Samsung Washer SE Code Error – How To Get It Fixed Instantly

There are times when the SE error code appears on a Samsung washer quite frequently. Most of the time, it happens as a result of the user not taking proper care of the appliance. According to the Samsung washer SE error code, failure occurs during the draining process.


Samsung washing machines display the SE error when the program has already finished washing and the washer is supposed to start the laundry rinse cycle. According to the program, the machine should drain dirty soapy water after washing the laundry. Following this, the appliance will pour clean water to rinse the appliance with. This is where the problem occurs. As a result, the system is unable to drain dirty water. Samsung washer SE error codes are generated by the control board of the washer.

SE code error will appear on the screen if the device is unable to drain water.

The following are the causes of the error that prevents dirty water from draining:

  • A clogged drain filter prevents water from passing through the drain hose.
  • It is clogged in the drain hose, at the filter junction, or at the siphon junction.
  • A malfunctioning drain pump prevents water from draining.

In order to prevent unpleasant clogs inside the device, be sure to do the following. Make sure that the clothes you put in the drum have pockets before washing. Make sure you pull out your coins, keys, etc.

There are some Samsung washing machines that display an ND or 5E error code instead of an SE error code. It is pertinent to note that these Samsung washer codes all refer to the same error. Do not confuse this code with the E5 code that appears on Samsung washers. It indicates that the washer’s heating element is malfunctioning.



Whenever the Samsung Washer SE code appears during washing, the garbage filter should be checked first. It is only necessary to clean the part that is situated in the lower right corner of the machine body. Keep searching for a cause if the Samsung washer SE error continues to appear.

A blockage may form inside the drain hose next, so make sure you check it. Disconnect the drain hose from the siphon or sewer pipe after removing all laundry from the drum. Then, drop the end of the rope into the bathtub or sink. It will be easier for you to see the outgoing water if you do this, as you will be able to see it more clearly. The next thing you need to do is to start the washing program and just observe the process as it unfolds. Clogged hoses are indicated by the pump barely running when trying to push water through them.

Samsung washers are known for their quiet operation. If you listen to its work during water draining, you can distinguish the specific sound. There is a sound made by the drain pump when it is operating. It’s most likely that the problem is in the drain pump if water doesn’t run from the hose after the washing is finished, and you don’t hear the drain pump’s specific sound.



It is easiest to fix the SE error code in Samsung washer if the dirty filter is the problem.

What is the proper procedure for cleaning the filter?

  1. Just open the plastic cover protecting the filter and emergency drain hose in the lower right corner of the device.
  2. Drain the dirty water from the drum into a washbowl (the best solution is to use a washbowl).
  3. Drain water into the washbowl by removing the plug from the small rubber hose.
  4. Remove the filter screw half a turn counter-clockwise while keeping the container.
  5. Ensure the hole does not contain any foreign objects. Get rid of all the fluff and hair that has stuck there.
  6. The plug should be inserted into the emergency drain hose after the screw is installed. After that, close the plastic cover. The problem should now be resolved.

Firstly, disconnect the drain hose from the washer if a huge clog is causing the SE error. After that, rinse it with a powerful water jet. The hose should be cleaned with water and bent and undone at the same time. As a result, the dirt plug will pop out more quickly.

The clog may have formed deep inside the sewer pipe or in the siphon. The dirty water will not only stop draining from the machine but also from the sink in this case.

It is possible to manually clean the blockage that has formed in the siphon. You can do this by unscrewing the plug and cleaning its internal parts. The sewer pipe, however, requires more effort. The best option in this case is to call a plumber who will quickly clean the pipes. For clogging removal, you can try various liquids.

Note: When cleaning the drain hose of a washing machine, avoid using aggressive chemicals.



The Samsung washer SE error code can be caused by a malfunctioning drain pump in the worst case scenario. It is necessary to remove the back wall in order to access this part. The location of the drain pump can be easily determined. Check the valve that connects the drain hose. The drain pump is connected to this valve. It is better not to repair the drain pump yourself, as we have already mentioned. If the drain pump needs to be replaced, you can do it yourself in the extreme case.

It is important to note that the SE fault (or the 5E error code) in Samsung washing machines is not as severe as it may appear. Most of the time, you can find and eliminate its causes on your own.


Why is my Samsung washer displaying SE errors?

The SE error is due to a drain error. The machine does not start rinsing after washing because dirty water remains in the drum. Most of the time, an incorrectly installed hose is to blame. The second most common problem is a blocked drainage system, followed by a broken or blocked pump. In addition, there is a likelihood of damage to the main module.


In the Samsung washing machine, what does SE stand for?

The SE error code indicates that the drain system is not functioning. The washing machine cannot go into rinse mode because soapy water is not pumped out of the drum. There could be a clog in the sewer, hose, or filter causing this issue. It is not excluded that the pump may breakdown. The control module is to blame if the water drains but the error remains.


What should I do if my Samsung washer shows an error SE?

Check the sewer and drainage systems first. Foreign objects and blockages must be removed. Pumps should be inspected. There is a possibility that it is out of order and isn’t functioning properly. The most radical way to fix the error SE is to install a new electronic board. Check to see if it is faulty first.


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