TV In Front Of Window? – Positioning Ideas For Your TV

It is common practice to place a TV in a room where people can watch it and converse comfortably. It is also undeniably an electronic device that enhances the entertainment value of every home. Therefore, its existence can be very important, hence the importance of its existence. It is true, however, that many people wonder about ideas on how to place the TV in front of the window and still make it look good.

You might wonder about ideas, if you can place the TV in front of the window when you don’t have anywhere else to put it. However, you might be more concerned about the sun’s glare and the heat from outside in this situation.

You will learn about TV positioning ideas but not only whether you can position the TV in front of the window in this article. The following six tips will also help you when there is no other place to place an electronic device.


Would it be possible to position a TV in front of a window?


It’s sure you’ll choose another spot to put the TV instead of the one right in front of the window if there’s a better place. Although sometimes the situation is unavoidable, which means there is no other choice.

As far as placing your TV in front of the window is concerned, you may still choose the location. In spite of this, it is imperative to keep in mind that this position may pose some potential challenges.

Glare from natural light outside is one of the foremost prevalent concerns that homeowners face. It is crucial to note that there are several factors that can cause discomfort while watching TV.

Heat from the sun can cause the TV’s back to overheat, which can also cause damage to the TV.

It is important to realize that some things need to be done to eliminate or reduce the possibility of these problems arising after you decide to place your TV right in front of the window. To make everything easier, you can follow the tips we share below.


Consider The Direction From Which Natural Light Comes: TV In Front Of Window Ideas.


It is essential to consider the direction from which the natural light comes. In general, you shouldn’t place a TV in front of a window because sunlight will pass through, unless something blocks the light.

Assume, however, that this is the only place that is available. If that’s the case, you should pick a window that gets less natural light and isn’t on the other side of the one that gets more light. This will decrease the amount of glare and heat that is generated.

Even though the TV is right in front of a wall-sized glass window, there is nothing wrong with its placement.

It is only possible to explain this by the fact that the window faces a shaded area in the yard. In addition to reducing glare outside, the green trees and bushes inside reduce glare inside as well.

The TV is properly shaded, so the screen isn’t glaring even though it’s sunny outside.


It is a shrewd idea to have at least two outlets nearby.


Additionally, it is very important to ensure that outlets are available before wondering about  ideas on placing the TV in front of the window. Despite its simplicity, it is a crucial factor that most people overlook at the beginning.

You should make sure that there is more than one outlet nearby if you love complete entertainment equipment. As a result, you will be able to get all the electronics ready for when you need them.

The TV may need to be placed somewhere else if there is no outlet nearby. To deal with the problem, it seems you must use an extension cord if the TV can only be watched in front of the window. The second option requires you to secure the cable so that everybody, including children and pets, is safe.


Reduce the glare on your windows with Frost Roll-Up Blinds.


You can cover the windows with frost roll-up blinds if you prefer a more practical solution. By using these accessories, you can reduce the amount of glare and enjoy TV watching more comfortably.

Roll-up blinds still allow a subtle amount of light into the interior despite their roll-up design. Having your eyes strain and cause headaches will not be the best option for you if you dislike watching TV in the dark.

A small TV is placed in front of the glass windows that are covered with roll-up frost blinds.


More natural options include bamboo and woven blinds.


Choosing bamboo or woven blinds or shades will give your TV a more natural appearance.

Natural roman blinds are fitted behind the TV to block light from outside and reduce glare. I think the material is bamboo or something similar to reed if we look closely.

There is another item that caught our attention in this design which is the corner TV stand. It can help you avoid placing the TV directly in front of a window by using a piece of furniture like this. Additionally, it provides storage space for items such as entertainment equipment.

In this room, all windows are adorned with woven blinds that can be raised and lowered.

In addition to looking natural, it provides the shade you need to watch TV without glare.

The shade behind your TV can be rolled down on hot days if you have a similar design. With this simple action, the device can be protected from overheating that may cause damage to the back.


An Environment With Natural Shade Is Best for Placing Your TV in Front of Your Windows.


A TV should be placed directly in front of a window in a room where it is naturally shaded. In this way, you are able to avoid common problems such as glare and heat by making use of the shade.

Take a look at this sunroom that looks like a beautiful bedroom with a TV, for instance. There is a lot of glass throughout this place, and it is quite a small place, so there are a lot of windows. Once the TV has been added to the room, it must be placed in front of the window so that it can be viewed.

The outside environment is naturally shaded thanks to the trees outside. In addition to creating a stunning exterior view, they provide shade to make watching TV more comfortable.


As an alternative to letting the TV stand alone on its own, you can place it inside a custom entertainment center.

You should also consider placing your TV in a custom entertainment center. As a result of the TV being placed in front of the window, it can reduce heat and glare.

However, this idea works best if the window is higher, not if the wall is bigger.

A custom entertainment center can be placed in the empty vertical space.

The shelf here secures the TV perfectly, which is what we love about it. In addition to providing shade, it also reduces glare from the window.

Under the TV, the furniture even has space to store entertainment equipment. This area even has bookshelves that can be a fun addition.


Here are some final thoughts on placing the TV in front of the window.


These are six tips for placing a TV in front of a window that we can share with you. It doesn’t matter where you reside, you are in a position to perform any of the techniques outlined above.

You will experience satisfaction in using TV as one of the entertainment options at home when you follow one or more of them. It doesn’t matter if the only place you can find a TV is in front of the window.


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