How To Connect AirPods To Dell Laptop? – Guide To Easy Methods

Recent work requirements have required me to switch from a MacBook to a Dell laptop. You can, however, use this article to learn how to connect Apple AirPods to a Dell laptop.

I wondered how I would be able to use and connect my AirPods to my Dell laptop or if I’d need to purchase a new pair of earbuds for my new laptop.

My Airpods may have to be returned because working without focus music is impossible for me.

I googled this and gathered all the information so you can discover how to connect your AirPods to a Dell laptop.

The following instructions will explain how to connect your Dell laptop to AirPods so you can use them with your laptop. To establish the connection, your Dell laptop must be set to Bluetooth. Furthermore, turn on the pairing mode on your AirPods, then click the Pair button.


Are you interested in finding out more about How to Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop in an easy and hassle-free manner?

Step 1: Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled in your Dell laptop’s settings.

AirPods can only be discovered and connected to your laptop if your laptop’s Bluetooth settings are turned on.


How To Connect AirPods To Dell Laptop in an easy and hassle-free manner Using Method 1.

  1. Navigate to Settings by pressing Windows + I on your keyboard. 
  2. In the Devices section, select Bluetooth & other devices and then click on it.
  3. The Bluetooth feature can be activated by toggling the slider.
  4. Now that your laptop is discoverable, you will receive a notification.

Alternatively, you can try another method if the above doesn’t work.


How To Connect AirPods To Dell Laptop in an easy and hassle-free manner Using Method 2.

  1. The Action Center can be accessed by pressing Windows + A at the same time.
  2. You can select Bluetooth from the menu by clicking on it.
  3. The key action you are required to do is to make sure Bluetooth is enabled in Settings by opening it up.


Step 2: Before you begin using your AirPods, make sure you pair them.

Firstly, you must be in the Pairing Mode on your Dell laptop before you can learn how to connect your AirPods to it. 

Your AirPods charging case has a button on the back that you need to press in order to charge them.

As soon as your AirPods are in pairing mode, you will notice a white light flashing, which confirms the device is in pairing mode.


Step 3: Using your Dell laptop to connect your Apple Airpods.

  1. You must put your AirPods in your ears in order to use them.
  2. Keep your Airpods and Dell laptop close to each other if you have them. 
  3. You need to navigate to Bluetooth & other devices to do this.
  4. Find a ‘+’ sign and click on the Add a device button.  
  5. On the screen of your laptop, you should be able to select your AirPods from a list of available devices.
  6. Then click on the Pair button.
  7. Your Dell laptop will likely make a sound when your Airpods are connected.


How to Troubleshoot AirPods to connect them to Dell Laptop?

In case you get stuck, here are some quick fixes you can try before retrying any of the above steps.


Dell laptops require that the audio settings be configured properly in order to operate efficiently.

It is possible to adjust the audio input settings if the sound is still coming from your speaker after doing so. 

  1. The Windows Taskbar is accessible from the Start menu.
  2. The Sound Control panel is accessed by clicking the speaker icon.
  3. The headphones option can be found in the dropdown menu.
  4. Set AirPods as the default audio device on your laptop.


You need to make certain that your AirPods have good battery life.

If the flashing light does not appear on the Airpods, then it is possible that they are not fully charged. In addition, AirPods often fail to connect if there is not enough battery power in them. 

As a result, it is very important that you make sure that your AirPods have a sufficient battery life. In the charging case, they’ll be fully charged in about twenty minutes.


Conclusion: How To Connect AirPods To Dell Laptop in an easy and hassle-free manner?

If you have an older Dell laptop, you can use a Bluetooth dongle to help it find the AirPods if it doesn’t have Bluetooth built-in. 

However, you do lose some functionality of the Apple ecosystem even though you can easily learn how to connect a Dell laptop with Airpods.

Listening to music on your Macbook and receiving a call would be seamless with AirPods.

As well as connecting your AirPods to your TV, you can also use them with Bluetooth-enabled devices.



What’s the problem with my AirPods not pairing with my Dell laptop?

The Bluetooth on your Dell laptop must be turned on and your AirPods must be in pairing mode.


Is there a reason why the sound on my Airpods keeps decreasing?

The Bluetooth connection can be affected by minor issues like signal interference, the device being out of range, and a low battery.


My laptop does not recognize my AirPods as a Bluetooth device?

It is imperative to switch on Bluetooth on the two devices again after turning off Bluetooth on your Dell laptop.

When you have finished pairing the AirPods, put them back and turn the pairing mode off. Depending on your Dell laptop, you will need to re-enable Bluetooth on your laptop after turning on pairing mode.


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