Learn How to Setup Logitech Harmony Hub Effectively

Logitech Harmony Hub vs. Alexa / Google Assistant

We have depicted the instructions to program Logitech Harmony Hub. Additionally, we have attempted to explain how to program Logitech Harmony Hub. Besides, we have presented the necessity of using a Harmony Hub as a universal remote. So, how would you control your TV and different gadgets with your cell phone/tablet? Perhaps use Alexa or Google Assistant? No! Above all, the Logitech Harmony Hub remote easily conceives all the functions of Alexa or Google Assistant, and much more! So how would you setup or fix Logitech Harmony Hub as a universal remote effectively? To do this, follow the steps below.

Firstly, make a connection to the Harmony Hub. For this, use the micro USB cable and make a connection of it with the infrared mini blaster. Correspondingly, download and open the ‘Harmony’ application on IOS or Android. You can likewise download the MyHarmony work area application. Select, ‘Set up new hub’ option. Correspondingly, choose the Wi-Fi network for the Hub to interface. Now, put in the respective Wi-Fi password. Alternatively, make a new Harmony account. Otherwise, log in to your existing account please.

Learn How to Setup Logitech Harmony Hub Effectively

How to Program Logitech Harmony Hub Effectively

How to setup Logitech Harmony Hub

In order to do this, Select ‘Add a new remote’ if you do not have any previous Logitech Harmony Hub remote settings.

  • Adding Devices – The center point will recognize gadgets that are controllable through IP orders. Correspondingly, Select “Add Device” to add extra amusement gadgets. After that, carefully enter the Manufacturer’s Name and Model Number to add your widgets.
  • Creating Activities – The Harmony application will recommend specific exercises to develop from the gadgets you have added.
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There is significantly more that is possible with the Harmony Hub. We will then broadly expound on the individual strides that you will need to fix Logitech Harmony Hub. Additionally, you will also learn what its various abilities are.

With the Harmony Hub, you can control your home gadgets using a cell phone or tablet. You can do exercises in which you can handle numerous devices through a solitary interface. Additionally, when you commence an action, you can set the center determination on various gadgets. Also, you can select the information sources. Thus, you can change channels, explore, raise/bring down the volume, etc.


What gadgets can the Logitech Harmony Hub Universal Remote Control?

The center is fit for controlling various gadgets. It can handle devices by utilizing IR, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Utilize this gadget similarity search instrument to check if your gadgets can be constrained by the center or not. It’s additionally viable with specific brilliant home gadgets. This rundown has gradually developed over the long run and will probably keep on growing.


You can use the Logitech Harmony Hub remote to control the following gadgets:

  • TVs
  • Projectors
  • AV Receivers
  • Set-Top, Cable, or Satellite Boxes
  • DVD and Blu-beam Players
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Media Devices


Additionally, you can fix Logitech Harmony Hub to work these as well:

  • Thermostats 
  • Intelligent Lights Bulbs and Lighting Systems 
  • Automatic Window Shades 


Steps on How to Fix Logitech Harmony Hub

  • 1) First of all, connect the Harmony Hub to a power source. Then, connect the miniature USB capacity to the rear of the center point. Permit 30 seconds to 1 moment for it so that it is completely booted up.
  • 2) Then, connect the IR Mini Blaster. However, do this only is necessary. Some of the time, you won’t require the IR remote. So, you can connect the IR mini blaster on such occasions.
  • 3) After that, open the Harmony Hub mobile application which you have downloaded. Because it functions on both Android and iOs, it is easily available on Apple iStore and Google Playstore as well.
  • 4) Now, you need to do the initial configuration of the Harmony Hub.
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               After opening the application, you are given a choice to “Set Up New Hub” or “Associate with Hub.” Click the option of “Set Up New Hub” in order to commence setting up your center.

  • 5) After this, connect to Wi-Fi.

               The center will consequently pick the Wi-Fi network with the best connectivity.

  • 6) Alternatively, you can sign up or log in with a Harmony account.

                 It would help if you did this because this account saves the entirety of your design settings in the cloud. Moreover, you can reestablish the saved settings to the gadget during the underlying setup cycle.

  • 7) To be used as a new remote, add your gadget.

                To do this, tap on the ‘Add a new remote” option.

  • 8) Duplicate Harmony Remote Setup

Suppose you already have a universal remote of the Logitech Harmony specification. If you wish to copy the functions of your other Logitech Harmony Hub remote onto it, then you can go for this method.


How to Program Logitech Harmony Hub with Naturally Detected Devices

The Harmony Hub will naturally check your organization for gadgets controlled through Wi-Fi/IP or Bluetooth. Therefore, it detects the devices you are utilizing. So now, select the option of “Next.”


  • Can you manually add devices to the Logitech Harmony Hub remote?
  • Yes, you can! Additionally, there are four distinct ways for adding gadgets to your Logitech Harmony Hub universal remote manually.


  • 1) Entertainment Device – This incorporates TVs, projectors, collectors, DVD/Blu-beam players, media decorations, and so on
  • 2) Home Control – You can control your Smart home gadgets from here, such as Smart Lights or refrigerators.
  • 3) PC – To program a PC manually.
  • 4) Output for Wi-Fi Devices – These are the gadgets that the center point naturally finds.


Troubleshoot Logitech Harmony Hub

For testing your gadgets, you may have to change your center point and IR small blaster situation. Make sure to utilize the “On” and “Off” orders on numerous occasions to guarantee the IR orders are being gotten appropriately. On the off chance that the charges appear to have a powerless sign and aren’t working appropriately, at that point, you’ll have to change the situation of your center or IR small blaster. Keep changing their positions until the entirety of the orders is being gotten precisely.

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However, what if the On and Off orders are not working in? Then, tap “FIX.” Correspondingly, this will maneuver you through an investigating interaction.

Now, for the exciting part! I profoundly recommend choosing “Test Now” to guarantee everything is driving now and again appropriately.

After the interaction has been completed, it will inquire as to whether everything turned on effectively. Therefore, select the option of “Yes” when it has functioned properly. Or else, select the option of “No.”


  • How to setup buttons on Logitech Harmony Hub?


On most exercises, there will be a bar at the base with completely adaptable orders and the position of those orders. These and different controls on the movement are entirely adjustable.

On the landing page of the Harmony Control App, select the menu option, which is located up, leftwards. In order to do this, tap “Alter/Reset.” Then, tap “Alter Buttons.” Eliminate orders by tapping the orbited “- ” (short image). Alternatively, you can add orders by tapping the “+” (in addition to an image). However, keep this in mind while adding an order: You can select what gadget to send the order to as you choose the actual order.


Beneficences of the Logitech Harmony Remote

With the Logitech Harmony Hub universal remote, changing the buttons on a function is very easy. Thus, you can alter the controls that best fit your necessities. Additionally, you can program a Logitech Harmony Hub remote to make it easy and conceivable to control the entirety of your gadgets.


Price of the Logitech Harmony Hub?

The Harmony Hub is generally cheap when contrasted with other universal remote frameworks. You can search to check the current cost. The setup of Logitech Harmony Hub is moderately basic and makes your framework startup and shut down considerably more helpful. Now, you shall not have to look for the various remotes required for your framework. You can conveniently use a phone to control all your other gadgets.


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