Program Chamberlain Garage Door Opener – Ultimate Guide [2022]

A good understanding of how to program your Chamberlain garage door opener remote is essential if you want to use it effectively.

If you can overcome that hurdle, you will be able to open your garage door whenever you need it, at the touch of a button. No more disturbing a sleeping child or faffing around with the garage door while juggling shopping bags!

You no longer need to feel daunted because this is the place for you! As a part of this tutorial, we are going to show you how to program a Chamberlain garage door opener remote. Let’s take it step by step, and we’ll get it done in no time.

An overview of programming a Chamberlain garage door opener

It’s good news that all you’ll need to get started is a ladder and a paperclip. It is also necessary to replace the lightbulb inside your door opener if it does not already come with one.

The best way to program a Chamberlain garage door opener remote

Step 1: Make Sure Your Remote Control Works With Your Door Opener

With Chamberlain remote controls, garage door openers manufactured after 1993 will operate. A photoelectric sensor will also be needed on your garage door.

You can check your door tracks if you’re not sure whether your door has those sensors. If they exist, they will be positioned at the bottom of the tracks if they are present. Additionally, in the case of a dip switch door opener, your Chamberlain remote control will not work.

The remote control for your garage door opener must be compatible with it. You need to know the color of the “learn” button inside your door opener to do this.

The ladder should be mounted and the opener cover should be removed. Antennas are usually located on the back or side of devices, near where they hang.

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The learn buttons on different models of openers will be colored differently. If you have a manual for your remote control, it should tell you what color buttons are compatible with it. You can check out the compatibility chart at if you’re still not sure.

Step 2 comes next if your garage door opener is compatible with your remote control.

It may be easier to avoid climbing the ladder if you look for the wire antenna. On your door opener, you’ll find this hanging down. Learn buttons will be yellow or purple if the color is yellow or purple. You’ll need to get out that ladder, however, if the antenna is a different color.

Step 2: Decide How To Program Your Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Depending on the model of your door opener, you will need to follow different instructions. If you’re lucky, you may find a video online for your model. The YouTube video below shows how to program either the 953EV or 956EV remote controls.



However, if you don’t see a video for your opener, don’t worry! Some steps, such as finding the program button, may require assistance from the manual.

Depending on your system’s components, you’ll have different options. A door opener can be programmed to learn using its learn button. If you have a door control with a learn button, you can also use it. In addition to that, if you have a smart control panel, you can use it as well.

If you want to start with and fix your garage door, you should make sure the door is closed and then check if there is a lightbulb on the opener. In the absence of one, install one. When the programming is complete, the lightbulb will flash.

Step 3: Make sure your remote control panel is ready to be programmed

Your remote control should now have a programming button. The button is usually small and silver, and is usually surrounded by a hole. According to the model, it will be located in a different location.

A programming button may be located on the side of the remote control. The battery in other models, such as the model 956EV, can be found on the back by removing a visor.

It is necessary to keep pressing the button until the LED on the front of the remote control lights up if you can’t find it.

Pro Tip: To avoid accidentally programming your door opener, the program button is designed to be tricky to press. However, by using a paperclip, it will be easier to press. Make a long, straight wire by unwinding the end. The light will turn on once you press the button with the end of the wire.

Step 4: Select a button on the remote control and program it

You can operate your door opener with most remote controls by selecting from a variety of buttons. Click the learn button as many times as directed by the color of the button.

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You only need to press the yellow button once if the button is yellow. If it is purple, you will need to press it twice. Press the learn button three times if it is red or orange. The learn button should be pressed four times if it is green.

Then, press another remote control button and release it.

If you have a control panel, you can move on to step 5. First and foremost, sign up for an account if you haven’t already.

Step 5: Program the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener using the control panel if you have one

Your door opener can be programmed using a control panel if you have one. Moreover, you will no longer need to climb up to the learn button on the Chamberlain garage door opener remote.

Multi-functional, motion-detecting, smart panels with LCD screens, and doorbell-style panels with a single button are some of the types of control panels available. Moreover, depending on your model, you must follow different instructions for programming each kind.

If your door control panel has a learn button, you may need to press and release it twice.

It is important to follow a few extra steps if you have a control panel that is LCD.

By pressing the menu button, you can begin. Select the “program” option by scrolling down. You can select it by pressing the sideways arrow key. However, you can now select the “remote” option by scrolling down and pressing the sideways arrow.

Press and hold the light button if your control panel resembles a doorbell. Press the front button while holding the light button. Once the light blinks, it should stay on.

Let’s move on to step 7 quickly.

Step 6: If you don’t have a control panel on your door opener, use the Learn button inside

If you don’t have a control panel, you’ll have to climb that ladder. Click on the learn button on the Chamberlain remote control to program the garage door opener. The control panel can also be substituted with this if you prefer.

On the inside of the opener, you will find a learn button. This is usually located near the wire antenna on the back of the door opener, either on the side or back wall.

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As soon as you have located the learn button, press and hold it. There will be an LED on the button to illuminate it.

The button should be pressed and released quickly; do not hold it down. However, by holding it down, the memory of the door opener will be cleared. Consequently, remote controls that have already been programmed won’t work, and you’ll have to start over.

Taking a quick look at step 7, let’s move on to the next one.

Step 7: The Process Is Now Ready To Be Completed

After pressing the learn button or programming the control panel, this step must be completed within 30 seconds.

Remote controls allow you to control your door opener by pressing and holding a button. In addition, there will be a flashing lightbulb inside the door opener and an LED next to the learn button. There will also be two clicks from the door opener.

Step 8: Verify that it worked

Clear the area where your garage door will open of any obstructions. Check that your programming has worked as expected.

On your remote control, press the button you’ve programmed. It should be possible for you to open your garage door now.

Tips to Program a Chamberlain garage door opener remote

The programming for your Chamberlain garage door opener remote may need to be erased in the future if you find that you cannot use it anymore. Moreover, if you lose your remote control, you will have to add a new one to your system.

It is not enough to unplug your door opener for a long period of time to accomplish this. Additionally, if you’re going on vacation, you can unplug your door opener. There will be no need to reprogram it when you return.

Press the learn button on your Chamberlain garage door opener remote control in order to erase an existing program. You can also use a control panel with a learn button.

If the LED does not go out after a few seconds of holding the learn button, please hold it for a few more seconds. Approximately six seconds will pass. The codes that were programmed into the door opener will now be erased. It is possible to program the new ones by repeating the steps above in order to program them.

Do you think you are ready to program a Chamberlain garage door opener?

It is at this point that our guide on how to program a Chamberlain garage door opener comes to an end. However, now that you’re more confident about this project, we hope you’ll be able to tackle it. Set up is very simple if you take your time at the beginning to identify the right steps. You won’t need any expensive tools either.

We’d love to hear about your Chamberlain garage door opener. Are you able to say that it was an easy process to program a Chamberlain garage door opener remote? Have you had to reprogram it? We would be delighted to see your opinions in the comments!

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