Alexa Device Is Unresponsive: How To Fix?

In My interest in Amazon’s Echo Dot came from its ability to connect with other smart home devices, which, in turn, made it attractive for setting up a smart home system.

Sometimes, my Alexa Device Is Unresponsive, which was certainly not a good thing.

The problem was investigated and possible causes and solutions were identified.

 The author has reviewed several reports from users to identify the common causes and solutions to this issue.

To Make sure the correct Wi-Fi password has been entered, connect your Alexa device to your TV, and fix your unresponsive Alexa device. If all else fails, try resetting it.

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Also discussed in this article is how to update the firmware on your home Alexa device, and how to reinstall the Alexa App.

Why alexa device is unresponsive?

Alexa Device Is UnresponsiveI have spent a considerable amount of time researching this problem and have found a few common causes.

  • Cables are not properly attached: There may be a loose cable connection causing your Alexa device not to respond.
  • Wi-Fi not working: An internet connection that is too slow may slow down the Alexa device. This will prevent Alexa from connecting to you and responding to you. 
  • Too far away from the router: Unless your Echo is within range of your router, it will not respond to Alexa. Your Echo Dot is small compared to your iPhone, so the chances of this happening are higher. Therefore, it is likely that the Echo Dot has been discontinued. 
  • Wrong Wi-Fi password: An incorrect password may cause your Echo device to not function if you connect it to your router. Before connecting, you must be sure that the device was connected to the Wi-Fi and has the correct password. 
  • Physical interference: A wireless device such as a keyboard or headset can disrupt the signal. In addition to baby monitors, microwaves, televisions, and thick walls, these devices can also interfere with or block your Wi-Fi signal. You will naturally not be able to access your Alexa device if your Wi-Fi signal is blocked. 
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How Can You Fix an alexa device is unresponsive?

Alexa Device Is UnresponsiveIn most cases, you can easily fix the problem at home by yourself when your Alexa device is not responding.

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In order for Alexa to respond to you, the device needs to light up blue when you speak the wake phrase, so if it does not, that probably means it isn’t responding.

How To Fix An alexa device is unresponsive

Alexa Device Is UnresponsiveWith these easy fixes, the problem can be easily fixed.

Verify all cables

When your Alexa device isn’t responding, it is best to check the cables first.

Be sure the cable is properly plugged into your Alexa device.

Furthermore, make sure your Alexa-compatible devices such as your smart TV are all properly connected to their cable connections as well.

Alexa Unresponsive devices are often caused by loose cable connections.

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Near the router, place the Echo device

This also needs to be checked off your list. As a result of this fix, your Echo device can connect to the Internet since it is within the Wi-Fi range. 

If As these smaller devices are compact and can be easily hidden, as well as placed outside the router’s range, you may have accidentally placed them outside the router’s permitted range.

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If If you find that the Echo device is not within the range of your Wi-Fi, place it near your router.

Alexa should now work again!

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Check Your Wi-Fi Password

When the wrong Wi-Fi password is entered and Alexa is denied access to the internet, its functionality will be impaired.

When you set up your Alexa device, be sure to enter the correct Wi-Fi password. 

In the event that you enter the wrong password, the Echo device tries to connect to your Wi-Fi router.

The Echo, however, cannot connect to your router. If Alexa does not respond, you might need to change the Wi-Fi password.

You need to update the firmware of your Alexa device

If There may already be a firmware update to address the issue on your Alexa device.

Logging into the Amazon Alexa website also allows you to update your device’s firmware.

If you launch the Alexa App and go to Settings, you can also check the device firmware by comparing it to the latest version in the About section of the app.

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The Alexa App must be uninstalled and reinstalled

If The Alexa App is sorely disorganized, and that’s why it isn’t responding. If you own an Android phone, you simply need to uninstall the app and re-install it from the Play Store, or the App Store.

Tap and hold the app on your home screen to uninstall it or go to the Apps section within Settings depending on your operating system.

A fresh version of the app should be installed from the package to ensure that nothing corrupted in the previous installation remains in the new installation.

Restart The Alexa Device

The Alexa device might not respond even after you’ve tried all the methods described above.

Your next option would be to restart your Echo device. It is best to restart your Echo device to fix the issue.

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Following are the steps for restarting your Echo device.

  • You will first need to find your Echo device’s power button.
  • You can turn off your Echo device once you have located it by holding the on/off button for a few moments.
  • Next, disconnect the Echo device’s power cord from the plug point.
  • For a few seconds, keep your Echo device turned off.
  • You may need to reconnect your echo’s power cord after a few moments.
  • Restart your echo device by pressing the power button again.

Reboot your Echo device with these simple steps.

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Reset The Alexa Device

If Resetting your Echo device might work if starting it up again hasn’t worked.

The Alexa app can be used to reset the Echo. By following the step-by-step instructions found here, you can regain control of Alexa.

  • Alexa will open when you open it. 
  • Choose “Devices” from the app.
  • Click “Alexa & Echo” under “Devices”. 
  • If you want the Echo Dot to be reset, tap on the specific Echo device.
  • After selecting the Echo device you want to reset, scroll down to find the Reset Settings Menu.
  • Make sure factory reset is selected from the Reset Settings Menu.

As your Echo device is reset and rebooted after selecting factory reset, it may take a bit of time.

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Connect your Alexa device to a new router by restarting it

You can also restart your router to solve the problem. The unresponsiveness may be due to your router, rather than your Echo device. 

  • Start by disconnecting all of your router’s cables.
  • For a few seconds, turn off your router. 
  • Afterwards, reconnect your router’s cables and turn it back on. 

Once that is done, check to see if Alexa resounds.

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Final Thoughts on alexa device is unresponsive

There are more instances of alexa device is unresponsive than we realize. You may not be able to hear Alexa if it is playing music. To make Alexa hear your wake word, stop her from playing across all devices.

It is possible that Alexa’s search engine may not be able to return any relevant results for your query.

It usually works for me if I repeat the steps above and it starts responding again.

In Whenever none of the steps above work, we strongly recommend contacting customer support.

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