How to Program and Fix EcoStar Remote Control?

Ecostar remote control is a multi-functional device controller used to operate nearly any brand of television. It is simple to use, with several menus and control features and automated and manual (brand code) search options, allowing users to access their device effortlessly. This universal remote control is simple to use while also applying to all TV models and brands. Moreover, follow the step-by-step instructions to program or fix your Ecostar remote control.

Setting up an Ecostar remote by programming it with the device you want to operate, program and fix (in this post, we cover TV) is straightforward and can be done in two ways: auto search and manual. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to control all of your devices’ components, including volume control, power on/off, and more. In addition, you can follow these methods and tips mentioned below to program or even fix your Ecostar remote control.

how to program and fix ecostar remote

Program and Fix EcoStar Remote Control

This remote control is the most common on the market, so if you’ve misplaced your device’s original remote, you may use this remote to control it. Before proceeding, ensure that you follow the instructions all the way through so that you don’t miss any vital information, as it’s most crucial to program or fix your Ecostar remote control.

We’ve covered here both the methods to fix or program Ecostar remote control. Let’s take it one at a time!

Tips to Program or Fix Your Ecostar Remote with Auto-Search Code Method

The following tips will ensure that your remote is successfully programmed with the device you want to operate. Continue to follow!

  • Ensure that the remote control doesn’t have old batteries. Four AAA batteries are required.
  • Locate the controller’s mode buttons. You’ll notice SAT, AUX, TV, and VCR. SAT is an abbreviation for the satellite receiver. Your remote control is pre-programmed to work with your Ecostar receiver, so you don’t need to do anything about it. The term “AUX” can refer to cable television equipment or an audio device that connects to your stereo system. The term TV refers to your television set. VCR may be set to operate either a regular VCR or a DVD player.
  • With the Ecostar remote control, press the mode button that corresponds to the device you wish to operate. For instance, if you want to program or fix Ecostar remote to control the television, hold down the TV mode button.
  • Turn the device on. This is the object you wish to use the Ecostar remote to operate. You may have to do so manually or with the use of remote control. In this case, you would switch on your television set, which has its remote control.
  • Press the device’s Ecostar mode button again, but this time keep it down for three seconds. All of the other mode buttons will light up. Aim the remote at the device to be controlled.

Moreover, once you have performed all the instructions step-by-step, you will be one step near to program or fix your Ecostar remote control.

  • Press the Ecostar remote’s power button, then gently press either the up or down arrow button. You are carrying out a code scan, which allows the remote control to go through all of the preprogrammed codes stored in its memory. Do not rush through this process. It might take a few moments. Moreover, it is most important step to program or fix your Ecostar remote control.
  • Pause when the appliance you’re attempting to operate with the Ecostar remote control abruptly shuts down. You have discovered the correct code, and if you save it now, your remote will be able to use it to control the item’s operations in the future.
  • Press the pound button to save the code in the memory of the Ecostar remote control. The matching mode button will blink, indicating that the programming option has been recognized. You may now use the Ecostar remote control to control the device. However, if you follow this procedure step-by-step, you will find it very easy to program or fix Ecostar remote control.

Guidelines to Program EcoStar Remote Control via Manual Code Input Method

Programming via the manual code input method is easy. You only need to have brand Ecostar remote codes, which you need to input on your Ecostar remote control to program, operate or fix your device. Here we go!

  • Turn the device you want to control (TV, VCR, DVD, DVR, satellite receiver, or cable box).
  • Locate the brand of the device on the manual for the Ecostar TV remote codes provided with your remote control to program or fix your Ecostar remote control.
  • Hold down the Mode button you want to program (TV, DVD, or Aux). Hold down that button until the LED for that button illuminates and remains lit. In addition, this will take you a little bit more close to program or fix Ecostar remote control.
  • While holding down the Device button, press and hold the Power button; the power button should flash. Moreover, you can also reset and program Ecostar remote control to fix it if there is any settings issue.
  • Release the power and mode buttons. The device button must be left turned on – if not, repeat the steps. However, it will make sure that your Ecostar remote control is ready to program.
  • Enter the first code into the Ecostar remote’s keypad (you can find the code to your brand in the manual that usually comes with the Ecostar remote control). The LED light should now remain lit on the device.


When you enter the code correctly, you will be able to fix or program Ecostar remote keys, such as volume keys to increase and decrease volume, power on/off switch channels, change settings, and more, so make sure to enter all of the numbers of the code correctly; if you miss any digit, the device will not accept it. Moreover, if you follow the mentioned instructions, it will save your time and cost and will be easier to program and fix your Ecostar remote control.

After using the one code, if the remote still didn’t work on your device, then use the second code, and so on. 

What to Do If You Find Any Technical Issue with Your Ecostar Remote? Fix and Program EcoStar Remote Control

When you use your remote control on expired batteries, it may stop working, but there are other causes as well. So, first and foremost, make sure that its batteries are replaced with four new AAA batteries. In addition, if your remote batteries are poor, undoubtedly, this will be enough to program or fix your Ecostar remote control.

Before attempting any of the troubleshooting methods to fix and program Ecostar remote control, we recommend that you should take out the batteries from the remote control for around 1 minute. Then, reinsert the batteries in the correct polarity (-/+).

First, determine whether the issue is with the TV or the remote control.

Tip 1: Check to See Whether the TV is Turned On

  • Ensure that the TV’s buttons can be pressed. The locations of TV buttons differ depending on the model. Check your television’s sides, back, front, and top.
  • Ensure the lamp (power lamp/standby lamp) on the front/bottom of the television is turned on. 

NOTE: The name, position, and form of the light vary depending on the model.

  • Make sure to check if the lamp is turned on or flashing red. If the light is not turning on, make sure the power cord or AC adaptor is not disconnected or loose. Proceed if there is no problem with the above connection.
  • Perform a power reset on the television. If it is caused by an external issue, such as network service/connected device/data broadcasting, resetting your TV may help.
  • Remove any external devices to check that there are no external device effects. Remove any attached devices and wires from the TV terminal (external USB hard disk, HDMI connection device, etc.). Do not detach the TV power cord.


  • Ensure that you can reassemble them before removing them.
  • If a particular device is connected and the TV flashes, there may be an issue with the connected device.
  • If you are unable to operate after verifying the above, service may be required.

Moreover, once you ensure these steps, you can quickly fix or program Ecostar remote control without any obstacles.

Tip 2: Checking the Ecostar Remote Control’s Items: Program and Fix Ecostar Remote Control

Since each of the following steps represents a possible solution, after finishing each step, verify the remote control function. However, the steps mentioned will help and assist you to fix and program Ecostar remote control.

1. Check that none of the remote buttons are stuck. In addition, pull out the button if it is stuck, instantly it will fix your Ecostar remote control.

2. Reset the remote control. However, the remote may stop working due to poor battery contact or static electricity. Indeed, replacing the batteries will fix your ecostar remote control.

  • Remove the remote’s batteries. NOTE: Depending on your remote control, the process for removing the battery compartment may vary. For further information, consult the owner’s handbook for your remote.
  • Hold down the remote’s power button for three seconds.
  • Insert the remote’s batteries.

3. Ensure that the remote control terminals are clean. The battery terminals on the remote control may be dirty. In addition, remove the batteries and use a cotton bud or soft cloth to clean the remote control terminals with a slight alcohol solution before replacing the batteries in the remote control. Moreover, properly cleaning terminals of the remote control will fix the Ecostar remote control.

4. Replace the batteries with new ones.

  • Insert a battery that is consistent with the + and – poles as indicated.
  • Always enter the battery from the – pole side.
  • Never use a new and a used battery together or various types of batteries together.
  • Never use a rechargeable battery.

5. For Android TV/Google TV, symptoms may improve by upgrading the remote control software. However, upgrading the software will help you fix bugs of your Ecostar remote control and will be easier to program it again.

This is how you can program and fix Ecostar remote at ease! 

The Final Takeaway: Program and Fix EcoStar Remote Control

No doubt, programming your remote control with Ecostar remote codes can be done seamlessly with this guide; however, there is a caution that you should bear in mind when doing the process as there could be a miss. When the remote doesn’t work or operate with the device, check all the troubleshooting tips provided in this article to program and fix Ecostar remote control. Additionally, the guide mentioned above will help you to program and fix Ecostar remote control with ease.


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