Restricted Phone Call – Ultimate Guide [2022]

Receiving a phone call from a restricted number is like receiving a knock at the door when you’re not expecting anyone. The fact that you don’t know who is calling you or why can be off-putting, especially if you receive calls multiple times a day. However, how can you block these restricted calls without having to deal with any hassles?

It’s unfortunate that most people have to deal with rude and annoying calls on a regular basis. Good news is that these restricted phone calls can be circumvented in several ways.


Does There Exist A Such Thing As A Restricted Phone Call?

The term restricted phone call, or simply restricted phone call, refers to a situation when a person or company wants to block their number from being able to communicate with the person they are calling. It is common for caller ID to identify the person who called by providing either a number or a name. 

Call logs on your phone will also contain this information. Callers who use restricted numbers won’t receive this information, keeping their identities private. The information on your monthly bill might not even show that these calls are anonymous. 

The difficulty of tracing and blocking these restricted phone calls has increased as technology advances.


How Do Restricted Phone Calls Work?

Individuals or companies use restricted phone calls when they don’t want the recipient of the call to identify them or discover who they are. It is usually available through all telecom providers as part of an easy-to-use service. 

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The most common method for enabling restricted phone calls is to enter *67 before making a call. A restricted, unknown, or private number will appear in place of your actual number in this scenario. 

You should probably let your friend know when you are answering the phone. As a result, who would need to disguise themselves using this feature?


How Many People Use Restricted Phone Calls?

This tactic is most commonly used by robocalls, telemarketers, and bill collectors as a method of extra privacy. You are not scammed out of money in all instances of restricted phone calls. 

In an attempt to remain anonymous, the caller deliberately disables their caller ID. Someone you know and trust shouldn’t go to the trouble of hiding their phone number.

This means that the person making the call is either someone you don’t know or someone you don’t want to contact. Due to this, you may be confused about what to do if you receive a restricted phone call.


Is it a good idea to answer restricted phone calls?

If you make a restricted phone call, you are likely to be called by a scammer or bill collector. When someone calls you pretending to be another person, it’s like answering the door to someone who is wearing a mask. Positive outcomes are unlikely, but negative outcomes are also possible. 

It’s most effective to not respond to restricted phone calls and allow them to record a voicemail if they are so insistent on speaking. Restricted callers who do not leave a message explaining who they are and how to reach them are likely fraudsters or automated calls.


When You Get Restricted Phone Calls, What Can You Do?

how to block restricted calls
How To Block Restricted Calls?

Having your phone ring almost nonstop throughout the day can be extremely annoying. Since robocalls and spam are on the rise lately, that seems to be becoming a regular occurrence. 

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Over the years, several laws have been passed to help reduce these calls, but they have not been effective. When you receive these intruding calls frequently, you will probably need to deal with them on your own. It is possible to block these restricted phone calls in a few different ways.



The process of blocking restricted phone calls is fairly simple if you still use a landline. It won’t really cost you much time to dial *77 on your phone. A confirmation message should appear once the process has been completed. 

The caller will receive an automated message every time a restricted phone call is made to your phone. In order to eliminate this functionality, you would need to dial *87 on your phone. 

From that point on, you’ll receive all calls again after hearing another confirmation message.



When it comes to blocking restricted phone calls on a cell phone, it can be more challenging than on a landline. You should consider which service provider you have for your phone as the most important factor. 

AT&T, for instance, offers customers the option of rejecting anonymous and restricted phone calls. Your plan may charge an extra monthly fee if you want to enable this feature. 

Verizon also allows you to block restricted phone calls, but only if you have their Smart Family Plan. Currently, Sprint and T-Mobile do not offer plans or features that block restricted phone calls.



Nowadays, virtually everything can be done with a phone app, even blocking restricted phone calls. Find an app that fits your needs from the many call blocking apps available. 

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Your contacts are used to create a whitelist by the best call blocking apps. It will work normally if you receive a call from someone on this whitelist. 

A restricted or unknown number will, however, be automatically forwarded to voicemail.



File a police report if you are constantly receiving restricted phone calls or threatening or aggressive messages. Your phone records may be able to provide you with the number, but if not, the police may be able to assist. 

If you receive dozens of calls every day, even without threatening messages, you could be subject to legal action.


Conclusion: How To Block Restricted Calls?

Usually, a restricted phone call will not be from a fraudster or a debt collector. You would never open your front door to someone hiding behind a mask if you answered a restricted phone call from them. There is no guarantee that it will end in a positive way, but it is not likely to end in a positive way either. 

In the event that they are so eager to reach you, ignore their call and let them record a voicemail. If they fail to leave a message explaining who they are or how to reach them, they are most likely a swindler or an automated call. 

It is quite reasonable for someone to make a restricted phone call for a variety of reasons. In the event you receive calls from a restricted number constantly, you have a few options other than just dealing with it. 

There might be a feature on your phone carrier that allows you to block these calls, but the best way to block them is probably by using an app. For just a few dollars a month, you can avoid the headache and annoyance of a constantly ringing phone.


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