Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect To WIFI – Multiple Method To Fix It

With the Ring Doorbell, life has become much easier for me in terms of convenience. As a result, I am notified when someone is at the door but I am too engrossed in my work to be able to hear them. In most cases, I hear notifications through my earphones when I’m listening to music on my phone. There is, however, a possibility that sometimes your Ring doorbell won’t connect to WIFI.

There is, however, a chance that you will not be able to do this if your Ring doorbell won’t connect to your WIFI network. My home network wouldn’t connect one day, so I didn’t get notifications of a critical package delivery.

My Ring doorbell won’t connect to WIFI issue was resolved by going online to figure out what was going on.

If your Ring Doorbell won’t connect to WIFI, look at your WIFI network settings and credentials. It is extremely important that your Ring Doorbell is connected to your WIFI router as close as possible.

If the Ring Doorbell still won’t connect to WIFI, I’ve included instructions on how to reset it and change the WIFI channel.


What might be the reason that your Ring Doorbell won’t connect to your WIFI network?

Having a Ring doorbell that won’t connect to WIFI is an issue that is usually caused by a combination of the following factors. Let’s take a closer look at each of these in more detail and see how you can deal with them in the future.

You entered the wrong password for the WiFi network: Sometimes the problem is as simple as entering the wrong password. 

You have special characters in your WiFi password: Special characters can cause problems when installing your first device.

If your network connection is not robust enough, there might be difficulty connecting to the website. 

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It might happen if your Ring Doorbell is installed on your door or at a distance from your router.

The delay in notifications, chimes, and other notifications can also be caused by this problem.


Low battery levels can cause your device to fail to connect if it’s powered by batteries.

It is important to ensure that your doorbell is charged in order to prevent this issue from occurring. If the device is plugged in, a temporary loss of power might be the cause.

Several Wi-Fi routers have “hidden” networks, in which the network name is not displayed. If your connection is hidden, your device cannot join a network. 

However, if external wiring fails, non-battery-powered devices may have connectivity issues. If you’ve installed your Ring Doorbell without an existing doorbell, this is likely to occur.


Is It Possible That Anything You Can Do If Your Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect To WIFI?

You may need to check your WIFI password to ensure that it is the right one if you entered the wrong and try again. You might be required to reach out to your Internet Service Provider if the issue does not resolve. 

Changing your WIFI password after connecting will require you to reset and reconnect your Ring device.

In the event that your WIFI password contains special characters, you might want to temporarily change it. 

Following the creation and setting up of the new password, the device and network will be connected.

At a later time, you can revert to your old WIFI password. To avoid future problems, you should reset your device and set it up again in this case.

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A weak Wi-Fi signal can be improved by moving the router closer to the device. You may need a repeater or booster to enhance the signal quality of your WIFI router.

Ring Doorbell batteries only last 6-12 months if they are powered by at least 16V, otherwise they won’t last as long.

Enter the network’s exact name when setting up your network using the “Add Hidden Network” option.

If this is the situation, there might be something wrong with the external wiring.

Moreover, make sure the connections are secure by checking the wiring and turning off the power.

Short circuits and blown fuses can also cause problems.


Connect to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network if you are having trouble connecting.

If your Ring device is on the five GHz band, it may not be able to find your network connection.

There is only one network type that is compatible with the Ring Doorbell, and that is 2.4 GHz.

The solution in this case is to connect to a router that transmits on the 2.4GHz band instead of the 5GHz band. 

As a result, your Ring device cannot connect to WIFI if your router can only broadcast on the five GHz band. 

However, most routers can be configured to broadcast 2.4 GHz signals under most circumstances.

In addition, check your WIFI router’s user manual to find out how to broadcast a 2.4 GHz signal, as different router models may have different instructions.


To fix Ring Won’t Connect to WIFI, reset your Ring Doorbell device.

If you still cannot connect to WIFI, try resetting your Ring Doorbell.

You can do this by holding down the orange button on the back of the device.

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Resetting the device allows you to start the setup process over.


Conclusion: Ring Doorbell won’t connect to WIFI.

If your Ring Doorbell won’t connect to WIFI after you install it, you might find it frustrating.

If the issue persists, Ring Support can assist you. 

However, wouldn’t it be great if you could improve your Ring Doorbell experience with a Ring Chime?



What is the most convenient way to reconnect my ring to my Wi-Fi?

The Ring Device can be connected to the Wi-Fi network as follows.

  1. Select the three-dotted option in the Ring app. 
  2. On the screen, tap Devices option from the list.
  3. Choose the device that needs to be connected to WIFI.


What is the issue with my Ring not finding my WIFI?

Poor WIFI signal, a channel, or a hidden network issue may be to blame, according to the article. Moreover, in order to fix the problem of Ring won’t connect to WIFI, you need to use the information given above.


What is the process for resetting my Ring Doorbell to WIFI?

Hold the orange button on the backside of your Ring Doorbell for twenty seconds to reset it.

The Ring Doorbell light will blink blue a couple of times after this, which indicates it has been reset and is restarting.

After a few moments, the Ring Doorbell device will be able to start working again. 


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