How to Troubleshoot Vizio TV Remote Not Working – Quick Fixes

Your Vizio TV remote may face several technical issues for which it fails to work with the TV and can cause a stopped or not working Vizio TV remote. The problem may be caused due to the power drained batteries on the remote, TV sensors being blocked, the remote’s stuck memory, or a glitch in the TV itself. Moreover, when such a technical glitch is appeared to have happened, troubleshooting the remote control or your television is a need of an hour. However, you can quickly fix the not working or stopped Vizio TV remote control sensor. Moreover, if Vizio TV remote is not turning on or Vizio TV remote stopped working, follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned below.

However, having troubles with your Vizio TV remote is a typical problem that many customers face, and the great news is that this type of problem is quickly resolved with a few trials. In addition, if you’re unsure how to fix the Vizio TV remote sensor not working, not turning on or stopped working on your own, this article will come in handy. However, in this guide, we explored a range of causes as well as technological approaches to make the problem go away. Let’s get started!

vizio tv remote not working

Fix Vizio TV Not Working or Stopped Working Remote Senor 

What Are the Causes of Vizio TV Remote Not Working? Stopped Working Vizio TV Remote Sensor

Our experienced team was able to identify the following causes of the Vizio remote control sensor not working or stopped functioning after a comprehensive analysis of user data. Moreover, if your Vizio TV remote stopped working, the remote sensor is not working or not turning on, follow the step-by-step methods mentioned below to fix it.

  • Power Drain Batteries: If the remote’s batteries are completely drained, you will be unable to use them. 
  • Blocked TV Sensor: The issue can occur when the IR beam or ray fails to reach the television sensor due to an obstruction. 
  • Electronic Interference: If any other electronic devices or gadgets emit radiation, the interference might be taken place with the IR ray of the remote, due to which you might face the issue.  
  • Dirty Power Source: If the TV’s power source keeps supplying dirty power, you may experience several technical snags. 
  • Power Residues of Remote and TV: You may run into the current problem if there are residues of power in the TV or remote control that may interfere with sending or translating the IR beam.
  • Stuck Remote Memory: If the remote’s memory becomes stuck on a specific place or device, you may have troubles similar to the current one.
  • Faulty TV: If your television has become faulty, you may be affected by the problem. You may find your Vizio TV not turning on or stopped working from the remote. 

How to Fix Vizio TV Remote Not Working or Stopped Functioning?

Before proceeding with the resolutions, we should ensure that the remote emits IR (if you use the IR remote). Moreover, a quick camera test can accomplish this. Your phone camera can be used. However, if your Vizio TV remote stopped working follow the instructions below to fix it.

  • Open the camera and observe the remote-control unit through the camera’s screen.
  • Point the remote control’s end (the one that is usually pointing to the TV) towards the camera.
  • On the remote, press and hold any button, and you will see that from the IR LED, the light is flashing at the end of the remote on your camera’s screen.
  • Test each button on the remote, including the Power and Volume buttons, to ensure they operate.
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If none of the buttons operate, the remote may be defective (try the last resolution that could solve the problem or otherwise take it to a repair shop or purchase a brand new one).  Moreover, these simple steps mentioned above are also very useful to fix your not working, not turning on or stopped functioning Vizio TV remote.

If all buttons are working, then you must proceed with the troubleshooting tips. Before that, we have mentioned the remote codes below if, by chance, you input the wrong codes responsible for operating your Vizio TV.

Remote Codes that Work with Vizio TV

  • 3 Digit Vizio Remote Codes = 502, 113, 505, 004, 011, or 627.
  • 4 Digit Vizio Remote Codes = 1758, 0128, 0117, 1756, 1017, or 0178.
  • 5 Digit Vizio Remote Codes = 10178, 01377, 10885, 11756, 10864, or 10117.

Technical Resolutions to Fix Vizio TV Remote Not Responding, Stopped or Not Working

The following deep-researched resolutions can help you overcome the problem of the Vizio remote stopped working seamlessly. And we’re sure that your TV remote will work as before. So let’s get started knowing all of them to fix not working Vizio TV remote.

Resolution 1: Replace Batteries

The simplest and quickest technique of troubleshooting is to see if the battery power has been drained. However, you can accomplish this by replacing the batteries and ensuring that they are correctly installed. Furthermore, check to see if the battery connection points and terminals are rusted and clean them with alcohol. If the issue of the Vizio TV remote sensor not working or stopped working persists, keep following the resolutions. 

Resolution 2: Change the Power Source for TV

If the devices receive irregular power quality, also known as Dirty Power, you may experience Vizio TV not responding to any remote. In addition, you can alter the power source to avoid dirty power such as frequency variations, power surges, and voltage variations.

  • Unplug your Vizio TV cable from the power outlet.
  • Connect the TV to another power source where the power should be normal.

Resolution 3: Check the TV Remote Sensor

Sometimes the Vizio TV remote sensor not working, not turning on or stopped working can be caused by a blockage between your TV sensor and remote. When the IR signal from the remote is obstructed, your TV is unable to receive it. As a result, you should clear any obstructions to the TV sensor.

1st Step: Find the IR sensor, which should be at the bottom left or right corner of the TV.

2nd Step: Move anything in front of the TV, such as books, photographs, and so on.

3rd Step:  Point the remote towards your TV’s IR sensor and hit the Power button. If the problem with the Vizio TV’s remote sensor is fixed, it suggests that something was obstructing the IR signal.

Resolution 4: Power Cycle the Vizio TV

A Vizio TV will not turn on or may not respond to all inputs on the remote, like changing the channel if it is in an error state or some of its parameters stop operating. Power cycling the television may solve the problem.

Some users reported that following the steps below has fixed the problem. So it would be best if you give it a shot. 

1st Step: Press the Power button to turn off your Vizio TV completely. 

2nd Step: Unplug the TV cable from the power source.

3rd Step: Press the Power button and hold it for roughly 20 seconds before releasing it, which will drain the TV’s residual power. After that, reconnect the TV to the power supply.

4th Step: After a few moments, press and hold the Power button to power on the TV. Then, see if the remote works properly.

Resolution 5: Power Cycle the Remote

Power residues or power remains might cause your Vizio remote to work correctly. Moreover, power cycling the remote will reset it and drains any remaining power residues, even if you are not using it. However, power cycling is typically performed to ensure that all temporary settings are entirely reset. This may resolve any errors in the remote’s settings. This can help loosen a remote button that you weren’t aware was stuck.

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As mentioned above, the Vizio remote stopped working due to the power residue of the remote. Here’s a quick guide to getting started:

1st Step: From the remote, take out the batteries.  

2nd Step: Press the Power button and hold it on the remote for 5 seconds before releasing it.

3rd Step: Press each button on the remote at least once to eliminate the residual power. 

4th Step: Replace the batteries and check whether the Vizio TV remote sensor not working, not turning on or stopped working problem has been resolved.

Resolution 6: Restrict Electronics Interference

Nowadays, our lives are filled with modern gadgets. These electronic gadgets create various sorts of radiations. If these radiations interfere with the IR signal of the remote, this phenomenon can result in the Vizio TV remote buttons not working, the remote failing to work or stopped working due to any nearby electronic devices. Indeed, this can assist in fixing the not working Vizio TV remote sensor, stopped working TV remote, and not turning on a TV remote.

  • Identify any other electronic gadgets or even lights that are turned on (CFL) in the remote sensor’s “field of view.”
  • Turn off those gadgets or relocate them to a new area.
  • Cover the IR sensor with a strip of blue painter’s tape or plain brown masking tape on the receiver’s front. The painter’s tape can filter stray IR from other devices while still allowing the remote signal to pass through.

Now check to see if the remote is working correctly.

Resolution 7: Remove Blockage to TV Sensor

Since the IR sensor on the TV is blocked and cannot receive the IR signal, your Vizio smart TV remote may not be operating or sensor might not be working. The IR sensor of television is often situated on the bottom left or bottom right of the television. Even transparent objects, such as the protective plastic wrap that comes with new TVs, might block the infrared signal from your remote. However, not working Vizio TV remote, not turning on Vizio TV or stopped Vizio TV remote can also caused by blockage between sensor.

1st Step: Locate the TV’s IR sensor.

2nd Step: Remove anything from the area in front of the television.

3rd Step: Check the sensor for any visible smudges. It’s a good idea to use alcohol to clean the front of the sensor.

4th Step: Now, point the remote towards the TV’s IR sensor and hit the “Power” button. Ensure that you’re within 10 feet of the TV because IR signals only function up to a certain distance.

If the TV turns on or off frequently, something was blocking the IR signal.

Resolution 8: Reset Remote to Clear the Memory (Universal Remotes)

The memory stuck on a certain point or device is a more prevalent fault with Vizio Universal Remotes. Resetting these remotes may fix the problem in that instance. This resolution will not work with non-universal remote controls. After cleaning the memory on your remote, you will need to reconnect it to your various devices, such as a DVD player, as the connections to these devices will be reset. Indeed, this can result in fixing your Vizio remote control if your TV is not turning on or stopped working.


If the problem is with your computer or laptop/notebook, try “Restoro Repair,” which can analyze the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most circumstances if the problem is caused by system corruption.

  1. Hold down the SET or SETUP button for a few seconds. It is usually found towards the top-left corner of the remote control.
  2. When the LED light blinks twice, press and hold the SET button, the LED light on the Vizio universal remote control is often situated near the top of the remote control.
  3. Enter your remote’s reset code; most Vizio universal remotes have a reset remote codes of 981 or 977. You can also look in the instructions for your remote to locate the reset code.
  4. Hold your breath and wait for the LED to flash twice. The Vizio universal remote has successfully erased its memory after flashing twice. Following this, any firmware issues should be rectified. Now you can fix it with your TV.
  5. Now connect the remote to the TV. The most confusing thing about Vizio remotes is that they have two spots on the remote where you may switch to the appliance you want to operate. One of the buttons is located on the top of the remote control, while the other is located on the bottom of the remote control. Using the bottom, return to TV mode.
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Check to see if the Vizio TV remote has begun to work properly or is still not working. However, there are now less than 5% chances that your Vizio TV remote sensor is still not working in case of hardware damage; these steps mentioned above will help you fix your not working Vizio TV remote control.

Conclusion: Troubleshoot Vizio TV Remote Sensor Not Working, Not Turning On or Stopped Working

If your remote is still not working or stopped working, try another Vizio remote with the TV; if the other remote works properly, replace your remote. Most Vizio remotes are compatible with most Vizio televisions. If the other Vizio remote not working with the TV, it’s a good idea to have your TV checked out by a repair shop.

If the other remote is operating well, then replace your Vizio remote. Since your Vizio remote may have internal or external damage that creates the issue of the Vizio TV remote control sensor not working or stopped working, you can use another Vizio remote or a universal remote to replace the remote. However, if your Vizio TV stopped turning on or not working please find the detailed instructions mentioned above to fix your Vizio remote control.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): Vizio TV Remote Not Working, Vizio TV Not Turning On or Stopped Working

The following FAQs with answers will help you know more curious things come to the users’ minds about Vizio TV stopped working, Vizio TV remote not working or Vizio TV not turning on, etc.

Q. Why is my Vizio TV remote sensor not working with my soundbar? 

A. The soundbar is simply a loudspeaker. While watching television, Soundbars produce better sound. Vizio Soundbar is regarded as one of the best Soundbars among many. It is reasonably priced and offers a wide range of possibilities. Vizio also provides Bluetooth compatibility for music listening.

When the remote’s battery runs out of power, the Vizio Soundbar remote stops working. Indeed, it can caused stopped working Vizio Soundbar or even TV remote. However, it will occasionally work if you replace the batteries with new ones. The Vizio Soundbar bar does not use AA batteries but rather a Lithium button battery.

Q. What should you do when your Vizio TV remote stops working with Netflix? Vizio TV remote stopped working?

A. The main reason for Netflix remote is a bad internet connection. As a result, you must check the internet connection of your television.

Q. What should I do if the Vizio Smart TV remote is missed?

A. Vizio SmartCast app for iOS and Android devices is an excellent way to turn on the television when you’ve lost the remote. You may also control the television using the remote app. 

Q. Is that possible to use a mobile phone as a remote on a Vizio TV?

A. Since the Vizio TV features an infrared blaster; you may use your smartphone as a remote control. And this remote control option is only available when the user is 10 feet away from the Vizio TV. To use the tool, download the app to your mobile device.

Q. Which remote app is considered the best app for operating Vizio TV?

A. VizControl is the best remote app for Android devices, and it is developed explicitly for Vizio TVs. It operates at a distance of 15 feet via infrared, and this software is available on Vizio TV models manufactured after 2015.

Q. Is that possible to use the iPhone as a control on Vizio TV?

A. Vizio SmartCast Mobile allows you to operate any entertainment device with your iPhone. So go ahead and explore your favorite movies, TV series, music, and much more.


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