Program Xfinity Remote To TV – Programming Instructions Guide

Using this article, you will be able to program the Xfinity remote for the TV without having to deal with any hassles. Several of my friends and I made plans last week to stay over at my place to watch some football with my family.

After getting the Xfinity TV cable box and the X1 entertainment package, we were ready to take the show on the road.

Due to the Xfinity Remote’s malfunction, we missed the kickoff and most of the early part of the game.

In a panic, my friends and I began searching the internet in an attempt to figure out what was happening.

As a result, we were successfully able to program the Xfinity Remote to the TV, thus averting the crisis.

So I put together this detailed explanation on how to program the Xfinity remote to the TV.

Please remember that it is recommended that you make use of the Xfinity online lookup tool to program the Xfinity remote to your TV. Please press and hold the setup button on your Xfinity remote, then enter the code if the remote has one. The Xfinity and Mute buttons must be pressed and held simultaneously if it does not work.

With an Xfinity voice remote, you can easily command “Program Remote” to program the remote so that it communicates with your TV.


Do you know what the Xfinity Remote Program To TV means?


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The Xfinity Remote controls your Xfinity Cable box, so you’ll need two remotes, one for the TV and one for the cable box.

You can, however, use the Xfinity Remote just like a regular TV remote if you program it to your TV.

Additionally, you can program your Xfinity remote while present in another room to control your TV.

Two friends reported that they were able to change the channels on their TV from fifty feet away.

Depending on the model, your Xfinity remote can also control AV receivers like soundbars and DVD players.


Is there a chance that you have ever wondered How to Program Your Xfinity Voice Remote to Operate Your TV or Audio Device?


With the Xfinity voice remote, users can use voice commands to control their TV and navigate.

Changing channels or accessing content is convenient and faster this way.

The XR16 is a significant improvement over previous voice remotes such as the XR15 and XR11.

In order to pair your remote with the TV, you will now be able to use voice commands.

Next, we’ll go over the steps in detail, but for now, hold down the microphone button and utter “Program remote”.


Is there a chance that you have ever wondered How To Program Your Xfinity Remote to TV Using the Online Code Lookup Tool?


To program your remote to your TV, you can use the Xfinity Remote Code Lookup tool.

Following these quick steps, you can program your Xfinity remote to your TV by going to the bottom of your remote’s options.

  1. From the lookup tool, select your model and click ‘Continue.’
  2. You can pair the remote with TVs, audio players, or other devices on the next screen.
  3. It will be necessary for you to type in the name of the manufacturer based on your selection.
  4. The code should appear on your screen along with instructions on how to proceed.
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As you search, you may find more than one possible code. You must pick another code if you don’t succeed with the first one when trying the methods!

Xfinity remote models may differ in their configuration, but the steps for finding the code are the same.


It is possible to program a non-voice Xfinity remote control to the TV.


If you wish to program a non-voice Xfinity remote (for example, XR5 or XR2), you’ll need the setup button, the number pad, and the programming code (which can be found using the lookup tool). 

In order to program a non-voice Xfinity remote control to your TV, follow these steps.

  1. Ensure that the TV is turned on using its own remote control (not the one provided by Xfinity).
  2. It is of absolute vitality that you make sure that the TV input is configured to “TV.”
  3. Setup or Set (depending on the remote model) should be held down.
  4. Turn the remote’s LED indicator green when it turns You can lift your finger once the light turns red on older black models with a red LED only.
  5. Your remote’s numpad can now be used to enter the programming code.
  6. Two green (or red) flashes appear if the TV recognizes the code.


How do I program Xfinity Remote (XR11 voice) with Setup Button to TV?


Voice commands cannot be used to initiate program procedures even though XR11 is a voice remote. As an alternative to using the good old-fashioned Setup button, it relies on the help of the system.

These steps are similar to those we discussed previously in the section about non-voice Xfinity remote controls.

  1. When the LED changes from red to green, hold down the Setup button for a few seconds. 
  2. You should enter the first code recommended by the TV manufacturer. 
  3. As soon as that fails, move on to the next and onwards until it succeeds.


How to Program Xfinity Remote without a Setup Button to TV – [For XR16, XR15 Voice Remotes]?


It is important to note that the XR16 does not have a numpad, whereas the XR15 does.

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A voice command is used instead of a code to initiate configuration. Both remotes lack a traditional setup button, however.

It’s pretty easy to set up your Xfinity voice remote to work with your TV box or audio device if you own an Xfinity voice remote, such as the XR16 or XR15.


Here are the guidelines you ought to abide by in order to program the XR16 remote control to the TV.


  1. Simply utter: Program remote by pressing the Microphone/Voice button on the remote control.
  2. Your TV should prompt you to select ‘Yes’ when you use the remote to control power and volume.
  3. Just adhere to the instructions on the screen to complete the programming.

If the voice command feature malfunctions, you can initiate programming manually.

Navigate to your TV’s “Remote Setup” by pressing A on your remote.


Here are the guidelines you ought to abide by in order to program the XR15 remote control to the TV.


  1. Keep your remote held down for five seconds while you press the Xfinity and Mute buttons. You should see a green LED indicator instead of a red one.
  2. You are good to go if the green light flashes twice after you enter the five-digit code from the online lookup tool.

You can now control primary TV functions like volume and power using your Xfinity voice remote.

The process can be repeated with a different code or you can reset your Xfinity Remote if you don’t see any results.


Program your Xfinity Remote to the TV to have a single remote for everything.


When it comes to troubleshooting and performing factory resets, the Xfinity Lookup tool can be very helpful.

When pairing your remote with an audio device or DVD player, the same principles apply.

As I know how to program my Xfinity Remote to the TV, I will be able to use features such as “Aim Anywhere.”

Due to the fact that my Xfinity Remote works via Bluetooth, I don’t have to point it at a specific spot on the TV.




Is there a way to pair my Xfinity XR2 remote with my soundbar?


  1. By using the online code lookup tool, select the Xfinity XR2 remote.
  2. There is no reason why the manufacturer should not have provided you with the codes.
  3. Aim at the TV while pressing and holding the Setup button.
  4. You need to enter the code to finish the process.

For detailed instructions, we recommend referring to the non-voice remote programming section.


How do I find the Setup button on the new Xfinity remote?


As of the latest Xfinity remote XR16, there is no setup button and voice commands or alternate keys are required to set it up.


Is it possible to control the Amazon Fire Stick with the Xfinity remote?


You will need to use two independent remote controls for each of the devices.


What is the methodology for registering a device with Xfinity?

In order to register a device on the Xfinity Wi-Fi network, you may need to provide your Xfinity account credentials.


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