How to Find AirPods When Dead? – Multiple and Easy Methods [2022]

It was a total shock to lose my AirPods since I haven’t used them much. As soon as I got home from work, I was about to start playing some music to relax. It was at this point that I realized I had not brought my AirPods with me. I keep losing my AirPods for some reason, and I’m not sure why. However, many people will wonder if there is a guide on how to find AirPods when they are dead, lost or offline?

Obviously, I started searching all over the house to see if I could find them. I couldn’t find my AirPods anywhere, from my couch to my bed. 

As a result of my frustration and exhaustion, I decided to search the internet for instructions on how to find AirPods when they are dead or offline.


How To Find AirPods When They Are Dead or Offline?

I came across hundreds of blogs and forums online that assisted me learn how to find my AirPods back when they were dead or offline. Some methods worked well for finding AirPods when they were dead or offline, but others didn’t.

My objective in this article is to provide you with some of the best methods that will help you to figure out how to find your AirPods when they are dead or offline.

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This is a guide on how you can find your dead or offline AirPods by checking their last location in the event that they have been lost. This is because of the fact that with the help of the Find My App, you will have the ability to find your AirPods when they are dead or offline.

It is important to note that you will not be able to see the live location of your AirPods when they are dead or offline. In addition to Air Tags, you can also use them as a way to find your AirPods when they become lost or when they become dead or offline.

As well as this, I have discussed tracking AirPods on your computer and replacing them under AppleCare+.


This is a short and sweet tutorial that will show you How to Use the Find My App To Find AirPods When They Are Dead or Offline.

If you know that your AirPods are dead or offline but are inside your case, you can easily find them with the Find My App, which will help you locate lost AirPods.

Using the app is as simple as this:

  • You will need to open the Find My App on your iOS device.
  • When you find the Devices tab, you must click on it right away.
  • The list of connected or used devices can be found here.
  • Your AirPods can be located by selecting them.
  • The Find My App now allows you to locate your AirPods.


This is a short and sweet tutorial that will show you how to use the audio tones in the Find My App to Find AirPods when they are dead or offline.

The Find My App also lets you to use your AirPods as a locator by playing an audio tone.

With this feature, your AirPods will chirp when you are close to them. 

AirPods’ Find My App allows you to play a sound directly from the case if you own the newest models.

It is not possible to do this with older generation AirPods, as you can only hear sound through the headphones, not the case.


Here is a quick guide that will explain How to Use a Computer to Find Your AirPods When They Are Dead or Offline.

How you can use a computer to find AirPods when they are dead or offline, since your iPhone is not the only device capable of doing this.

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A computer is also capable of helping you to find your AirPods when they are dead or offline, and I’ll tell you how:

  • To get started, go to your web browser and type into the search bar.
  • Your credentials will be required in order to gain access to your iCloud account, so you will have to provide them in order to do so.
  • The Find My option will appear once you’ve signed in.
  • As a result, you will be in a position to access a record of all of the devices that you own under the “All Devices” tab.
  • Upon selecting the AirPods you wish to locate, the map will show their last active location.


Find out the battery life of AirPods: how long does it last?

Depending on the type of AirPods you are using, the battery life will vary from one model to another.

It’s likely that third-generation AirPods will last longer than older models, but here’s how long each model lasts:

A single charge of the AirPods 2nd Generation provides approximately 5 hours of listening time. Typically, AirPods will give you three hours of talk time on a single charge.

3.5 hours of talk time and 4.5 hours of battery life are provided by AirPods Pro once they have been charged.

With AirPods 3rd Generation, you’ll be able to enjoy longer battery life compared to other versions. On a single charge, it lasts around 6 hours.

If the battery is on talk time for four hours, it could last that long.


Using your iPhone, you can check your Significant Locations

You will be able to see all the places you have visited in the past by using the Significant location feature.

Additionally, it shows you statistics such as which places are most frequently visited.

Your iPhone’s Significant Locations can be checked by following these steps.

  • For those of you using a device with Apple iOS, open the Settings menu in the menu bar.
  • Navigate to the Location Services option under the Privacy section.
  • The location services tab can be accessed by clicking on System and then Services.
  • This section will present you with data that will enable you to find your Significant Locations.
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How to contact Support if you cannot still find your AirPods when they are dead or offline.

In case you are still unable to find your lost AirPods when they are dead or offline, you can contact Apple Customer Support for further assistance.


The AirPods can be replaced under AppleCare+ under certain conditions.

The cost of repairing your gadgets can be very high if they are accidentally damaged.

You can avoid paying for repairs by getting Apple Care+ for the AirPods. 

AppleCare+ replaces your damaged AirPods with new ones when they get damaged, and all you have to pay is a service fee, which is still cheaper than repairing them yourself.


It is of the utmost importance that you know everything you need to know about Air Tags for AirPods.

Since AirTags were released a few months ago, they have been a lifesaver for me.

Several AirTags were purchased and placed on items that I frequently lose in order to avoid losing them again.

It is not much larger than a coin, about the size of a grain of rice. Additionally, AirTag batteries last longer since they can be placed on any object.

You can get detailed navigational directions with AirTags, unlike with other navigational aids.

With the Find My app on your iPhone, you can locate your AirPods case by placing an AirTag on it.

AirPods equipped with AirTags can also be located using your computer, Mac, or iPad. 

Go to on your web browser to use Find My on devices other than your iPhone.



The Find My app can help you find your AirPods if you lose them with an active battery.

There is, however, a real problem when you are unable to charge your AirPods.

If that is the case, you will only be in a position to view the most recent detected location of your AirPods to help you locate them.

AirPods cases that have an AirTag can be located via the Find My app using an AirTag.

Even though the AirTag is inexpensive and useful, it has been trending in the wrong way.

There have been an increasing number of AirTag stalking incidents in recent years.

AirTags are frequently used on belongings to stalk people, with cars being the most common target.

In the event that you suspect that you have been tracked by an AirTag, you can use your iPhone to detect nearby unknown trackers.



Can you tell me where I can find a single AirPod?

There is an app on your iPhone called Find My that can assist you in finding your lost AirPods.


In the event that one of my AirPods is lost, can I still use the other one?

Losing an AirPod does not mean you cannot use the other.


Are there any chances that someone may be able to use my stolen AirPods?

Since AirPods can be charged with a different charging case and connected to another iPhone, it is possible to use stolen ones.


When buying AirPods Pro, how can you tell if they are genuine?

Verify that your AirPods are genuine by entering the unique serial number on


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