Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting – 5 Quick Fixes

Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting (7 Easy Fixes)

Homeowners are embracing smart home devices, which have made their daily lives convenient and efficient. The Kasa Smart Plug developed by TP-Link is a versatile and user-friendly option among the many smart home devices.

It is compatible with smart home devices like Google Nest and Amazon Echo. Additionally, it enables voice control of your devices through Google Assistant and Alexa.

But, like any device, Kasa smart plug may encounter connectivity issues. If you face Kasa Smart Plug not connecting to the internet, homekit, app, or Alexa, you don’t need to worry. In this article, I’ve explained some causes and the solutions you can take to resolve the issue.

Why Is My Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting

There are many reasons that can lead your Kasa smart plug not to connect. The following are the key reason:

  • The network signal is weak and doesn’t have enough strength to support your device’s connection.
  • The Smart plug you’re trying to connect is outside your network’s coverage area.
  • Your network is operating at a frequency of 5 GHz.
  • The plug is not currently in pairing mode.
  • The Kasa app you’re using is outdated.
  • The settings on your router are configured to prevent adding new devices.
  • If you have an active VPN or Ad guard enabled on your mobile device, it may be causing issues.
  • You’ve denied the necessary permission to the Kasa app to access your local network.
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How to Fix Kasa Smart Plug that’s Not Connecting

You should try the following solutions if you encounter connectivity problems with your TP-Link Kasa smart plug.

Confirm the Plug Receives Power

Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting

The first step is to verify that your smart plug is correctly plugged into a functioning power outlet and receives power. Without power, your Kasa Smart Plug will not function or be detected on your home Wi-Fi.

Another thing to check is if the Wi-Fi indicator light on your plug flashing rapidly. Hold the Power button until it blinks rapidly if the light is not flashing. Usually, it takes around ten seconds.

Check the WiFi Settings

Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting

Ensure your router has an active internet connection when you set up the smart plug. Connect to other devices like laptops, phones, or computers to access the internet strength.

If your Wi-Fi network has slow or average speeds, you need to do the following:

  • Restart your router by unplugging it from the power source. Reconnect it to the power source after waiting two minutes.
  • The next step is ensuring you enter the right network details when connecting the plug to your Wi-Fi network. Also, make no common mistake of adding extra spaces before or after the password when connecting smart devices to your network.


Note: TP-Link advises its users not to use a password with a length of fewer than 64 characters and without special characters such as @, #, /,, *,  ‘.


  • Go to the router admin portal and confirm if the “MAC address filtering” option is turned off. Once you activate this option, the router’s ability to link up with fresh devices will be inhibited.
  • As indicated earlier, Kasa Smart Plug is incompatible with the 5GHz Wi-Fi network frequency. So, switch to the 2.4GHz frequency.
  • It’s essential to check the Wi-Fi network security options. If you use “wpa2/wpa3-personal” Wi-Fi encryption for smart device connections, there’s a chance you’ll experience internet connection issues. I advise you to change to “WPA+AES.”
  • After you finish making changes to your router, please power cycle it to apply them. Then try to reconnect your smart plug.
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Move the Smart Plug close to the Router

If you move the Kasa smart plug away from the router it will receive a weak internet signal. Also, if there are many obstacles between Plug and Wi-Fi signal will be affected too.

To ensure adequate signal strength, move the plug near the router when setting it up. The distance between the plug and router should be at most 20 feet.

Using an outdoor plug ensures the endpoint receives a strong signal. You can achieve this by moving the router closer or installing a Wi-Fi range extender

Deactivate the VPNs and AdBlocker

VPNs conceal the IP address of your mobile device, preventing it from communicating with other devices on your network. Remember to deactivate your VPN and ad blocker when configuring smart devices on your network.

Reset the Smart Plug

If you encounter difficulties connecting the Kasa Smart Plug to WiFi, one helpful solution is to perform a plug reset.  This fix is so simple; follow these steps:

  • Turn off the Plug
  • Remove it from the power outlet
  • Wait for approximately thirty seconds.
  • Reinsert the plug into the power outlet and press the setup button.

After this process, you will successfully reset the smart plug and now try to reconnect the plug.

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Update the Kasa Smart App

Before we dive into how to update the firmware of the KASA Smart Plug, you need to note that this plug has an application on the Google Play store that you’ll use to carry out this process. Outdated firmware can cause your plug not to connect; that’s why you need to update it.

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Here are the steps to follow:

Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting

  • Select the Firmware Update.

Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting

  • If there’s any available update, it will update it automatically.

Reinstall the Kasa Smart App

If your Kasa app experiences errors or bugs, your plug will have difficulty connecting. Here’s how you can fix it:


  • Go to the KASA Smart app on your Smartphone homepage, long press, and select uninstall. The app will be removed from your device.

Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting

  • Then you’ll need to reinstall the app. Go to Google Play, search for Kasa Smart, tap the install button, and select it to install again.

Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting


  • Once the app is installed, restart your phone to ensure all changes take effect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Kasa smart plug unresponsive?

Some of the reasons that may cause the unresponsiveness may include having outdated plug firmware, insufficient power reaching the plug, internet connectivity issues, or having a faulty plug.

How do I change the Wi-Fi on my Kasa Smart plug?

To achieve this, you need to reset the plug and set it up again using the new Wi-Fi details. First, long press the power button for five seconds. You’ll see the LED indicator start blinking quickly. That will indicate your plug is reset, you can connect it to a different Wi-Fi network.

Does Kasa Smart Plug work with Alexa?

The smart plug enables you to issue voice commands through Alexa. You’ll need a Kasa smart app to set up the plug. Then, activate the Kasa Skill on the Alexa app to connect your accounts.


After reading these fixes, it’s best to try to apply them. One of the fixes can help you solve your Kasa smart plug connectivity issues. However, if the problem can’t be solved, you must contact a technician or TP-Link customer support for further help.

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