FireStick Keeps Rebooting, Restarting or Freezing? Here Are 10 Ways to Fix It

Amazon FireStick Keeps Rebooting or Restarting? – Here are 10 Easy Methods to Fix It

No one likes to see their Amazon FireStick keep restarting or rebooting. It is very frustrating when you are trying to watch your favorite show, but the Device continues to reboot repeatedly. If this keeps happening, then there could be an underlying problem that needs to be fixed immediately for it does not happen again. In this article, we will discuss some of the possible reasons why your Firestick keeps rebooting, restarting or freezing and how you can fix it ASAP! Moreover, if your Fire Stick Keeps Rebooting or Restarting you can follow the best 10 methods mentioned below to fix it instantly.

Firestick is a great product, but if you find that Firestick keeps restarting, freezing or rebooting randomly then there are a few troubleshooting steps to try. First, check the power cable and see if it’s plugged in properly. Next, make sure all of your cables have been connected correctly so they can’t be interfering with one another. Finally, reset your device by holding down the button on the back for at least 30 seconds. If none of these work then you may need to contact Amazon customer service for help from an expert who specializes in this type of issue!

The Firestick is a great device that allows you to stream tons of TV shows and movies from your phone, tablet or laptop. Sometimes the stick will have glitches where it restarts, reboots, freezes up or gets really slow. This article has information on how to troubleshoot an Amazon firestick which keeps rebooting, restarting or freezing by checking settings and restarting services like Netflix. If you’ve been having problems with your Firestick lately we hope this article can help!


firestick keeps Rebooting, restarting or freezing

Firestick keeps rebooting, restarting or freezing? Here is how to Fix it:


Amazon FireStick Keeps Rebooting or Restarting?

  • Keep the firestick safe from overheating.
  • Use a different cable that is fully compatible with your Device.
  • If you have not restarted/rebooted the fire stick for months, make sure to update it first before trying anything else on this list! This will help identify if there are any software issues and fix them immediately.

However, the methods mentioned below can help you fix the firestick which keeps rebooting, restarting or freezing.

Keep in mind: Some of these steps might require some advanced knowledge or enough experience to use an Android TV box such as Amazon FireStick Opens in a new tab., so we recommend keeping all electronic devices away while following each step below to avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries. However, the below mentioned methods are swift and easy to fix a firestick which keeps on rebooting, restarting or freezing.

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Firestick Keeps Restarting or Rebooting Problem: Steps To Fix 

Here are some of the methods mentioned below to fix a Firestick which keeps on rebooting, restarting or freezing.

Step 01:

Please turn off the device and leave it for a few minutes to ensure no residual power is left. Then, turn on your Firestick again and check if the issue persists.

Step 02:

Check all of your cables from your remote control to your TV box to ensure they are well connected without any loose connections or damages at all. You can also try using different HDMI input ports in case you have been using only one port for too long; that could also be causing this problem with restarts/reboots!

Step 03:

Hold down the home button on the FireStick Remote Control while unplugging it from the power source, then plugging back into the power source after 20 seconds for a hard reset.

Step 04:

Go to your Amazon account and click on the help option, then select device list; if you see your Firestick there with an update available, then download the latest software file from here. It opens in a new tab. Or via WIFI connection by going into settings > system > about > Check for System Update, which should be listed there as well! If not, go back to step 03 above and try again!       


10 ways to solve Firestick keeps restarting or rebooting problem: Troubleshoot your Fire TV Stick


  1. Check your internet connection and make sure it’s on
  2. Restart your router
  3. Reset the Fire TV Stick by unplugging it from power and plugging it back in after 30 seconds
  4. Uninstall any apps you recently downloaded and try to see if that fixes the problem
  5. Update your Amazon app, which is usually what causes the restarting issue 
  6. If nothing else has worked, contact customer service for more help!
  7. Check if the Fire TV Stick is plugged into a power outlet
  8. Make sure that your internet connection is working properly
  9. Check for updates on the Fire TV Stick by navigating to Settings > System Updates > Update Now
  10. Unplug and then plug in the HDMI cable from your Device to the television or monitor
  11. Reset your router to see if there are any problems with it 
  12. Restart your modem, which can be done by unplugging it from its power source and waiting 5-10 minutes before you plug it back in again

If none of the above suggestions worked, then contact Amazon customer service for more help!


Firestick Keeps Restarting, Freezing or Rebooting Problem: Steps To Fix 


  • Turn off your Firestick and unplug it from power.
  • Wait for a few minutes before plugging the Firestick back to a power source.
  • Now, press and hold down the Home button on your Amazon FireStick remote control while also pressing down on the Power Button located at the bottom of the Device until you see an image with small writing pop up on your TV screen or monitor, then release both buttons! It would help if you were now in Recovery Mode.         

If nothing happens after that, even holding down those two buttons together, try another method by going into Settings > System Updates > Check New Version, which should give you an option to choose Update via the Internet or Local Network!

  • Now, navigate to Settings > System Updates and check if there are any updates available. 
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If not, then go back into Recovery Mode by following the same steps above, but this time press down on both Home Button + Power button until you see a blue screen with several options being listed there; choose the option called “Apply update from ADB” which should download an official software file for your FireStick device so select that option to install it via downloading off Amazon Servers directly.


RESTART FIRE TV STICK USING REMOTE BUTTONS: Fire Stick Keeps Rebooting or Restarting?

Now, if nothing seems to be working for you and firestick still keeps rebooting, restarting or freezing, try restarting your fire TV stick using the remote control, but this method is not an official procedure, so it’s up to you whether you want to use it just in case something goes wrong or not! So I still suggest that you follow all the above methods instead of resorting to this one. This will fix Firestick Restarting/Rebooting issues most of the time when other methods fail.

  • On your Amazon fire tv remote, press and hold down both < button + > buttons together at the same time until you see a warning message, then release those buttons and choose “Yes,” which should reboot your firestick device and bring back normal behavior as usual          

I hope one of the above methods worked for you! If not, let me know in the comments section below. I will try to update this article with new information whenever there’s a working method to fix the Firestick Restarting or Rebooting problem, which happens most of the time after an official software upgrade on a Fire TV stick, so it’s always suggested that you keep your Device up to date.

If none of the above suggestions worked, keep reading below:


Option 2: Fix Amazon FireStick That Keeps Restarting, Rebooting or Freezing:

         More than 99% of devices are interfaced through HDMI Cable- Power Supply Failure is a common reason why Firestick Keeps On Restarting /Rebooting Issue occurs due to some 3rd party accessories like a short-circuiting cable or any other reason which causes fire stick to reboot continuously.

So if none of the above methods worked for you, then it’s best to contact amazon customer support about this issue to work on solving your problem or have them send someone over to your place with a replacement unit.


Option 3: Fix Amazon FireStick That Keeps Restarting, Rebooting or Freezing:

Make sure no 3rd party devices are being used- Firestick Keeps On Restarting/Rebooting Issue is most common when there are any nonofficial accessories attached to either HDMI port or power plug. This is called Hardware Confliction, and sometimes even official accessories, including USB cable, cause problems that are later detected as hardware errors by the fire stick device resulting in Firestick Restarting /Rebooting issues. So make sure there are no 3rd party accessories attached to either port.


Option 4: Fix Amazon FireStick That Keeps Restarting, Rebooting or Freezing:

Use Official Power Supply- This applies to all fire TV devices, not just Firestick Keeps On Restarting /Rebooting Problem; using unofficial power adapters will result in random reboots and other malfunctions. Make sure you are using only the official power supply provided by amazon company.


Option 5: Fix Amazon FireStick That Keeps Restarting, Rebooting or Freezing:

Try another HDMI Cable- Using an official/unofficial HDMI cable can also cause Firestick to keep on restarting or rebooting because of harmful quality material used, which is why it’s always suggested that you should use official fire TV device accessories only as nonofficial ones can sometimes cause problems like overheating, fire hazards during charging due to over-voltage current through this charging ports which the makers of Firestick don’t cover under the product warranty, nonofficial accessories may also cause Firestick to reboot perpetually resulting in software problems or install malware without your knowledge.

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amazon fire stick keeps restarting, rebooting or freezing

Amazon Fire Stick keeps restarting, rebooting or freezing


Amazon FireStick Keeps Rebooting, Freezing or Restarting? Here is how to fix:

I hope you guys found this information on “Amazon Firestick keeps rebooting, restarting or freezing – Fixing Methods” helpful. If you know any other better methods, let us know in the comments section below…

Factory Reset- So it’s best to factory reset your fire TV stick device. Which will clear all the installed apps from memory and bring back factory setting into power. Thus bringing back normal function, which can fix Firestick restarting/rebooting problem. This method should work well but before doing this. Ensure that you have backed up everything because it will delete everything on your Fire TV stick. So I hope you guys already did that.


Steps on how to Fix Amazon FireStick That Keeps Restarting, Rebooting or Freezing:

Step 1: From your fire TV remote, go into Firestick Home Menu and click on “Settings” from the left-hand side menu

Step 2: Under the settings menu, you will find a sub-menu called “Applications,” click it to expand further options. You can also do this process directly by entering the following address in the browser bar:

Step 3: In applications, select “Manage Installed Applications,” then select all apps which are not pre-installed via cloud drive or downloaded using a USB stick, or else you end up deleting everything on your fire TV stick if selecting those that were installed via USB then install them again after the factory reset so best is to install those apps from cloud drive.

Step 4: In Manage Installed Applications, click on the Gear icon, which is located next to the Force Stop option at the top right corner of your screen, and change Automatic Updates to OFF. You can also do this process by going into Settings>>>>>System>>>>>Developer Options and then changing “Apps from Unknown Sources” to Disable. But make sure you have a backup for any installed apps in the old fire TV stick; otherwise, they won’t get restored after a factory reset.

Step 5: Now go back into the home menu by pressing Firestick or home button on the Fire TV remote, now select “Settings” again from the left-hand side menu, then under Settings, choose Device>>>Restart option >>>Restart System Now it will take few minutes to reboot fire TV stick, and this will delete all apps installed from USB.


Conclusion: Firestick keeps restarting, freezing or rebooting Problem: Solutions

In summary, it can be frustrating when your Firestick keeps restarting, freezing or rebooting. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to make it stop! If this doesn’t fix the problem. Try plugging a different device into the outlet to see if other devices work properly. While using a different electrical socket on your home’s circuit breaker panel. You may also want to consider resetting your router by unplugging all of its cables from both ends. For at least 10 seconds before reconnecting them again. In addition, never touch any metal objects near an electric current because doing so could result in electrocution which

We hope you guys found this information on “Amazon Firestick keeps rebooting, restarting or freezing – Fixing Methods” helpful. If you know any other better methods, let us know in the comments section below…

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