[SOLVED]: Samsung TV Won’t Turn On No Red Light

With Samsung TVs, you can enjoy the best entertainment available. You can browse a wide variety of content and get a top-quality TV experience with built-in apps and smart remotes. Here are some possible fixes to fix all the problems with your Samsung Smart TV, such as forgetting to turn it on, seeing no red light, or stuttering or freezing while playing a movie.

Our detailed guide on how to resolve the Samsung TV won’t turn on no red light problem is a great resource for users. Based on user needs and experiences, there are solutions provided in the guide. To resolve this problem, please read the whole document. Try the solutions that work best for you.

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Samsung TV Won’t Turn On No Red Light – Troubleshoot and Diagnosis

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On No Red LightTV repairmen have a unique understanding of some problems. TV issues are most often related to inadequate power, which is responsible for 99% of them. Don’t worry about complicated and costly repair plans if your TV won’t power on. A samsung tv troubleshooting can be found here.

If your TV doesn’t work, then you need to read this article! You won’t have to disassemble anything. Additionally, you won’t have to spend a lot of money at a repair shop. If your TV has a problem, you can easily fix it yourself with the steps outlined in this article.

1. Try Pressing Random Buttons

Press random buttons on your TV remote if you are lost or confused. This method has been tested dozens of times and works almost every time. You can press any button to send an infrared signal to your TV. A bunch of buttons must be pressed on the remote to make it work. It is likely to fix the problem most of the time. If the buttons need to be pressed at a certain time or in a certain order, don’t be afraid to try some different things.

You may be able to fix this problem by using the TV or remote control buttons if the TV appears to be switched on, but the screen is blank. Pressing a button multiple times can also help reset the TV remote by switching functions.

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This is a bad sign if, despite being plugged into its appropriate cable, a screen still has channel names or numbers but no incoming signal. A technician will need to repair the TV if that’s the case – and it may be expensive. Experts can help you avoid permanent damage, so you should consult them.

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2. Use a Different Power Outlet

An outlet that is not working could be the cause of Samsung TV won’t turn on issue. Many problems can result from this, including temporary faults and more permanent damage, such as blown fuses. In consequence, we should check the power supply before we proceed.

Use the following test to determine whether your TV is having trouble because of the power outlet it is plugged into. Wait one minute before plugging in the TV cord after unplugging it. Check to see if the TV now turns on after moving it to another outlet.

You might also try plugging the charger into another “good” outlet if the outlets work but the charger doesn’t. It’s best to consult a professional electrician if it still doesn’t work.

Cords and power supplies are also involved in the problem. If it’s a surge protector, you can unplug it and plug it into two separate outlets instead.

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3. Broken Power Cables

A faulty power cable most likely causes the TV screen to display a blank screen. It should be plugged into the outlet securely and in good condition. You may need to turn on and off several power outlets in a similar area to determine whether any are broken.

TV power cords are prone to wear and tear. Even with the constant threat of power surges, they can sometimes be damaged. The cable itself needs to be replaced if it becomes frayed along its length. The cable you purchase should be rated for the maximum amperage your TV can take. This may seem like an obvious purchase.

Chewing cables is a favorite pastime of dogs. Cables need to be kept out of reach of pets and children if you have them around the house. When they are charging, make sure that there are no tangles to get them caught up in.

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The best way to extend the life of your power cords is to keep them straight and organized.

The cable will stop fraying much faster if you pull it out slowly if you see a minor bend.

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4. Try Resetting Samsung Smart TV

The power light may be off and you are unable to turn on the TV, so try resetting it. A simple restart can solve minor problems with the TV’s settings. You can reset your TV by turning it off for a few minutes, which resets its settings. A power light should illuminate on the side of the TV once it has been turned back on, indicating that it is on.

Here’s how you reset a Samsung TV:

  1. Disconnect the power source of the TV. The power cord can either be unplugged from the outlet or taken out of the wall socket.
  2. Reinstall the power cable after waiting at least 30 seconds.
  3. When you see “Samsung Electronics” on your TV screen, press and hold the “Power” button on your remote control.

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5. Blown Fuse

The TV should be able to turn on if it turns on, suggesting that the power board is working properly. Alternatively, a component connected to the power board, such as a blown fuse or relay, could be to blame. The repair can be done by yourself if you are familiar with electronic repair. Unless you have an electrician, you may have to hire one – but that’s still less expensive than buying a new TV.

The relay near the power supply may have failed if you have problems with your TV. If you can get to the backside of the TV, you will likely be able to solve this issue. You can examine the small black box – the power supply or power brick – that’s usually found in the center of the back panel of your TV if you remove the back panel. Unfortunately, the average person is unlikely to be able to fix a TV. The device may not turn on if some wires need to be soldered or a relay needs to be reconnected.

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6. Disconnect All Devices

Just switching on your TV won’t work if your TV is connected to multiple devices, such as a gaming console, an Apple TV, or a Chromecast. Having these devices turned on before turning on your TV can prevent you from turning it on if they are on first.

A quick and reliable solution may be to remove your device from the equation if it is not working. It may be a good idea to disconnect any Bluetooth devices or other electronic devices in close proximity to your TV for a few minutes in order to test this theory. You may find that this eliminates the problem completely! Does your television function correctly after you remove everything near it? To test whether the issue still persists, you can connect your device.

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7. IR Window is Blocked

Here is a possible problem that you may encounter: your TV’s IR window might be blocked. This will prevent your remote from working. Try some angles to see if this applies.

You may want to replace an old remote control with a new one or a fresh battery if it is malfunctioning. Try installing new batteries first before purchasing an entirely new remote – it might restore functionality.

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8. Low Voltage Problem

The voltage requirement of your TV should be checked first. It is typically 110V or 220V, as stated in the manual. Make sure that this is not a lower voltage causing problems in your home. This is where the problem usually lies when you get an incorrect voltage.

If you still have problems on Samsung TV Won’t Turn On No Red Light don’t waste your time. Get in touch with Samsung TV tech support and let the pros handle it. You can let the professionals handle it from now on, so you can focus on what you enjoy.