Is BetterDiscord Not Working? – 8 Sureshot Ways To Fix The Issue‍

Is BetterDiscord not working? Check out these 8 solutions. Installers can be used, custom plugins can be removed temporarily, and more can be done to fix it. Please restart your computer before continuing with this article to see if the Better Discord not working issue persists.


Interested in making your apps look better? As you probably already know, the best way to communicate with Discord is with BetterDiscord. However, this app adds significant functionality to Discord. Plugins and themes can be customized, so it makes a great addition to your Discord app.

However, BetterDiscord does not always work well. As a result of various issues, BetterDiscord may not work as well as it should. It’s quite common, since it’s not an official Discord app. In addition, we have provided you with 8 methods below that you can use to fix the Better Discord not working problem that you may have. Moreover, if you are not interested in checking them out and would just like to uninstall BetterDiscord, you can find out how to do that here.


Eight Ways to fix the issue with BetterDiscord Not Working.


  1. Bring the BD installer up to date by fixing issues.
  2. Remove custom themes and plugins temporarily.
  3. Discord should be refreshed or restarted.
  4. This issue can be fixed by changing the language of the system.
  5. Log out of Discord, then re-enter.
  6. Delete ‘bdstorge.json’.
  7. BetterDiscord should be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  8. BetterDiscord support should be contacted.


If BetterDiscord is not working, run the installer


It is possible to fix issues through BetterDiscord and BandagedBD installers. Download them from the Downloads folder.

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If the license is accepted, the installer can be opened. You can choose either ‘Repairing BandagedBD’ or ‘Repairing BetterDiscord’ next. Your version will determine which option you choose next.

In regards to BandagedBD,

  1. Choose ‘Repair on stable’ from the left side of the screen. Select all the problems you are encountering from the list.
  2. Select ‘Repair’. As soon as the repairs are complete, a pop-up will appear that indicates that Discord has been opened.


BetterDiscord users:

  1. Next, go to the next screen after pressing the ‘Repair BetterDiscord’ button.
  2. From the folder location, select the Discord app and select ‘Repair’.
  3. It says ‘Repairs completed’ at the bottom of the next screen.
  4. If you repair BetterDiscord, a popup window will appear asking you to reinstall the software. Choose ‘Yes’ and continue. Discord must be opened manually if it is repaired.


If you’re still experiencing the issue, verify that you’ve done the steps above. In that case, look at the solutions below.


Remove custom themes and plugins from BetterDiscord


It may be impossible for BetterDiscord to function properly when custom themes or plugins are being used. You can remove these add-ons if they are not installed.

Improve Discord and Bandaged BD by removing custom add-ons

  1. Clicking the gear icon in Discord will bring up ‘User Settings’
  2. BetterDiscord’s left-hand menu has ‘Plugins’ —> ‘Open plugin folder’.
  3. If you do not wish to delete the existing files in this folder, simply move them to a different one.
  4. You can do the same under User Settings –> ‘Themes’.
  5. Test BetterDiscord by restarting Discord and adding new themes and plugins.


Fix BetterDiscord not working by refreshing/restarting Discord


Discord starts a new session when you restart it. This may appear like a basic thing to do, but it’s imperative. However, BetterDiscord must restart in order to apply the themes and plugins correctly.

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Once you have opened Discord, you can refresh it by pressing ‘Ctrl + R’ (Windows) or ‘Command + R’ (Mac). You should see the screen temporarily grey out and then reload after you have done so. If you repeat this process a few times, you may not get the BetterDiscord app to work right away.

In the event that BetterDiscord is not working for you, you can close Discord and reopen it. You will be able to run Discord in the background if you press the ‘x’ at the top right. Rather, on a Windows PC, right-click Discord and choose ‘Quit Discord’. Additionally, you can open Task Manager and select Discord from the list as well as end the task by pressing ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’.


Choose ‘Quit’ from the App Menu in Discord on a Mac. Alternatively, hold down the ‘Command + Q’ key at the same time.

However, it is strongly urged that you restart your computer to see if the Better Discord not working issue persists.


Change your system’s language


You can customize the appearance of the Discord client by changing the system’s language. However, BetterDiscord can be made to work this way because it deals with appearance.

  1. To access your profile settings, tap the gear icon underneath your username on the bottom left.
  2. You can access the language settings by scrolling down the left menu. You can select another language here.
  3. Check if your issue persists after restarting Discord.
  4. Ensure that the language is reverted to what it once was.


Those who found success with the above fix are at the right place. It is possible to uninstall BetterDiscord if none of these approaches have been effective for you. Reinstall it later if necessary.

Log out and into Discord


Some users found this to work, but not all. You can log out of Discord by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the screen. Identify the ‘Log out’ option on the left side, before confirming your action. In addition, the Discord app can now be closed, restarted, and then logged in. Verify whether BetterDiscord is working now.

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Disable ‘bdstorage.json’ on Windows temporarily


This file can be removed by removing bdstorage.json. Moreover, this method has been found to be a good solution for users experiencing problems with BetterDiscord.

You can access Run by pressing the Windows key plus R. Enter ‘%AppData%’ in the text box and click OK. Locate the file ‘bdstorage.json’ in the BetterDiscord folder and delete it.


It is recommended that you restart Discord to see if the issue has been resolved. Copy the file back into the relevant folder.


By uninstalling and reinstalling BetterDiscord, you can fix the issue.


By removing Discord from your mobile device, you can uninstall BetterDiscord. In this blog, you will find detailed instructions for both Windows and MacOS that you can follow.

If you are using the BandagedBD extension, you can do the following:

  1. Firstly, download the BandagedBD installer.
  2. Secondly, the next screen will allow you to uninstall BandagedBD.
  3. Then, both options should be checked under ‘Additional options’, as well as ‘Remove from Stable’. That way, you ensure that all file data is deleted.
  4. Finally, Discord can be removed from your computer if you prefer.


When installing BandagedBD and BetterDiscord/BandagedBD, make sure that the ‘Install to Stable’ option is checked when you install them. 


Report to Support


BetterDiscord’s support is also available if the program does not work. Moreover, a separate channel for grievances exists in BetterDiscord’s official Discord.

  1. By clicking on this link, you can join BetterDiscord’s official support server and report the issue.
  2. Whenever you arrive, check the ‘faq’ channel to see if your issue has previously been dealt with.
  3. Therefore, you should report your issue on the ‘support’ channel and they will get back to you as soon as


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