Xfinity Stuck On Welcome Screen? – Multiple Methods To Fix It

The purpose of this article is to guide you on how to fix the Xfinity stuck on the welcome screen issue. When my family switched to Xfinity a couple of years ago, I was the one who had to set up the cable box and Internet. Since then, we have been hooked on Xfinity TV and its features. You can access all your streaming services from one place, which is convenient.

In the middle of our favorite show’s premiere last week, Xfinity stuck on the welcome screen while we were trying to watch the show.

As a first attempt, we powered it off and then turned it back on again, but that didn’t work either. In order to resolve the Xfinity stuck on welcome screen issue, we had to spend a couple of days researching the Xfinity Cable Box. 

Please make sure your connections are tight if you are experiencing a problem with Xfinity stuck on the welcome screen. If rebooting the cable box doesn’t work, then unplug it or use the power button to reset the cable box to see if it will work. The Xfinity stuck on the welcome screen issue could also be resolved by restarting the gateway. Moreover, you can connect a Flex device using the WPS button on the device if you have one.


What is the best way to fix the Xfinity stuck on the welcome screen issue?


It would be a good idea to check your connections if your Xfinity is stuck on the welcome screen.


Be sure that all your connections are tight and that the cords are in good condition, as they should not have any signs of wear and tear on them. However, if you are going to use an outlet, you should make sure that the outlet is working before you use it.

Make sure that your TV and cable box are connected to a power strip and that they are powered on as well as that the remote batteries are not dead. 

Select HDMI or Component for the TV input depending on the cable used to connect the TV to the cable box.


By restarting the Xfinity Cable Box, you will be able to resolve the Xfinity stuck on the welcome screen issue.


You might suspect that your Xfinity Cable Box isn’t working quite right after checking all your connections. Here are different ways to fix the problem, including restarting it.


You can restart from My Account Online.


  1. It is imperative that you log into My Account in order to be given the opportunity to do this.
  2. You can also find this option under Manage TV on the Services tab, and on the Devices tab, you can reboot a specific set-top box. 
  3. It is imperative that you press the Troubleshoot button as soon as possible.
  4. Click on Continue to view solutions to common issues.
  5. The first option will be System Refresh, and the second will be Restart Device. Set-top boxes can be rebooted by tapping them from this menu. 
  6. Rebooting will take around five minutes after clicking Start Troubleshooting. Set-top boxes should not be unplugged or turned off during this process.


This issue can be resolved by restarting Xfinity My Account.


  1. In the event that you press the A button on your remote, the Help Menu will appear.
  2. Please click OK in order to choose the Restart
  3. Please click OK a second time to select Restart.
  4. When you complete this procedure, you will only need to wait a few moments for your set-top box to reboot.


If your TV has a power button, you can begin watching it by pressing it (if it has one).


  1. To ensure the security of all cables, they must be tightened at all times.
  2. It is imperative that you hold your finger down on the Power button for eight to ten seconds on the set-top box.
  3. A reboot of the set-top box will take place automatically.


In the absence of a power button, simply plug in the power cord and turn it on.


  1. Wait for ten seconds after disconnecting the set-top box.
  2. Make sure the device is connected again.


You have to reset your Xfinity Cable Box to fix the Xfinity stuck on welcome screen issue.


Xfinity stuck on the welcome screen can be fixed by resetting the cable box if restarting it doesn’t work. It is perfectly acceptable to take two different approaches in this case.


The process can be initiated by pushing the device’s power button.


It is recommended that you press and hold the Power button on your device for around eight to ten seconds in order to restart it. Please follow the steps listed above to complete the process.


It is imperative that you unplug your cable box as soon as possible.


To restart your device, press the Power button after unplugging your cable box, leaving it for about ten seconds, and then plugging it back in.

You might be in a position to solve your difficulty by performing a factory reset. It is imperative to bear in mind that a factory reset will reset your device to its default settings, and all saved preferences will be lost.


The Xfinity My Account app can be used to manage your account.


  1. Tap the TV option at the bottom of the Overview menu.
  2. It is imperative to choose the device that best suits your needs.
  3. The Troubleshoot button should be clicked, followed by the Continue button.
  4. To reset, wait until the screen loads and then click System Refresh.


The Restore default option can be used.


Alternatively, if you don’t have the app, follow these steps.

  1. It is imperative to ensure that the green light is blinking on the streaming device.
  2. When the User Settings Menu appears, do not let go of the Power and Menu buttons at the same time.
  3. By clicking both the UP and DOWN arrow buttons at the same time, highlight and select Restore defaults.
  4. The reset process of the set-up box will begin shortly after you click the RIGHT arrow button.


To fix the Xfinity stuck on the welcome screen issue, restart your modem or gateway.


If the problem persists after rebooting or resetting the cable box, it might be an issue with your Xfinity Voice Modem. Here’s how to fix Xfinity stuck on welcome screen by restarting your modem or gateway.

  1. Take out the Ethernet cable from the modem and the power outlet. Batteries may also be installed on some models, so you will need to remove them as well.
  2. Once the modem is off, wait for the lights to go out for around 2-3 minutes.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable and plug the modem back into the outlet.
  4. Once the lights stop blinking, the network will be re-established.


To fix Xfinity stuck on the welcome screen, you will need to press the WPS button on the Flex Device that you are using.


Connecting to the network using the WPS button might help you in this situation if you own a Flex device. By using the auto-connect feature on your TV, you will be able to do this, and then you will have to press the WPS button on your device for two minutes after that. Now that your device has been connected, you should be able to use it.


If you are still experiencing Xfinity stuck on the welcome screen, please contact Xfinity Customer Support.


In the event that none of these solutions were able to resolve the Xfinity stuck on welcome screen issue, you should contact Xfinity Customer Support.

If your cable box is causing the Xfinity stuck on welcome screen problem, you might want to get a replacement unit. Follow the instructions at if you have the login credentials for the Xfinity account.

If you pay an additional fee, you can order a new unit, clear your doubts or schedule installation with the Xfinity team.

You can also order a new cable box by going to channel 1995 on your TV and following the instructions. The cable box can also be exchanged at an Xfinity Store or a Comcast Service Center.


There is a technique that you can get past the Xfinity stuck on welcome screen.


You’ll need an Xfinity ID to access most Xfinity services. Create your Xfinity ID here. 

You may have to reset the Xfinity Remote and pair it with your TV again if the fault is with the remote.

Xfinity’s Early Termination Procedure can help you avoid paying cancellation fees if you’re moving and want to change services.




What should I do to get Xfinity back to full screen?


You can do this by navigating to Settings-> Device Settings-> Video Display-> Video Output Resolution by pressing the Xfinity button. Moreover, there will be an option called Zoom that you need to set to Full as soon as you find it.


Is there any logic behind why I have to reboot my Xfinity box on a daily basis?


The Xfinity box reboots on its own every day to check for updates as it checks for updates.


What is causing my Xfinity TV to keep disconnecting from the internet?


Cables that are worn or of poor quality could also be a source of interference, as well as poor signal quality.


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