FUNAI TVs Remote Control Codes and Setup Guide

If you have recently purchased a universal remote control and you require the remote codes for operating the FUNAI TV, we mention the funai tv codes below for your TV. These 3,4, and 5 digit Funai TV remote codes would work best with universal remote controls. If one of the funai TVs is not working for your remote, try to choose another code from the same list.


funai tv remote control codes




FUNAI TV 3 Digit Remote Control Codes


FUNAI TV 4 Digit Remote Control Codes



FUNAI TV 5 Digit Remote Control Codes





Programming Funai TV Universal Remote with Auto-Search

However, in the auto search method, all the universal remote Funai remote codes are put under the scanning procedure in the remote. This method would scan one code to find out the proper funai tv codes that work best with the remote for programming the control. Implement the below steps:


  1. Turn on the smart device such as TV, which you wish the universal remote for operating.
  2. ” Turn on” the remote, tap on the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED light indicates the device is ready to program.
  3. Place the remote in front of the device and tap on the “CH-” and “CH+” buttons. remote would indicate that off/on the signal. Click on the “up” and “down” buttons simultaneously till the gadget power off.
  4. Do verification of code by tapping on the “Power” button. device should be switch on. If it turns on, try to change channels to verify that the remote is programmed correctly.
  5. Now, tapping on the “Device” button to save the funai remote codes, the device’s LED would blink twice to confirm the stored code.
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Programming Funai TV Universal Remote with keycode Method

Using the Keycode, we can easily do the universal remote programming, and the Keycode would identify the equipment model.

  • Firstly, switch ON the device.
  • Click on the “TV” button for your “Funai TV universal remote.”
  • Now, click on the “Setup button” of your universal remote until it reveals the light flash.
  • That’s all; your TV will work perfectly now with the universal remote control; if your device is not working, try to repeat the same procedure with the different funai tv code from the same part of the reference table.
  • Now, put the “Keycode” you obtained from the Instructions Booklet.
  • After implementing these steps, put the remote in front of the TV and then click on the power button and hold it for some time.


Manual Remote Code Setup

For the manual setting of Funai remote codes, try to implement the below steps:


  • Put the remote control at the proper position in front of the universal remote you want to replace.
  • Now click on the “Magic” or “Setup” button.
  • Then, put the “funai tv code” from programming manually.
  • Now, click on the function that you want to program. For example, make use of the “TV volume up.”
  • Then, click on the corresponding key on the “Original Remote Controller” and hold it.
  • If the light would flash, it means the code has been saved appropriately.
  • Finally, click on the “TV Volume Up” button is saved to the Universal remote, and you can make use of this button.
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Programming by Universal Funai Remote Code

In order to program Funai Universal Remote Codes follow the instructions mentioned below. However, if you cannot find an appropriate key code or Funai remote code suitable for your device, you could do the setting of Funai universal remote to look the mode for the correct one. It is a code in the user manual that puts the remote into search mode.

  • Firstly, Turn on the device.
  • Then, click on the “Setup” button and hold it for some time.
  • Put the three-digit code “9-9-1”.
  • Now, keep holding the “Power button” on your remote and then click on the channel up button until the gadget switches off.

This method is time-consuming, but it is essential for searching the correct key code or Funai tv code. Once you have implemented the above-mentioned steps, the remote would perform all the functions.



The above Funai TV remote codes and methods work for programming the Funai tv and for favorite remote control. These methods are put into practice for the Funai remote control setup. We have mentioned all the funai tv codes for programming TV and remote control. You could try the codes for Funai TV from the mentioned list as per the suitable method. If one code is not working for your universal remote, try other codes from the same list until the remote control is programmed with TV.


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