Vizio Sound Bar Troubleshooting – Ultimate Guide [2022]

A Vizio soundbar was paired with the Vizio TV I used as my secondary TV for gaming. Moreover, when playing music over Bluetooth, the speaker cut in and out, and there was noticeable skipping. This guide, however, will walk you through troubleshooting the Vizio sound bar.

One day while playing Battlefield, the audio stopped completely, but the soundbar appeared to work fine.

My next step was to get a troubleshooting guide for Vizio sound bar online, and whatever the problem was, I would find a solution online.

Moreover, to find out what might have caused the Vizio sound bar issue and how to get a speaker system troubleshooting guide, I visited Vizio’s support pages and user forums.

The Vizio sound bar troubleshooting was finally done after I spent a few hours researching and applying what I had learned.

However, here is a quick guide to troubleshooting your Vizio sound bar that has stopped working in minutes with everything that I had found online.

Also, make sure the Vizio sound bar is set to the correct audio source for troubleshooting. In addition, if you used Bluetooth, you can also try pairing it again or restarting it.

However, the following article will guide you through troubleshooting the Vizio sound bar and what you can do if your cables have been damaged.

Connections should be checked

A Vizio soundbar connects to the TV via an HDMI or Digital Audio port, depending on when it was purchased.

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In  addition, make sure that all of these connections and their cables are properly connected and that they are not physically damaged.

Moreover, it is highly recommended that you replace these cables if needed, and also get something that is durable for your HDMI cables and your Digital Audio cables.

The soundbar doesn’t have to be very high end, but make sure you don’t cut corners on your cables since they can cause problems.

However, Anker HDMI eARC capable cables are recommended for HDMI and Syncwire Digital Optical Toslink cables are recommended for digital audio.

Setting The Correct Audio Output – Vizio Sound Bar Troubleshooting

The Vizio TV can switch between its built-in speakers and your soundbar, so make sure it is set to the correct output mode before trying anything else.

Setting the audio output correctly is as follows:

  1. Put something on the TV and turn it on.

  2. On the soundbar, you will find an Input button.

  3. Simply hold this button when you see the sound bar flash.

  4. As soon as it stops flashing, it means the TV has been found and the output mode is correct.

Moreover, if it does, then the soundbar should take over playback of the content, and if it doesn’t, then you can go on to the next section of the tutorial.

Troubleshooting a Vizio Sound Bar that isn’t working involves turning it off and on

It is often reliable to restart the system for troubleshooting Vizio sound bar issues.

Here are some things you can do with your soundbar:

  1. You can turn off the soundbar by pressing the power button.

  2. Make sure the soundbar is unplugged from the power source.

  3. Wait at least 15-20 seconds before you plug the power back in.

  4. Hopefully now you can turn on your soundbar again.

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Try watching something on TV and see if your issue returns.

Vizio Sound Bar Troubleshooting: Try pairing the sound bar again

For troubleshooting the Vizio sound bar, you can try pairing it again with the device if it uses Bluetooth to connect.

In order to accomplish this:

  1. Vizio’s soundbar can be unpaired by going to the Bluetooth settings of your device.

  2. In pairing mode, the Bluetooth button must be held down and pressed again.

  3. Search for the soundbar with Bluetooth enabled on your device.

  4. Once your device discovers the soundbar, connect to it.

If the speakers don’t work after reconnecting the device, try playing something on it again.

Vizio Sound Bar Troubleshooting by Factory Resetting

Restarting or re-repairing the soundbar doesn’t work, so the only option is to factory reset it.

The Bluetooth settings will be reset to factory settings if you pair the device again.

Additionally, your soundbar’s manual will show you how to reset it, but the exact method might vary from model to model.

The manual for your Vizio model can be found in Vizio’s User Manual repository.

Get in touch with Vizio Customer Support

For Vizio sound bar troubleshooting that cannot be resolved by resetting, please contact Vizio, as they can bring the device in for repair.

In case they can’t provide Vizio sound bar troubleshooting over the phone, they’ll send a technician to your home.


The issues you’re experiencing could be related to the age of your Vizio soundbar.

If you mostly use Apple devices, you’ll want to upgrade to an AirPlay-compatible soundbar.

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There may be a problem with the volume of your Vizio TV that isn’t caused by the soundbar, but rather by the TV itself.

Make sure the TV hasn’t been set to mute with the remote.


What is the procedure for resetting the Vizio soundbar?

Check the device’s manual for instructions on how to reset your Vizio soundbar.

Any Bluetooth-enabled devices will be removed after resetting the soundbar.

How do the lights on my Vizio soundbar work?

Vizio soundbars have lights that provide information about their current status, but each model’s arrangement is different.

If you don’t know what the light sequences or colors mean, consult your user manual.

What is the procedure for resetting a Vizio soundbar without the remote?

There are buttons on Vizio soundbars that can be used to reset them without a remote control.

Consult the speaker’s manual to learn how to do this.

Can my TV recognize my soundbar if I do anything?

If your soundbar has a HDMI eARC or Digital Audio port, make sure you are using it.

Make sure that your TV is set to use the speaker as the default audio device once that is done.

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