ways to fix it  

Your PS4 gaming sessions will be much better with a reliable controller. However, your actions should be immediately translated into the game. However, there are times when gamers may experience PS4 input controller lag, and this can be quite annoying.

In most cases, restarting the console is the first reflex, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work.

Indeed, this article demonstrates how to eliminate PS4 controller lag so that you can resume normal gaming sessions. In addition, take a look at how you can fix the PS4 input controller (DualShock) lag issue.


Troubleshooting PS4 controller lag


Make sure the controller is fully charged

Make sure your PS4 controller is charged before buying a new one. Moreover, various input issues, such as delays, may occur if the battery is low.

Make sure the controller is connected through a wire

The DualShock 4 should be connected to your PS4 via USB cable. However, once you have used this type of connection for a several minutes, you can switch to a wireless connection.

Make sure the controller is not being interfered with by other devices

The DualShock 4 controller connects to the console via Bluetooth. In addition, your controller may be interfered with by wireless devices, which may break or block the signal completely.
Additionally, you might want to try moving all wireless gadgets and devices to another room to see if that fixes the problem.

Set the controller to default

The mini button on the back of the controller can be pressed to reset the controller. Moreover, to reset the connection, press the button with a sharp object.
Indeed, you will need to connect your PS4 controller via a USB cable.
However, by turning on the console and pressing the PS button on the controller, you can connect the two devices.

Remove dust particles from the controller

Your controller’s sticks’ range of movement may be restricted by dust, and the device may behave erratically as a result. Indeed, dust particles that may cause PS4 controller lag can be removed by blowing air into the stick gap.

Buy a new PS4 DualShock controller

If you have had your PS4 controller for a long time, you might need to get a new one. Moreover, it is best to simply replace your DualShock 4 if the lag is caused by hardware deterioration.
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 So, did any of these suggestions help you to fix the PS4 controller lag?


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