Who Makes Onn TVs? And Should You Buy One? [2022]

The big brands like Sharp and Sony are all familiar to us. Walmart’s Onn brand, for instance, offers great value for less-known brands. TVs are big purchases, so you should understand what you are getting into beforehand. Who Makes ONN TVs?

One of Walmart’s private label brand name TVs, ONN, is only available at Walmart, and the company handling their warranty repair service is called Element Electronics based in the United States. In China and Thailand, Onn TVs are made at least in part.

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Onn TVs are a brand that Walmart sells, but what is the company that makes them, and if they’re a brand that you should buy? Our article on Onn TVs for Walmart and their manufacturers will cover all the information you need to know.

Who makes Walmart’s Onn TVs?

Who Makes Onn TVsAn Onn TV is manufactured by Durabrand, an affiliate of Walmart’s private label. Onn is made by a chain of manufacturers, like most generic and private label brands.

A number of Durabrand TVs come from Orion Electronics and Funai Electronics currently, but several new models came from Orion Electronics in the past. Those companies manufacture electronic products in Japan. Besides Sharp, Toshiba, and Denon, Funai is a supplier of televisions to those companies.

Durabrand TVs cannot be repaired under warranty. Instead, the TV’s warranty period is when Repairs for Onn TVs are handled by Element Electronics Company. Its primary manufacturing and repair facility is located in South Carolina, where they are based.

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It is important to note that many of Onn’s non-TV products are handled separately from their TV products. In addition to Onn’s audio systems, gaming accessories, and tablets, you can purchase them from Durabrand or one of their manufacturing partners. In order to find your device’s manufacturer’s information, look up the model or type of your device online, or contact Walmart.

Where Are Onn TVs Manufactured?

Who Makes Onn TVsA number of countries are involved in the assembly and manufacturing of Onn TVs. It is reasonable to assume that some of the manufacturing happens in China or Thailand, based on the companies involved.

Walmart’s manufacturing processes are overseen by Durabrand. The manufacturing facilities they use in the near future are likely to change due to recent issues with supply chains around the world. An Onn TV won’t likely meet your needs if you want something manufactured in a specific country.

Over the next few years, most brands will move around their production, and several countries manufacture parts for most TVs.

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Onn is a good smart TV brand, right?

Onn TVs are definitely budget-friendly in part because Walmart offers them under their private label. It isn’t necessary to worry about that if you are aware of what you are getting into. A flat-screen TV from Onn might be a great option for you if you’re looking to save an incredible amount of money.

The picture quality is excellent within the budget price range, but the overall quality is average. There are plenty of features on these models, but they don’t have the same level of technology that you’ll find on Samsung, Vizio, and LG. Some brands have more performance and color accuracy issues than others, but these are usually fixable.

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If you purchase a TV from an unpopular company like Onn, you can encounter onn tv problems with universal remote controls. The Durabrand onn tv manufacturer code for many TVs can only be obtained from the manufacturer, but in most cases they should work fine.

Onn TVs do come with great warranty and repair coverage due to its partnership with Element Electronics.

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Where can I buy Onn TVs?

Who Makes Onn TVsWalmart stores and Walmart.com are the only places to buy new Onn TVs. Those are Walmart-branded items, since they’re made exclusively for Walmart stores in the US, UK, and Canada.

You can find an Onn TV on Amazon or Ebay if it’s secondhand, refurbished, or used. While those can save you a few bucks, you should probably buy these TVs directly from Walmart since they’re so much cheaper.

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What’s Next?

In addition to Onn TVs, there are several budget brands that offer smart TVs. A smart TV with Android as its operating system is an attractive alternative to one with a brand-specific operating system. With that method, you can get a TV that costs less than an Onn TV but is of superior quality and has a few more features than an Onn TV.

Instead of buying a new TV, you can enhance your existing one. It is possible for non-smart TVs to gain smart TV features using Firesticks, and you can add even more smart features to your existing TV via Alexa Fire TV voice commands. If you would like to improve the sound of your TV, you can also add a few cheap Echo speakers. The combination of all those changes results in a totally new entertainment center at a surprisingly low price.

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