Samsung Ice Maker Defrost Function Not Working – Ultimate Guide [2022]

If your Samsung Ice Maker is not working or experiencing any problems, it’s probably time to forced defrost it. You will find in this short guide that you will be shown how to defrost the Samsung ice maker in a few easy steps.

It is possible for Samsung ice makers to experience problems such as the accumulation of unnecessary ice, which can cause them to stop working even when they are powered on. It is possible that the ice maker and the chilling capability of the icebox will not function correctly.

Samsung Ice Maker Defrost Function Not Working?

You don’t have to panic; you can defrost your Samsung ice maker and get it working again.

Here is how you can easily and quickly defrost a Samsung ice maker. Moreover, each model type has its own defrosting method; therefore, we will provide tips and tricks for each.

An in-depth guide on how to defrost a Samsung ice maker

Samsung refrigerators’ ice boxes and other parts provide ice refills for Samsung ice makers. Samsung ice makers can be defrosted using the following methods and steps:

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You may be able to resolve the ice fill-up issue within 24 hours by resetting the Samsung Ice Maker. In addition, there are a few simple steps you can follow to reset your ice maker:


The ice maker tray has a blue square reset button in the upright corner. Be careful when removing the tray.


It will take about 10 seconds for the fridge to be reset after you press the button and hold it for about 10 seconds.


It is normal for a Samsung ice maker to reset and to begin defrosting after 24 hours of being turned off.

How should a Samsung ice maker be forced to defrost?

The Force defrost function can be applied to Samsung ice makers and refrigerators via the control panel. Additionally, by activating the heater loops, the heat pipes are activated and the ice fill-ups are removed. Not working Samsung ice makers can be forced to defrost by following these steps:

Step-1: Start by turning on the Samsung ice maker, and then press the “Freezer” and “Lightning” buttons simultaneously.

Step-2: A blank screen indicates that the fridge has been put in defrost mode. Moreover, when the seven-segment screen appears, press any button to shuffle through the options.

Step-3: If the fridge is in Force defrost mode, it will sound a beeping sound.

Using this method may require you to repeat it several times a year since it doesn’t work automatically. In the earlier steps, we discussed how the Force defrost activation differs according to the model type.

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A tabletop model can be used

When the tabletop model is frozen, press the “Power Freezer” button and the “Fridge” button together for eight seconds. The screen will go blank if you hold down the buttons. However, once the ‘Fd’ appears on the LED screen, shuffle through the options. You’ll hear a beep when defrosting starts.

A model of a water dispenser

Approximately 10 seconds must be spent pressing both the “Power Freezer” and “Lightning” buttons simultaneously. The screen will blink and light up again as you navigate through the options until you reach the ‘Fd’ option. Fridges automatically go into Force Defrost mode when they need to be defrosted.

Do Samsung Ice Makers Defrost Quickly?

By using Force defrosting, the ice fill-ups can be removed in as little as 20 minutes. However, the fridge does not have to be emptied and food items removed for Force Defrosting to work. 

Using the reset option on the ice maker can delay the fridge’s functioning for up to six hours.

Problems & Issues with Samsung Refrigerator Defrosting

Despite their good design, Samsung refrigerators suffer from ice build-up issues. Samsung ice makers can be defrosted to work with their modern design. Despite the fact that the defrost feature may not work properly for the following reasons:

  • Fuse blown on the defrost sensor

  • Sensor for defrosting is defective

  • The heater pipes are frozen with ice

  • Thermostat that is defective

There are many new models of ice makers and refrigerators that come with auto-defrosting. This feature could not function properly due to technical issues. As a result of these issues, a technician may need to be consulted in order to take care of them and repair or replace the faulty parts.

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What causes the ice maker on my Samsung refrigerator to freeze up sometimes?

There is a design flaw in Samsung ice makers that causes the ice to freeze up. During the winter, when the temperature drops, ice builds up rapidly. In terms of technical issues, there is no need to address them. 
Even though the automatic thermostat may not be working properly. A malfunctioning auto defrost function is possible. Due to a lack of defrosting, ice builds up gradually until it has to be manually defrosted.

What is the location of the reset button on the Samsung Ice Maker?

A reset button can be found on the right side of Samsung Ice Makers, as shown below. If you remove the ice tray, you can reach this reset button.

Final thoughts

It is our hope that this guide about the Samsung ice maker not working issue has helped you resolve your problem. However, a refrigerator or ice maker with a buildup of ice could be a hassle. Samsung ice makers with Force Defrost make the process much faster and simpler than manual defrosting. You can prevent permanent damage to your refrigerator by defrosting it. With no tools required, it’s a convenient and straightforward way to defrost your refrigerator.

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