How To Find A Music Video Without Knowing The Name

We’ve all been in this situation at some point in our lives. What if there was a music video for that song that you loved – that song that had that line about the girl and the guy – but you don’t know the name of it? An app like Shazam, which identifies songs by playing them, helps you to find that music video without knowing the name. Its a popular tool for identifying songs when you have a recording of the song.

If, however, you are looking for a music video, and you do not know the song or the name, your search is hopeless.

We are on our way to help you, so don’t be afraid. Using Google and this article will be all you need. The tips I’m going to offer you will help you find that music video you’re looking for and fit your search queries to any occasion.

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How Can You Find That Music Video You Don’t Know The Name Of?

find that music videoStep One: Identify What You Know

You should begin by identifying what you know in order to narrow down your search. Which artist do you know? What genre of music does the song belong to? When was the song released? Is the song sung in English? You are in a much better position to locate the song online if you know even just a few words of it.

In order to conduct your search, you have two options: one is to make a direct search on YouTube, while the other is to use Google to search for the song you want and then switch to YouTube afterward. Due to the fact that YouTube’s search engine is completely integrated with Google, they are basically the same.

For complicated searches, partial information can be a good foundation since it will be easier to find information about the song than just the song.

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Step Two: Try Some Basic Searches

find that music videoStart by searching some basic terms on your search engine, be it YouTube or Google. Consider the following example: we are looking for the song “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi, but we cannot recall either the title or the artist. There’s only one phrase we remember from the song: it consists of the words “an angel’s smile.” Let’s type “an angel’s smile” into Google’s search box and see what comes up.

Hey! Look at that, three songs with that title are at the very top of the listing, among (yikes) 203 million other hits. Here’s an easy way to see if this is our song: click those links!

Unfortunately, none of the three songs that we checked were the song we were after, even though they contained our lyric. Google makes too many matches with “an angel’s smile” if we scroll through the next few pages. Let’s dig deeper.

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Step Three: Combine Your Terms

With the help of the term combination, you can tell Google that you want to search for several related terms. The comma represents the combine operator. Using the keywords “green tomato recipes Mississippi cookbook” as an example, about 921,000 results will appear, with many of them featuring some or all of those keywords. You will only get Google’s results if you put the entire search string inside quotation marks (zero, if you’re wondering). You can return a list of results that have a connection to all three concepts if you use “,” to combine your concepts. You get better results by searching for “green tomato recipes, Mississippi, cookbook” rather than “green tomato recipes.

Adding some combined keywords that might help Google find the angel’s smile song will help us find it. Rock and roll is the only song you are looking for. You remember your dad singing it all the time back then in the car, so you believe it came out in the 1980s. Adding those keywords to a search for “an angel’s smile, rock, and roll, 1980’s” might yield results.

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We’re done! Here’s the first search result. It’s better to use the comma and tell Google the general timeframe and genre (you don’t have to use the comma, and Google will navigate just fine without it, but the comma makes it easier).

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Step Four: Other Operators, Keywords, And Techniques

You can make use of other powerful tools besides the combine operator.

YouTube Advanced Search

Since YouTube is owned by Google, you can search for what you’re looking for using some advanced search options. Listed below are some of them.

BAND or ARTIST, partner – To restrict the search to official videos and remove fan videos, type in the band or artist name and then press partner.

ACTOR, movie – You can even watch full movies and clips on YouTube if you type the movie’s name and actor’s name.

News, live – Choosing a subject, such as news, gaming, or whatever else you are interested in, and selecting live to show the relevant feed.

SUBJECT, today – You can enter a subject, movie, actor, or any combination there of, followed by a time range. You might find that ‘Politics, this week’ offers a greater variety of footage than what you would receive on television, especially if you or someone in your household is prone to only watching one channel.

SUBJECT, HD or 4K – Filter out non-HD or non-4K content by selecting a subject and then selecting a format. The method will work for 3D content, as well as for VR or 360 content.

ARTIST, playlist – Create a playlist for the artist or look for an existing playlist for this artist by typing the artist and then the playlist. These playlists can be saved or copied if they are frequently used.

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Google Advanced Search

find that music videoWith the proper use of search operators, you can narrow down your results and refine your search to specifics. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Search a hashtag: #videosfromthe90s.
  • Exclude words: You can also add a ‘-‘ to the end of the term to eliminate videos with female singers.
  • Exact match only: Search only for the words “You give love a bad name” by using speech marks.
  • Missing words/Wildcard: If you want a wildcard, enter a ‘*’ before a phrase, such as ‘The best * of all time.
  • OR: By applying multiple filters, you can find a hairspray rock or a male singer or a band or a guitar or a bad name for love.
  • AND: Include everything that matches your entire list with AND. So you have “Bon Jovi AND angel’s smile AND 1980s.”
  • Group: Operators can be grouped using parentheses. An angel’s smile from (the 1980s AND Bon Jovi).
  • Use relations: You can find supplemental information by clicking on ‘related’: ‘related: Bon Jovi.’
  • Search by the year/Genre: You can also search by music videos that came out that year as well as the genre if you don’t remember any details about the song or video.
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Step 5: Use Reddit or Another Online Forum

You can ask every music lover alive today regardless of where they live or how popular the song was in the past. Let’s say hello to the ” r/tipofmytongue” community. It has over 1.3 million users who are eager to help you locate the song you’re looking for.

Those that are familiar with it will comment with the Artist, the Song Title, or a link to the song video. You are welcome to post anything from “I need help with this song…” to “There was a music video that came out during the mid-2000s that featured two guys at a bar.” Check out this subreddit for lyrics.

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If All Else Fails, Try Alternative Methods

Our friends and family members introduce us to a lot of music. Check their social media profiles and even Spotify profiles for clues if the song you forgot was introduced to you by another person. You could possibly know their favorite bands if they have listed them on their Facebook profile, which is generally public. This is assuming you’re still friends, but even if you’re not they might have listed them.

The next step is to search for phrases like “Best Music Videos of the 90’s” or “Lesser-known artists from the 2000’s.” You’ll find a huge number of blogs, so get reading! If you have no information about the video aside from the scenery, this is the only other option.

By using any of the tips above, you will be able to locate a music video without knowing its name!

Is there another way to find that music video without knowing its name? Would an app or service work? Let us know!

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