Mobile Network Not Available? – Best and Easy Fixes [2022]

The solution to “Mobile Network Not Available”

It is a common problem for smartphone users to receive an error message that states, “mobile network not available”. A user cannot make calls, send messages, or perform other mobile carrier-related functions because of this error. However, a network error may also appear on a variety of Android devices. We have provided easy-to-follow instructions for fixing the cellular network not available for voice calls error.


You need not worry; we will explain what can cause such an error message and how to fix it in this article. Whether it’s a call to friends, family, or the office, we want you to never miss an important call again. In this article, we provide simple and quick fixes for eliminating the “mobile network not available” error for voice calls.


If you experience the ‘Mobile Network Not Available’ error, what should you do?

A physical problem may cause the message ‘Mobile network not available’. Most of the time, however, these are simple issues that can be fixed quickly, and you will be back on the network in no time.


Regardless of whether you use T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, we’ve covered it all here. If you know what’s causing and how to fix the “mobile network not available” or “cellular network not available for voice calls” problem, you can easily prevent it from recurring.


Having trouble making a phone call due to a malfunctioning phone? If you call without any problems, you ought to buy a reasonable budget smartphone, right? Please refer to the instructions below to overcome “Mobile network not available” or “cellular network not available for voice calls” error.


Mobile networks can be divided into four categories

Mobile phones use various technologies to connect to mobile networks that allow users to make phone calls to anyone within their coverage area.


There are often differences in the mobile network technology used by different network service providers, so a phone on one network may not be compatible with another. So, customers can take advantage of exclusive offers from different service providers.


There are four categories of mobile networks commonly used by smartphone developers and carriers.



The Global System for Mobile Network is also known as GSM. More than a billion mobile phones are connected to this network around the world. AT&T and T-Mobile operate on GSM networks, as we mentioned above.


GPRS and EDGE are two more technologies incorporated into the GSM standard. With High-Speed Downlink Packet Access, abbreviated HSDPA, data can be transferred more quickly on 2G GSM networks.



A CDMA is a code division multiple access system. The technology has a greater capacity for data transmission than older mobile networks. A CDMA network is provided by Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel. It is called Evolution-Data Optimized or EV-DO for the 3G CDMA standard.



It is known as Long Term Evolution and is most commonly used in 4G networks. There are five generations of cellular technology available today, and the most recent one is 5G.



In the world of mobile technology, WiMAX is another newcomer. With this network, Sprint developed the first 4G network that competes with LTE.


HTC developed the first 4G phone with the Evo. Phones designed for the GSM network or those designed for the CDMA network aren’t normally compatible. Sprint and Verizon use CDMA networks in the USA, while AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM networks.


Unlike Ting, Ting utilizes a hybrid model. GSM and CDMA networks are both supported.


Quick Methods to Fix Mobile Network Not Available Error on Android

These quick methods will help you resolve the “mobile network not available” or “cellular network not available for voice calls” issue.


cellular network not available for voice calls
Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls


  1. SIM card should be removed

There is a difference between a mobile network and a wireless network. Cell sites, for instance, are wireless transceivers that connect a mobile network to a communication network spread over an area.


Mobile carriers and mobile networks are delivered through cell sites around the world.


Mobile phones need SIM cards to connect to mobile networks so that they can send and receive messages.


If you receive the error message “mobile network not available for voice calls” or “cellular network not available for voice calls”, you might want to check if you inserted and positioned your SIM card properly in its slot.


A SIM tray is now available on modern smartphones that can be accessed by removing a pin from a small hole. Before pushing the SIM card back inside, make sure it is well placed.


  1. You should restart your mobile phone

Please restart your phone after re-inserting your SIM card to ensure that we have eliminated any faulty background operations.


Slide the power slider to the right after pressing the right side lock button for a long time. Tap Restart on the right side of your Samsung phone after long pressing the lock button.


Check whether you are still receiving the error message “mobile network not available for voice calls” or “cellular network not available for voice calls” after rebooting your device. In that case, follow these steps.


  1. The network selection should be set to automatic

A phone’s network selection can sometimes be wrong due to glitches or strange circumstances. When you have a sim from AT&T, but your selection is Verizon, for example.


Using your carrier’s services again is as easy as setting your network selection to automatic.


Network Error On Android Devices

  1. Go to the Settings app and select Connections.
  2. Choose Network Operators from the list of Mobile Networks.
  3. Check that the Select Automatically switch (in blue) is turned on.


Network Error On iPhone Devices

  1. Tap the Mobile option in the Settings app.
  2. Click on the Network Selection option.
  3. You can tap the Automatic switch if it’s not on (green).
  4. Make sure your device’s OS is up-to-date


It is undeniable that bugs can significantly impact the functionality of your phone. You may also receive an error message saying “mobile network not available” or “cellular network not available for voice calls” because of bugs.


Users who report issues like this are not tone deaf to iOS or Android developers. Developers respond to these issues immediately by rolling out updates. Simply tap on General in the Settings app if you have an iPhone.


After selecting the Software Update option, the next step is to install it. Updates are available for download and installation. Similarly, open the Settings app on your Samsung/Android device. The Software Update option is located at the bottom of the window. Click on the Download and Install button. Updates will be scanned by the device.


  1. Make sure your SIM card is not damaged

You may also receive an error message saying, “mobile network not available,” if your SIM card is faulty. Despite having a SIM card in the tray, your phone will display “No SIM Card” if your SIM card is damaged.


The problem can be isolated by removing the SIM card from the tray and inserting a different SIM card. You need to make a switch when that fixes the problem.


  1. Maintenance of mobile networks should be checked

There are times when carriers perform maintenance which causes their services to be temporarily unavailable, but it is not impossible. This could very well be the reason why you are not able to make or receive calls at the moment and getting the “mobile network not available for voice calls” error message.


If your carrier performs maintenance on its systems, you can easily find out whether it is doing so. Go to their social media accounts – preferably their Twitter or Facebook accounts – and see if they have posted any updates.


As a result, they avoid irate customers and facilitate communication with them.


network error android
Network Error Android


Hardware solutions for ‘Mobile Network Not Available’ Error on Android

It is possible that you are unable to make calls on a mobile network due to hardware problems. The following list contains a few hardware issues that can be quickly fixed.


The “mobile network not available” problem may require you to manually search for a network.

  1. If you cannot locate any network, your Antenna Switch may be the problem. The antenna switch can be replaced or repaired to resolve this issue.
  2. The PFO is to blame if you can detect a network but not the Home Network after conducting a manual search. The PFO needs to be changed or repaired if it cannot locate a mobile network.
  3. If your Network disconnects while you are making a phone call, you should repair or replace the Network IC.
  4. You can either heat or replace the 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator if you continue to receive the “message mobile network not available” or “cellular network not available for voice calls”.
  5. If the error message persists, you can replace the antenna switch. Install a jumper if you are unable to access the phone’s antenna switch.
  6. A jumper, heat, or changing the PFO may resolve the issue.
  7. If the Network IC is not functioning properly, you can try heating, re-balling, or replacing it.
  8. In addition to heating, re-balling, or replacing the Power IC, you can also modify it.
  9. The CPU can be heated, re-balled, or replaced equally.


“Mobile Network Not Available” for voice calls has been resolved

Using the tips we provided in this article, you can finally say goodbye to the “Mobile Network Not Available” or “cellular network not available for voice calls” error message. These tips will help you restore functionality to any device, including the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Motorola, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint Sony Xperia, Lenovo, Blackberry, or Apple.


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