How to Bypass Garage Door Sensors? – Instant Fixing [2022]

How to Bypass Garage Door Sensors? – Multiple Easy Methods

If you found this page, then you know what a garage door sensor is and what it does. It is likely that you have a problem that has become a major headache for you in the past few months. Whenever you have a garage door that won’t close for whatever reason, you know how inconvenient it is. You just need to know how to bypass garage door sensors in order to continue with the rest of your day. This guide should only be used if you are sure for a fact that the sensors are the issue. Contact a professional garage door repair service if you are unsure what the problem is.



If you are familiar with garage door sensors, you probably already know that they prevent your garage door from closing. There’s nothing to worry about. Obviously, you are not the only one who is experiencing this problem. Thousands of homeowners face this problem every day. If you have identified the problem, then becoming an expert won’t take a lot of time and effort. Taking care of this simple garage door repair issue is nothing difficult, at least when it comes to taking care of it.

Occasionally, there is a very good reason for this kind of behavior. Although a lot of people think they want the door to close, there are some situations in which we do not actually want the door to close. In the very rare event that such a situation arises, it is essential that the issue is addressed and that we do not just bypass the garage door sensors in an attempt to fix the problem.

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In order to learn how to bypass garage door sensors, we need to consider these scenarios.



When something could become damaged, or worse, injured, your garage door opener will not allow it to close. The easiest thing you can do is to make sure there is nothing blocking the path between the two sensors. The most common culprits are garbage cans, gas cans and even spider webs. If you see anything blocking your garage door simply remove it and try closing it again.



The sun is one of the things that can block the sensors and you might not notice it right away. There is a simple test you can do to determine if the sun is causing the problem. You can use your shadow to cover the garage door sensor by standing outside of the garage door. The garage door should be tested using your remote (or by having someone else hit the wall button) as soon as possible. In the event that the garage door closes, you will need to switch which side the sensors are pointing at. When you do this, you should be able to resolve the problem. To perform this task, you will need several tools. It is also advisable to have a pair of wire strippers, electrical tape, and possibly a screw driver with a Phillips head and a screw gun on hand.



So you have already determined that the sensors are the cause of the problem. Now you either hit the button on the wall or you press the button on your remote. When your door begins to drop, it rises again, and then the light bulbs on the opener begin to flash. You have made certain there is nothing that is blocking the sensors. As long as we know we can use the opener to close the garage door without damaging anything, the next step is to learn how to bypass the garage door sensors.

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To begin with, it is important for you to know that you will only be able to learn how to bypass your door sensors from the wall buttons. In spite of the fact that this is not a permanent “DIY” of the opener, it is still important to note that. On the other hand, it is a method that will work with any garage door opener, regardless of the brand. Sensors that don’t work properly aren’t a good idea, in my opinion. As the opener may not have the intelligence to realize that there is nothing really in its way, we need to convince it that we know better.

Having said that, you only have to hold the wall button down while you are playing this game (don’t press and release it). The wall button must be held all the way down until the garage door hits the ground, and then it must be released. , if you let go of the button before the door hits the ground, the sensor will come into action again and reverse the door. Thus, you will be able to close the garage door and lock it into the down position using the garage door opener. Now you will not have to leave the door open all day long or all night long anymore.



Having bypassed the garage door opener sensors, as soon as you close the garage door, you will be able to open it. When you return home, you will be able to open the garage door with your remote control even when you are away. At the present time, however, there is still a problem that needs to be resolved. It can be determined that the sensors are being tripped for a reason, and we need to determine what that reason is. A few things always come to mind, obstructions, alignment, wiring, or faulty sensors, to name a few. Troubleshooting should be done one issue at a time, starting with the easiest issue and working your way up from there.

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Regardless of the type of garage door opener you have, the garage door sensors all have LED lights. For example, a LiftMaster garage door opener will have one green light and one yellow light. Genie may have one red light and one green light, or even two red lights. It is basically the same for Chamberlain and Craftsman as it is for LiftMaster. There will be a green light on each line and a red light on the other. To make it as simple as possible, if one light is out, the first thing to check is the sensor. If you need to play around a little bit with it, just remember that the goal is for the light to light up and stay lit for an extended period of time. There should be no flickering or blinking.



In the event that you are not able to solve the problem by adjusting the sensor, then you should look at the wiring first. It may be that pets or pests are to blame for the issue. They seem to love chewing on the wires for some reason. Do not worry, your pet will not be hurt by chewing on the wires. You need to make sure that any disconnected wires are connected as soon as possible if you notice one. When you discover that a wire has been chewed on. You should try to remove the chewed part and resplice the wire. In the case that your wires are behind the wall. You may need to seek the services of a garage door repair company.



Last but not least, if you are unable to locate a faulty wire, you may have a faulty sensor. You can purchase the sensors online and they can be installed fairly easily. The only thing you need to do is to be sure you purchase the right type and brand of sensor. It is recommended that you contact your local garage door company if you are not comfortable with basic hand tools.


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