How To Turn Off TV Narration – Instant Method For All TV Brands

There is no doubt that TVs make fantastic sources of entertainment, especially Smart TVs. We can watch TV with family in high quality and access everything the internet has to offer thanks to a Smart TV. When the annoying narrator TV voice won’t go away, all those benefits come to naught! This post, however, is going to guide you on how to turn off the narration or audio description on your TV.

I’m not the only one who gets frustrated with the irritating narrator voice on smart TVs; it can ruin the mood.  

Having a similar narrator situation is nothing to fear. If you read this article, you will soon learn how to turn off TV narration and how to resolve narrator issue. You will need to understand a few things about how to turn off TV narration at the beginning of the process.

Streaming apps might not have audio descriptions turned on, but your TV might! If you hear the narrator only through an app, you have to turn off the narration on Apple TV.


how to turn off narrator voice
How to turn off narrator voice?


Have you wondered or had the doubt in your mind: How to turn off the Narration on Apple TV?

In order to follow the steps, you must first determine the generation of your Apple TV.

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How to Turn off the narration on Apple TV (3rd Generation)

  • You can find the Apple TV remote on the TV if you turn it on.
  • When you hear ‘stop’, select the “Menu” button and press it.
  • Once you have pressed the “Up” button, press the “Down” button.
  • Press the “Right” button repeatedly after hearing the loud “Stop” sound.
  • Double-click the “Select” button once you have selected an option.
  • Once you hear the “Stop” sound, press the “Down” button again.
  • The “Up button” needs to be pressed four times in a row.
  • Two clicks on the “Select” button will complete the process.


How to Turn off the narration on Apple HD TV

With the remote control of the Apple 4th Generation TV, you can turn off the Narrator’s voice in three ways.


By Using Siri:                                                         

Simply tell Siri to turn off Voiceover by holding the Siri button on the Apple TV 4th generation remote control.


By Using Menu Button:

When holding the remote, press “Menu” three times.



  • Select settings from the menu.
  • Choose Accessibility from the menu.
  • Click on Accessibility > VoiceOver in the menu bar
  • It needs to be turned off.


How to Turn Off Narration on Amazon Prime

It is possible to turn off the narration while watching an episode or movie on Prime.

  1. A speech bubble should appear when you hover your remote over a video on Prime or swipe down on a touch screen device.
  2. In the Audio & Languages section, highlight and select “England (U.S)” without the AD tag; that should turn it off.
  3. You can try setting your settings to “English (UK)” or any other English option that doesn’t contain the AD tag if your settings were already set to “English (US).
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How to Turn Off Narration on HBO Max

There are many reasons why HBO max may use the narrator function. Additionally, there is a bug in the app that makes the narrator appear when users watch foreign language movies with their audio description turned on.

There are a few ways to fix the narration on HBO Max

  1. If the problem persists, you may need to update your HBO Max device. In the event that this solution does not work, try the next one.
  2. In the “Caption Settings” section, select “English – Original” under “Audio”. After selecting “English-Audio Descriptive”, click again on “English-Original” before closing. 


How to Turn Off Narration on Xfinity

If you have a voice control remote control on your Xfinity box, using it will turn off the audio description.

Keep your finger on the voice control button on your Voice Remote and ask for “audio description”.


The Transport Bar can be used to turn off Xfinity Audio Description

  1. To view a full-screen video, use the Xfinity remote control’s down arrow.
  2. On your TV screen, the transport bar will appear in the lower third.
  3. Go to the audio description option by pressing the left arrow twice.
  4. By pressing OK, you can turn on or off the audio description.


From the Accessibility Settings menu, turn off Xfinity Audio Description

  1. The Xfinity main menu will appear once you press the Xfinity button on your remote.
  2. Choose Settings from the menu by using the Up/Down arrow buttons on the Xfinity button.
  3. When the OK button is pressed, the menu will appear.
  4. Select Accessibility Settings from the Settings menu using the arrow buttons.
  5. In Accessibility Settings, click the arrow buttons to access Audio Description. It will be possible for you to disable audio description by pressing OK.
  6. If you press Exit, you will be returned to your program.
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Have you wondered or had the doubt in your mind: How to turn off the narration on a Samsung TV?

  • Your Samsung Smart TV should now be open.
  • Select Settings from the menu.
  • The screen will display many options, select “Smart Feature”.
  • In the Smart feature menu, look for “Voice recognition”.
  • Click “Voice Recognition” and then “Voice Recognition Settings”.
  • Turning it off is the last step.

The “Voice Recognition Setting” can also be turned on using the same procedure.


Have you wondered or had the doubt in your mind: How to turn off the narration on Sony TV?

There are some Sony TVs that include the Accessibility feature, and there are others that do not. Your Sony TV may have an accessibility function enabled if you hear a narrator.

  • You need to go to the settings of your Sony Smart TV once you’ve turned it on.
  • From the menu, select Accessibility and click on it.
  • Select Services from the Accessibility menu.
  • “Talkback” and “Screen Reader” are the two options in the Services Menu.
  • By unselecting both options, both options will be turned off.
  • Alternatively, click on the Accessibility menu again.
  • Turn off the Accessibility Shortcut by finding it and clicking on it.

As long as you follow the same steps, you will be able to turn it on again (by turning on Talkback, Screen Reader, and Accessibility shortcut setting).


How to turn off the narration on LG TV?                       

  • The LG TV should be turned on.
  • The voice narrator can be deactivated by going to the Settings tab.
  • Then select Accessibility from the General menu.
  • To access audio description, select Accessibility > Audio Description.
  • The Audio Description should be turned off.

The Narrator can be enabled on LG TV by enabling the (Audio Description) setting.


Have you wondered or had the doubt in your mind: How to turn off the narration on ROKU TV?

how to turn off audio description on roku
How to turn off audio description on Roku?

There might be a reason why your Roku continues to talk to you. Narrator is probably on, so follow these steps to disable it:

  • Make sure your ROKU Smart TV is turned on using your Roku remote.
  • The Settings Menu can be accessed by searching for it.
  • You must select the accessibility menu from a drop-down menu.
  • The Audio Guide option can be found in the Accessibility menu.
  • You can use ROKU TV without audio guide by turning off the Audio Guide.  

When using ROKU TV, follow the same steps to enable the narrator (but make sure the Audio Guide setting is turned on).


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