One Earbud Is Louder Than The Other? – Multiple Methods To Fix It

In the whole wide world, there is nothing more irritating and annoying than having one earbud being louder than the other. There’s nothing to worry about (ideally), and you’ll be able to enjoy music not just with your left ear with some tips and tricks. In spite of this, it is not that hard to resolve the one earbud is louder than the other issue.

Occasionally, headphones work perfectly fine for a few minutes and suddenly stop working. Since everything happens out of nowhere inside these electronic devices, it’s hard to know what exactly is going on inside. It’d be better if two of them lost it at the same time, since it’s harder to notice, but harder to fix when one loses it.

The purpose of this article is to explore the possible reasons why one earbud is louder than the other, let’s explore the possible reasons.


It is important for us to understand the causes of Why is One Earbud Louder Than the Other.

The earbuds may have collected dust.

The earbuds may not need to be cleaned every day, but at least you should clean them once a day to keep dust from collecting. There will be a problem over time, not only will the earbuds lose sound quality, but it can also cause one earbud to be louder than the other and permanent damage. It would be best to clean it approximately every two weeks for this cause.


Ear wax can also cause low or no sound on earbuds.

Human biology does not prohibit the production of ear wax. Those yellow substances are produced by our bodies to prevent dryness and itching of our ear canals. There is a protective shield that covers the eardrum and protects it from dirt and dust found in the outdoors. It is possible for one earbud to be louder than the other even if the earbuds are working properly due to excessive ear wax buildup. Regularly cleaning your ears should prevent this from happening.


Affected by external factors, the earbuds are damaged.

Dropping the earbuds suddenly or stepping on them unintentionally damages something inside the coils. You won’t notice this right away, but as time passes. Don’t get confused when the earbuds suddenly stop working or one is louder than the other.


There was an earbud that was dropped in the water.

Weatherproof is sometimes used in advertisements and we think, oh, I’m not going to drop them, it’ll be okay. The term water-resistant is not the same as waterproof, so no, it will not protect you from water infiltration. Basically, weatherproofing means that it can handle some water splashes, and water resistance means it can handle bad weather.

Although many brands say it’s waterproof and rate it IPX4 to IPX7 or IP67, don’t believe them because they sometimes do it for commercial reasons. You may also experience the one earbud is louder than the other issue with cheap products, so opt for a brand with more experience and reliability. It is without a doubt in my mind that they are experts in the field in which they work.


What can be done to fix the One Earbud that Is Louder Than The Other Issue?

Make sure the sound volume is balanced in the settings.

Changing the audio icon settings/headphone settings is the easiest way to fix the “one earbud is louder than the other” problem. Make the louder earbud’s volume match the less quiet one by bringing it down a bit. In wireless audio listening devices, it’s common to find an unbalanced mix between them.

You should throw away your earbuds if they don’t have a dedicated app that allows you to fix them if they don’t have one. You have to go to the system settings in the control panel on your computer (whether you are using Windows or Mac). Depending on the preference of the user, the volume level of each earbud can be adjusted by using the slider form. Find the right sound balance by moving the slider back and forth.


See if there’s a Water, Dirt, or Dust Collector on the earbud. 

In addition to water, dirt, and dust, earbuds can be affected by one earbud is louder than the othermissues. Every day, earbuds get dirty, and it is not a good idea to open a dirty and dust museum inside them, especially if they are in-ear. 

Wet wipes specifically designed for cleaning can be bought or you can use a damp cloth. Take off your in-ear silicone earbuds and clean them properly if they have silicones.


Conclusion: One Earbud Is Louder Than The Other

The earbud should be shaken off if it was dropped in water. When it is time to take off Airpods, a sound will indicate that they need to be removed. This is what I meant when I said go for reliable brands. I’ve got the sound you can use to remove water from AirPods, but you can do it with any earbuds. Even so, one cannot be certain that the outcome will be what one desires, regardless of how hard one tries.


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