Where is The Power Button on Vizio TV?

Argghh! Why are the Power Button on Vizio TV so difficult to find?

There’s nothing more exciting than getting a new Vizio TV. It’s time to test the power button on the TV; you’re exploring all the different components. Additionally, most people don’t even try to locate the power button on their Vizio TV until they lose the remote.

After a few seconds of searching, you tell yourself, “Just a minute or two and I’ll have it.”. A few minutes later, with friends or family members searching alongside you, you’re still looking.

Have you lost your Vizio TV remote? You might want to get an universal TV remote.Perhaps you should get a universal remote for your TV.

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Today’s TVs have cleverly hidden power buttons that are nearly impossible to miss, and the Vizio TV is no different. We are aware of your growing frustration and will get to it right away!

The Power Button on Vizio TV can be found on the backside of the television. The HDMI and cable outlet should not be located just anywhere on the backside of the TV.

You may either miss the buttons or mistake them for something else since the buttons blend with the rest of the back bezel.Power Button on Vizio TV

Power Button on Vizio TVWhen you turn the TV on or off, you must press and hold the power button (located in the center) for three seconds.

Vizio televisions usually have a power button located in the left or right bottom corner.

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Along with the power button, it is not uncommon for the volume, input, and channel buttons to be located.

In addition to aesthetics, minimalism, and the reduction of the need to use buttons to navigate menus, Vizio hides these buttons. This is typical for smart TVs in general, not just Vizio. However, if you need to navigate, you can still make use of these buttons.

Try turning on your Vizio TV using the Vizio SmartCast app for iOS and Android if you’re looking for a way to turn it on without using a remote.

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