Do Verizon Phones Have SIM Cards? – Comprehensive Guide [2022]

Having used an old model phone for quite some time, my mother recently wanted to switch to a new one. The query nevertheless persists in the heads of thousands of people: do Verizon phones have SIM cards.

In order to switch, we had to decide which device we were going to purchase as well as what network carrier we would subscribe to.

It was our decision to select Verizon since their customer service has been rated as one of the best in the industry.

Initially, we didn’t know whether the phone would come with a physical SIM card or if an alternative would be available. 

As a result, to gain a deeper knowledge of this topic, I opted to go online and do some research. The more I looked through the articles and forums, the more I realized there are a lot of other people who have the same question as I do. 

In light of this, I decided to compile a detailed guide on the topic of: do Verizon phones have SIM cards. 

All new Verizon devices feature physical SIM cards that can be attached externally, and all Verizon phones do have SIM cards. Free SIM cards are available to existing customers, and dual SIM devices are available as well. 

Throughout this post, we’re going to present you with the latest and in-depth information on Do Verizon phones have SIM cards. You can also switch Verizon SIMs, as well as learn how much Verizon SIM cards cost.

I have also included information regarding SIM maintenance and the lifespan of SIM cards.


There are a couple of things you must know before you learn more about: Do Verizon Phones Have Physical SIM Cards?

There is no phone that can function properly without a SIM card. SIMs (Subscriber Identification Modules) are small chips that fit into phones’ slots. 

It is essential that you have a SIM card in order to connect your device to the service provider you have subscribed to.

It is important to note that a SIM card is required in order for you to make calls, send texts, and access the Internet.

Have you still been thinking about: Do Verizon phones also have physical SIM cards? It does not matter whether the phone was purchased from Verizon or from other providers, as it is covered by warranty. There is, however, a problem with the former, which is not compatible with any other service provider. 

New Verizon devices come with SIM pre-installed, or you can order a fresh SIM. 

All Verizon devices have external SIMs starting in 2020, so you can replace the device and put another SIM in.


How Do Verizon SIM Cards Fit Into The Phones?

Mobile devices have a slot that is designed to house the SIM card, which is located on a side of the device. Placing the SIM in your phone requires following a specific procedure.

As a first step, make sure that the golden part of the SIM card aligns with the golden part of the slot.

It is important to ensure that the cutout on the SIM card aligns with the slot on the device before inserting it.

After calibrating, gently slide the card into the slot after inserting it into the notch. 

Keep the SIM card’s chip and golden part away from your fingers when handling it. 

Alternatively, you can use the Verizon simulator to get a better understanding of this process or find instructions in your SIM package.


Physical vs. eSIM on Verizon Devices?

eSIMs are pre-installed SIM cards that come with your device and differ from physical ones in that they cannot be removed, transferred, or replaced. They operate similarly to traditional SIM cards.

It is possible to have a physical SIM in the same phone as well as an eSIM in some devices. By doing this, you will be able to have two separate phone numbers.


Do Verizon offer eSIM Cards?

Verizon offers eSIM services so that its consumers can experience the greatest quality of service. If the device is able to work with Verizon’s network. Verizon will accept eSIM or dual SIM devices from other carriers. 

If you want to know if your device is compatible with eSIM. You can check it at Bring your own device. 

On the Verizon website, you can find a list of the devices that support dual SIM with an eSIM at the moment, as well as devices that support eSIM. 

Verizon will even activate your eSIM for you if you ask them to. Contact a customer service associate and explain that you want to do so. Once you have your IMEI2 (International Mobile Equipment Identity) with you, give it to them. 

Nevertheless, Verizon’s prepaid services plan does not offer dual SIM capabilities with an eSIM.


Is it possible to find out exactly how much do Verizon SIM Cards Cost for your Phones?

It is possible to order a replacement or a new SIM card at no cost if you are already a Verizon customer. 

A SIM card can either be mailed to you or preordered and picked up at an authorized Verizon Pick-Up Location if you log in to My Verizon. 

A Verizon retail outlet or another licensed retailer can provide you with a SIM the same day.


Verizon SIM Cards Not Working on Your Phones: How Do I Troubleshoot It?

Your SIM card may not be working for a number of reasons, and here are some of the most common ones. There are several causes of waterlogging, including wear and tear and improper placement of the phone tray. 

Here are a few steps you should follow in order to resolve some of these problems, and even as a matter of daily care: 

  • Sunlight should not be allowed to reach the SIM card.
  • The golden part of the chip should not be touched.
  • It is crucially vital to verify the alignment with the notch is correct.
  • You should ensure you do not cut or deform it if you want it to fit in the tray.
  • As a general rule, it is best to keep it clean and dry at all times.
  • You must confirm that it is not damp or wet before you use it.
  • Extreme temperatures should not be exposed to the card. 

It is possible to see a message stating ‘SIM card failure’ due to any of the reasons listed above. 

Try ejecting and reinserting your SIM card if it does not work. If that does not seem to address your issue, then it may be time to upgrade your device.


Do Verizon Allow Customers to Switch SIM Cards on Their Phones?

The process of switching SIM cards at Verizon is quite simple. Verizon devices and external devices can be used to switch SIM cards.

If you’re switching devices, make sure the SIM card you’re using is compatible with the new one.

For example, if you have a 3G SIM, it will not work in a 4G or 5G capable device, and vice versa. 

Using the FAQ page, you will be able to check if the Verizon SIM card is compatible with the phone. 

If you switch your SIM card to a newer device, you will receive the following message. ” Your SIM card has been switched to a new device, please refer to” Detailed instructions will be provided. 

In the next step, you’ll be walked through directions on what to do next. This guide will help you set up your SIM card correctly so that it can access Verizon’s network.


How Often Do You Replace a Verizon SIM Cards on Your Phones?

According to its number of connections to cellular networks, SIM cards have a shorter lifespan than regular cards.

The new cards are capable of receiving up to 5,00,000 registrations in their lifetime. It is recommended that a SIM last between five and seven years if it is properly cared for. 

There is no fixed number for how long your Verizon SIM cards should last on your phones. Your SIM card is likely to will have to be upgraded if it becomes damaged or lost. 

Alternatively, you can switch from a 3G SIM to a 4G/5G SIM voluntarily if you want to switch network services.


Contact Verizon Support:

You can contact Verizon customer service if you do not find the answer to your question about Verizon phones and their SIM Cards in this article.

Visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and follow the process they have set up to register your doubt/grievance. 

Additionally, you can chat with them via their Contact page or call their phone number. For those who wish to contact them, they have provided the 1-800 Verizon number (1-800-837-4966).



Among the top US service providers, Verizon offers great plans for calls, texts, and Internet usage.

Verizon devices come pre-equipped with the SIM card needed to provide these services. But customers can switch SIM cards after checking compatibility.

Additionally, Verizon offers free replacement SIMs to its customers, so joining the network is a worthwhile investment. Smartphones and tablets such as iPhones and Samsung phones can use Verizon SIM cards.

Having read this article and looking at all the information regarding do Verizon phones have SIM cards, if you are not already a customer, it might be a good idea to switch to the network.



How do your insert any other SIM cards in a Verizon phones?

Before putting the SIM card in the Verizon device, you will have to make sure that the SIM card is compatible with the device. SIM cards are pre-installed in most Verizon devices at the time of purchase.


How do people change SIM cards on Verizon phones?

The SIM card can be switched at any time on Verizon phones if a SIM card is needed. There is only one thing that you need to make sure before switching is that they are compatible with one another. Neither a 3G SIM nor a 4G/5G capable device will work with a 3G SIM.


Do Verizon phones come with SIM cards when they are acquired?

There is no doubt that most Verizon devices after 2020, especially those with 5G capabilities, come with a SIM already inserted into the device.


What are the types of SIM cards that do Verizon phones use?

In the future, Verizon phones will use external SIM cards instead of internal SIM cards. A dual-SIM smartphone with an embedded SIM card is also available if you want to get a device with two SIM cards.


How do you activate SIM cards for Verizon phones?

On the My Verizon portal, you will find a tab labelled ‘Activate or Switch Device’ which will allow you to activate your Verizon SIM card. If you would like to find out how to gain access to it, you need to sign in with your credentials.


Is Verizon able to provide me with a free SIM card?

You will not be charged for SIM cards if you are a Verizon customer. A replacement SIM card can be ordered for free. 


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