NVTC Universal Remote Codes and Setup Guide 2022

NVTC Universal Remote Controls can be used to operate your TV and other electronic devices without any hassle. However, below is the guide and various methods on how to program and setup NVTC RM 014S+ Universal Remote using remote control codes.

To program the NVTC RM 014S+ universal remote, make sure you:

  • Batteries should be installed in the NVTC RM 014S+ Universal Remote.
  • During programming, the NVTC RM 014S+ Universal Remote can be pointed at the TV or another device that needs to be controlled. The NVTC RM 014S+ programming process must be restarted if this link is broken.


How to Program an NVTC RM 014S+ Universal Remote

Various brands and models of universal remote controls may have different programming procedures. Here are some of the options you may see and steps you can take.

NVTC universal remote codes
NVTC universal remote codes

Direct Code Entry

NVTC RM 014S+ Universal Remotes can be programmed simply by entering the code that identifies the product you wish to use. NVTC RM 014S+ Universal Remote codes can be found on a “code sheet” or on a web page. Moreover, NVTC RM 014S+ Universal Remote codes are listed by manufacturer and device type (TV, Blu-ray, Home Theater, Cable Box, VCR, and media streaming devices).

  • Start the device you wish to program.
  • The DEVICE button on your NVTC RM 014S+ Universal Remote must be held (some remote controls require you to first push the Setup button first). The power and device LEDs will flash.

Note: Although the buttons are labeled for a particular device, they can be used to control any suitable device. To control a particular device, remember which button to press.

  • Press the device button on the NVTC RM 014S+ universal remote and enter the brand code. If there are multiple codes for a brand, start with the first code. When the code is entered, the power button on the remote will be turned off.
  • Press the device button again after the code is entered. If the power button stays lit on the control, then your code is correct.
  • The power button will blink continously if the code entered is incorrect. In case of failure, repeat the code entry steps until one of the codes works.
  • After NVTC RM 014S+ universal remote programming, check if your device can be controlled by the universal remote. In addition to being able to turn the TV on and off, the NVTC RM 014S+ universal remote control should be capable of changing channels, volume, and input sources.

TIP: Write down the successful codes in your user guide for future reference if you’re using Direct Code Entry.


Auto Code Search

Auto Code Search is a good option if you don’t know the code for the device brand or manufacturer. In its database, the NVTC RM 014S+ Universal Remote searches through several codes at once.

The following are examples of likely steps:

  1. You can control your TV or another device by starting it.
  2. With your NVTC RM 014S+ remote, press the DEVICE button on the corresponding product (TV, etc.). Any device can be used with any of the labeled buttons, so be sure to note it down.
  3. Hold down the Device Button and POWER button at the same time. Keep pressing the power button until it re-energizes.
  4. Let go of both buttons simultaneously.
  5. After you’ve tried to control the device, press and release the PLAY button on the remote. Whenever this occurs, the code has been found. While your device is waiting and turning off, press the play button again. Continue pressing the button until the device turns off.
  6. Keep pressing and releasing the REVERSE button every two seconds until the device turns back on. As soon as the device turns back on, your remote has successfully found the correct code.
  7. Save the code by pressing STOP.
  8. Try out several functions on the remote to see if they work with your device.



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