Entone Remote Codes – Complete Programming Instructions

Entone Remote can be programmed to work with a TV using remote codes as follows.

Are you having trouble remembering all the remote controls you own? You’re tired of digging through the cushions of your couch to find what you’re looking for, aren’t you? A universal remote simplifies watching TV, listening to music, and playing video games by combining multiple remotes into one.

Moreover, using a universal remote, you can control multiple devices simultaneously by mimicking the signals sent by your original remote. Additionally, you can turn on and off your devices, scroll through menus, and access most other features using your original remote controls.


The process for programming a universal remote control is as follows: What should be done?

There is no need to be intimidated by the task of programming a universal remote. In addition, setting up your universal remote is easy with three straightforward programming options.

1. The TV should be turned on.

2. In TV mode, press the “TV” button.

3. Keep holding the “SETUP” key until the LED flashes twice and then let go of it.

4. The key combination “9” – “9” – “1” should be pressed.

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5. You will need to press the “Power” key.

6. It is necessary to press “CH +” repeatedly until the device shuts down.

7. The working Entone remote code can be saved by pressing and holding the “SETUP” key until the LED blinks twice.


To turn on and off the TV in STB mode, follow these steps (Punch Through Procedure):

1. You merely have to tap the TV mode button.

2. When the LED blinks twice, hold down the “SETUP” key for a few seconds.

3. The keys “9”, “7”, and “8” are what you need to press.

4. The “TV” key should be pressed.

5. The “POWER” key should be pressed.

6. Make sure that the “STB” key is pressed.

7. When the LED flashes twice, press and hold the “SETUP” key for a few seconds.


It is necessary to reset the punch through procedure (the procedure above) in the following manner:

1. The “SETUP” key should be pressed and held for a split second when the LED flashes two times.

2. You can do this by pressing the keys “9”, “7”, and “8”.

3. Keep holding the “SETUP” key until the LED flashes two times and then let go of it.


Entone Remote Codes:

In order to operate your device, you can use the Entone remote codes listed below.

The following are the 3 digit remote codes for Entone:

  • 221
  • 155
  • 210
  • 213


The 4 digit remote codes for Entone:

  • 1615
  • 3426
  • 2302
  • 1898
  • 3694
  • 3048
  • 3068
  • 4437
  • 2043
  • 2053
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The following are the 5 digit remote codes for Entone:


  • 41464
  • 52302
  • 53048
  • 30425
  • 30523


The Entone remote codes for new GE models (mixed V3/V5/CL3/CL4/CL5) are as follows:

  • 2041
  • 2053


In a nutshell: Entone Remote Codes and Programming Guide

It’s a great idea to use a Universal Remote on your coffee table, but you should keep these considerations in mind:

A universal remote does not always replace your original remote. In addition to Smart TV control features, others may offer advanced picture, sound, and network settings.

Irrespective of which option you pick, make sure the batteries are in your remote before starting to program it. Moreover, your universal remote will not be able to be programmed if you can’t point it at the device you’re connecting to.


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