Do Monitors Have Speakers? Everything You Need To Know

One of the biggest repeatedly asked questions among people: Do monitors have speakers? It is a widespread misconception that monitors do not come with built-in audio systems. Monitors, however, do have speakers, so this is not the case. Audio systems are typically not included in most monitors, even when they should be.

To turn your monitor into a speaker system, you may need external speakers that plug into your monitor. Speaker-equipped monitors are also more expensive than those without built-in audio system.


Do All Monitors have an Integrated Speaker?

A monitor usually includes one or more speakers, which deliver sound. However, these speakers typically produce average sound quality. In a few cases, monitors do not come with speakers, while others have average-quality speakers.

Audio systems are relatively rare in domestic settings, since most people use monitors for audio output. As a result, some monitors do not have audio systems built into them.

Do all monitors come with built-in audio systems as a standard component? It is not true that all monitors come with built-in speakers.

If your monitor does not come with speakers, you can always connect your PC to an external set.

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Do gaming monitors have built-in speakers?

There are a few gaming monitors on the market that come equipped with integrated speakers. In addition, the speakers provide clear, detailed audio, which makes gaming more enjoyable. In spite of this, they are somewhat expensive.

If you have a limited budget or plan to use a gaming headset most of the time, you can even buy gaming monitors without speakers.


Do LG monitors have built-in speakers?

In most LG monitors, including the Ultrawide monitors, speakers are integrated directly into the monitor. Despite this, the audio systems on the monitors are not very loud. The devices are suitable for watching movies and listening to music.

In contrast, less expensive models often do not have built-in speakers; you must connect an external speaker instead.


In general, do most DELL monitors have integrated speakers?

It is of the utmost importance to note that the majority of Dell monitors do not come with built-in audio systems. There aren’t any speakers because Dell thinks most people searching for a great monitor also want great audio. Therefore, Dell provides a wide variety of options for external audio systems people can use with their monitors.

There are, however, some Dell monitors that come with built-in audio systems, such as the UltraSharp U2415.

The speakers on these devices are not as good as those connected to the device outside. They are still a worthwhile option due to the ease of gathering everything in one place.


Do MSI monitors have built-in speakers?

As a matter of fact, most MSI monitors have built-in audio systems. You can listen to sound effects and music in your games and movies with the built-in speakers of your MSI gaming monitor.

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Do PC monitors have built-in speakers?

Despite the fact that some monitors have built-in audio systems, the vast majority do not.

As a result, most monitor manufacturers design monitors without audio systems in order to keep the price as low as possible. Some manufacturers who cater only to gamers do not include audio systems in their monitors. Games are usually played with headphones or external speakers for the most immersive gaming experience.

The speakers on televisions and PC monitors are often of poor quality. The quality gap occurs because monitors and TVs typically have very narrow structures, which don’t leave much room for expanding the speakers’ size.


Do AOC monitors have built-in speakers?

There are some AOC monitors that come with built-in audio systems while there are others that don’t. Hence, you should examine the individual model descriptions to determine whether built-in speakers are mentioned in the technical specifications.


Do ACER monitors have built-in audio system?

Acer monitors have consistently ranked among the best in the industry. Built-in audio systems are available on some Acer monitors, but not on others. Each model will have a different answer to that question.

To illustrate, the ACER ED320QR Full HD VA Panel Curved Gaming Monitor does not include a speaker. To receive audio output from the monitor, you must first connect some external speakers.

While the ACER KG241Q BMIX 23.6-inch gaming monitor comes with two 2W speakers built-in,


Do Samsung Curved Monitors have built-in audio system?

There are usually no built-in audio systems inside Samsung Curved monitors (for example, the LC24F390FHWXXL, LC24RG50FQWXXL).

A 3.5-millimeter headphone jack is required for attaching to an external sound system. Many Samsung curved monitors, such as the LC34J791WTWXXL, have built-in speakers.

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What is the least convenient way to attach external speakers to a monitor?

As a general rule, external speakers cannot be directly connected to a monitor in most cases. Since most monitors do not have audio outputs, this is the reason. It may be essential to connect your PC to external speakers in some cases.

Speakers can, however, be connected directly to monitors if they have audio inputs, such as 3.5 mm jacks.


What is the significance of speakers coming with monitors?

It is a good idea to replace your current monitor with one with speakers when you replace it. On the other hand, monitors with speakers come with both benefits and disadvantages.

If you already own a computer and wish to change the monitor, choose one with built-in speakers.

Consider whether a monitor with built-in speakers is the most suitable option or if you’ll have to invest in external speakers.


The advantages of speaker-equipped monitors are numerous.

  • You can save more money by not having to purchase expensive external speakers.

  • You can connect monitors to audio devices like desktops and laptops via the built-in speakers, which can serve as a hearing aid for the blind. The system can be browsed and operated without external speakers.


Using a monitor with speakers has some disadvantages.

  • It is unpleasant to listen to music on certain monitors due to their average audio quality and lack of bass.

  • Monitors with built-in speakers are bulkier, whereas monitors without built-in speakers have thinner bezels.

  • Compared to speakers with monitors, external speakers provide much better sound.

  • It is important to note that the monitor speakers do not provide stereo sound.



There is no doubt that you have already found an answer to the question, “Do monitors have speakers?”. Your monitor’s brand and model will entirely determine the answer to this question. There are some monitors that come with speakers, and there are others that don’t come with speakers. You should carefully review the specifications of the monitor you plan to buy.


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