Turn On Samsung TV Without Remote? Multiple Instant Fixes [2022]

My Samsung Smart TV, which I purchased on Amazon recently, arrived today, and I am very pleased with the product. However, in the course of unpacking the package, I realized that it did not come with a remote control. In my opinion, it is important to point out that if you are interested in learning how to turn on a Samsung TV without a remote control, then you are in the right place.

According to Amazon, the error was an Amazon error, and the remote is expected to arrive within a few days.

During the time I was waiting for the TV to be ready, I decided to move it to my living room while I was waiting for it to be ready.

Even so, I couldn’t figure out how to turn on Samsung TV. Moreover, navigate the menu settings without using a remote control.

In my search for help on the internet, I discovered how to turn on my Samsung TV without a remote control.

By long pressing the Power button on your Samsung TV. You will be able to turn it on without a remote control. However, depending on the model of the TV, this button can be found on either the front or back.


Using the power button on the back of the Samsung TV, you are able to turn it on and off without having to use a remote control.

You can turn on your Samsung TV without a remote control if you do not have one or your remote control is damaged by pressing and holding the Power button.

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On the body of your Samsung TV, there is a button that you can find.

As well as the Power button on your TV.  However, there may be a few other buttons that you will need to use.

You can use these buttons to change the input source. However, the volume of your TV as well as access the TV’s Settings menu and Smart Hub.

You will not be able to utilize all the features of your Samsung TV without a remote. However, you can turn it on and operate it without it.


Is there a method to pinpoint the exact location of the power button on Samsung TV?

It is important to note that the location of the power button on Samsung TV models varies depending on the model.

There are three main places on your Samsung TV where you can find this button:


On the back of the Samsung TV, there is a control stick that you can use.

Samsung TVs usually come with a control stick in the back panel that can be used to adjust the settings.

Power is controlled by the middle button on the Control stick, which is located in the middle of the stick.

Hold down the power button for a few seconds if you want to turn on your Samsung TV without a remote.


Control Stick Under the Front Panel in the Middle of Samsung TV.

A number of Samsung TV models come with a Control Stick located in the middle of the front panel under the front panel.

With a simple push of the middle button on the remote control, you will be able to power on your Samsung TV.

In some older models (from 2018), there was a single button on the left side of the screen in place of the Control stick.

When you press this button for a long period of time, the Samsung TV will turn on.


Control Stick Under the Front Panel on the Side of Samsung TV.

It is possible to locate the Power button on some Samsung TVs under the front panel of the screen.

When you press and hold this button on your Samsung TV. You will be able to turn it on without using the remote control. 

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Check your user manual or contact Samsung support if you can’t find the power button.


Using the SmartThings App, you will be empowered to turn on Samsung TV without having to use a remote control.

In the course of time, using the Power button to turn your Samsung TV on and off can quickly become a hassle.

The SmartThings app may be downloaded for free on your smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

By using this app, you can turn on/off your Samsung TV without a remote. In addition, you can also control all its functions as if you were using a physical remote.

Moreover, using the SmartThings app requires pairing the TV with SmartThings first.

In the absence of a remote, you must switch on your TV by pressing the Power button.

To install SmartThings on your phone, go through these steps: 

  1. On your device, open the App Store or the Play Store.
  2. It can be found by searching for ‘SmartThings’ on the App Store.
  3. The (+) icon will appear once the app has been installed.
  4. Go to the menu and select ‘Device’.
  5. From the list of options, select ‘TV’.
  6. Select ‘Samsung’ and press ‘Start’ in order to begin the process.
  7. Choose a place and room for your TV using the options provided on the screen.
  8. Please select the model and make of your TV.
  9. Pair your TV by entering the PIN displayed on the screen. 

Note: Make sure that both your smartphone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network in order for this to work.

With just one click on your phone, you can control all TV functions as soon as the pairing process is complete.


The Samsung TV can be controlled using remote control apps that work without the use of the TV’s remote control.

Third-party TV remote apps can be used to turn on your Samsung TV without a remote if SmartThings does not work on your phone.

As with SmartThings, you have to pair them with your TV first, just as you do with SmartThings.

Among the most popular TV remote apps are:


Use SamRemote to operate your Samsung TV.

As far as Smart TVs are concerned, this app works well with all of them.

However, it only takes a couple minutes to scan your network with the app once it has been installed on your smartphone.

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As soon as the QR code is scanned, a virtual remote with buttons similar to those on the physical remote will appear on your phone.

However, it is only compatible with iOS devices at the moment.


Using TV (Samsung) Remote Control App.

It is possible to use this app to control your Samsung TV from an Android device, which will allow you to use it without original remote.

Moreover, irrespective of the model of your TV, it provides several control options for your viewing experience.

In order to use the app, you need to pair it with your TV, and then you are ready to go.


There is a way to turn on a Samsung TV without a remote control using a phone’s IR sensor.

There is no doubt that IR (Infrared) sensors are one of the most popular features that can be found in smartphones today.

However, this feature on a phone lets you operate your TV and turn it on if you have such a phone.

In addition, if you use an app with a TV remote, all you need to do is point your phone at the TV.

Note: The operating range of an infrared sensor varies depending on the type of sensor. But generally it is between 15 and 20 feet.



When it comes to turning on a TV, the physical remote control is the most convenient way to do so.

The Power button on your Samsung TV allows you to turn it on without having to use a remote if you keep losing the one that came with it.

Additionally, the Power button must be pressed every time you want to watch a show on your TV.

However, with Samsung SmartThings, you can control your home from your smartphone.

As a result of this app, you are able to control your TV from anywhere in the world with a touch of a button.



What is the most convenient way to adjust the volume of my Samsung TV without the remote?

There are a few buttons on all Samsung TVs (or the Control Stick, depending on the model). Moreover, a TV can be turned on, the volume adjusted, and even the settings accessed using these buttons.


Do I need to do anything if my Samsung TV does not turn on?

The Samsung TV should be reset if it does not turn on when you turn it on.

However, you can reset your Samsung TV by unplugging it from the power source, waiting 60 seconds, pressing the power button, and holding it for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in.


Is there a way to turn my Samsung TV on with a Smart Assistant?

Using Google Assistant, Alexa, or Bixby, you can turn on and control your Samsung TV.

If you want to control the TV with your voice, you must use the ‘Microphone’ button on your remote control.


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