Do LED Lights Attract Bugs? – The Ultimate Guide [2022]

Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?

Are you considering buying a new lighting system for your home? Are you tired of bugs bugging you in your place? Do LED Lights Attract Bugs? Do yellow bug lights work? Read this article to learn more interesting facts about LED bug lights. We will confer all of your arousing queries! 

As soon as evening strikes, you must find bugs around your lighting and want to get rid of them. Have you thought about changing your lighting? Are you curious about the question Do LED Lights Attract Bugs? Do yellow bug lights work to keep out the bugs?

There is no debate going over do lights attract bugs. They get attracted to light because of their basic navigation instinct to move on the earth. Therefore, lights attract bugs, and we find bugs buzzing around as soon as the lights turn on. Our article will tell you more about why LED Attract Bugs. Does LED Lights instead of standard incandescent or fluorescent lightbulb work? Do read it in the next session to find it out.


Why Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?

LED lights attract fewer bugs than incandescent or fluorescent light, and there is a reason behind it. Bugs use their attraction towards light and heat as their primary source of navigation/movement on the Earth. So instead of blaming bugs for being all around your place near lights, we must understand it as their requirement for survival.

During old times, they used the moon as their source of navigation around the planet, but now we have used similar lights all around the place, and they find it quite similar.

Light waves are measured as wavelengths in nanometres. All kinds of wavelengths do not tempt bugs. Experiments suggest that insects have a strong sense of colors and are susceptible to shorter wavelengths, specifically UV light and blue waves. Researchists have analyzed that 22% of bugs were attracted to blue, while 18% and 10% to white and yellow respectively. Lights of shorter wavelengths (less than 500nm) might include blue, yellow, white, and even Ultraviolet (UV). Such LED Lights that comprise cooler tones with shorter wavelengths attract bugs.

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Do Yellow Bug Lights Work To Keep Out The Bugs?

do yellow bug lights work
Do Yellow Bug Lights Really Work?


Incandescent, fluorescent (CFL), and High-Intensity Discharge (HID) attract more bugs because they use shorter wavelengths and produce more heat. The brighter UV produced makes insects confused with the light source of the sun and moon, and they are involuntarily attracted to it. However, LED lights use little or no UV, which makes them less visible and LED attract bugs less.

Do LED Lights Attract Bugs is one of the most important factors that must be considered when it comes to deciding whether or not to purchase new LED lights. As discussed above, insects and bugs, especially mosquitoes, are attracted to heat and thermal radiation. Light, as an energy source, radiates thermal energy and gives off heat waves.

Heat attracts bugs, and hence they are found sticking around lights. All other kinds of bulbs produce more heat. They waste 90% of the energy and generate more heat and thermal energy. On the other hand, LED Bulbs give less heat, absorb less energy and utilize most of their power. As a result, LED Bulbs attract bugs less because they generate less heat. 


Are LED lights effective at keeping out bugs? 

Do LED bug lights attract bugs or keep them away? Do yellow bug lights really work to get rid of the bugs? Is it possible to use LED bug lights to get rid of bugs? Seeing the above discussion, we learn that bugs are attracted to specific color spectrums or wavelengths and thermal radiation/heat. It is evident that if we want to ward off bugs for a good and peaceful night, we must choose the right type of bulb. Now let us answer the question going on in every mind. Do LED Bug Lights work?

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LED Lights produce less or no UV, but they still can generate shorter wavelengths that may attract bugs.


Is it true that warm colored lights keep the bugs away?

Warm-colored lights are efficient at keeping bugs away. 

Some LED bulbs attract bugs less because they have a yellow coating that reduces their temperature, making them produce less heat. However, they forge a wavelength of 500 to 600nm.

Moreover, the LED Bug Lights are highly effective in keeping bugs away. They produce warm colors such as yellow and orange by Yellow Malibu Light Bulbs, Yellow Strip lights, or Gold-tint filament bulbs are best if you are looking not to attract Bugs.

Therefore, no such lights have been created to eliminate bugs, but you can take preventable measures to not attract bugs.


How To Keep Porch Lights Free Of Bugs?

Is it troublesome for you to go on your porch at night time due to bugs? Are bugs buzzing around your house creating trouble for you? Well, you can take some adequate measures to keep bugs away from the porch light.


Porch Bugs: How to Keep Them Out:

  1. Firstly, keep most of the lights closed. Doing this will not help you stay in a bug-free zone, but you’ll also be saving electricity. 
  2. As we discussed earlier, warm lights that radiate less heat are a go-to option for your porch to attract bugs less. 
  3. Sideways, you can be strict with those tiny creatures by installing a Bug Zapper and burning them away. 
  4. However, you can use measures to keep bugs away from the porch light in different techniques. Fans during summers can help you to chase away bugs by making a liveable environment. 
  5. Bugs and mosquitoes stay away from smoke and fire. You can light candles nearby and this will help you to get rid of them. 
  6. The plantation is fun and creates an eco-friendly environment inside a car porch. You can use some plants that are used to repel bugs and flies, like Rosemary, Sage, Basil, Mint, Lemon Balm, etc. 
  7. Hanging spice pouches near your lightning can also make LED Lights attract bugs less. Using pesticides once a season is helpful to kill all the bugs and make your environment peaceful. 
  8. Birds feed on bugs. You can also consider placing a birdhouse on your porch to keep them away. This method is natural yet effective.
  9. If the number of bugs has increased uncontrollably, calling pest control service will not do harm. They will disinfect and spray your area.
  10. Above everything, make sure your porch does not have any stagnant water. Most bugs and flies reproduce in standing water leading to various diseases due to contamination. Keep your area clean and tidy.
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No spray and bug zappers will make bugs vanish from the surface of the earth. Thus, the answer to your question “Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?” is simple. They do not keep them away forever, but as we compare other lights and bulbs, LED lights are the most effective in keeping bugs away.

Adequate measures can be adopted to chase them away and maintain an eco-friendly, peaceful environment. If we compare LED bug light with other bulbs, we find that they have been majorly used as an alternative to attract fewer bugs. They are made against the instinct of a bug to attract them less. Henceforth, LED lights that produce warmer tones and emit less heat are the most suitable ones. 

To put it in a nutshell, if you are tired of bugs all around your place and looking to change your lighting system which made you ask “Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?”. Your answer is “Yes” they do, but they have more efficiency when compared to others. You have to look for bulbs that produce longer wavelengths with warmer tones (yellow or orange) that emit less heat.


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