Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue: How To Fix?

Simple installation, high-quality streaming video and audio, and compatibility with home automation systems are just some of the benefits of Ring Doorbell. It is one of the best smart doorbells available on the market.

In my experience, it can be extremely difficult to figure out what a Ring Doorbell is telling you when you are a new Ring Doorbell user.

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There are different meanings behind the different patterns on your Ring Doorbell. My Ring Doorbell also began blinking blue at first, which was very confusing.

As I encountered problems as time went on, including when I wrote a guide on how to install a Ring doorbell, I had become familiar with Ring doorbell maintenance many times.

So When it comes to explaining why ring doorbell flashing blue, I can assure you that the problem is very simple, as well as having an easy fix.

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If To determine why your ring doorbell flashing blue, trigger a few alarms and check your internet connection.

How To Fix A Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue In Minutes

Ring Doorbell Flashing BlueIf Ring Support should be contacted if the doorbell continues to flash blue. We have discussed triggering an alarm and verifying your network in detail as well.

What Does Your Blue Ring Doorbell Mean?

It It is imperative that you watch the blue LED on your Ring Doorbell as it tells you everything about the condition of the device.

There are many different patterns of blue and white light that can be flashed, which each convey a distinct message.

For your Ring Doorbell to function properly, you must be able to understand the various messages that it sends through its light.

Blue Light Pattern

Its Message

During one-second intervals, a blue light appears and disappears

Rebooting or starting up the Ring Doorbell

An upward-moving blue light flashes

The Ring Doorbell is connecting to WiFi during the setup process

Blue light flashes four times and is then followed by a white circle

The Ring Doorbell setup is complete and is ready for use

Blue light blinks on the top half

During setup, the Ring app entered the wrong WiFi password. It indicates that the built-in battery of the Ring Doorbell Pro has completed its first charge.

Flashes of blue light followed by a spinning white circle

You have successfully reverted the Ring Doorbell to its factory default settings

Blue light spinning

I pressed the Ring Doorbell button 

Light blue solid

A two-way audio system is currently in use

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During setup, the ring doorbell blinks blue

Ring Doorbell Flashing BlueDuring setup, you should see the blue light on the Ring Doorbell spinning. Your Ring doorbell will blink blue when it attempts to connect to the WiFi network in your home.

You will be prompted to reenter your password when you enter the wrong password while setting up the Ring app.

A white circle will appear on the display after the light has flashed blue four times to indicate that it can be used.

It is important that your doorbell has a constant and strong connection to the Internet. Otherwise, your doorbell may not work properly.

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Random flashing of the blue light on the ring

Once you complete the setup of your Ring Doorbell, it will flash blue every one-second to indicate that it is restarting.

When you lose power or if you receive an automatic firmware update, your doorbell will experience this phenomenon.

Simply wait for rings to flash steadily before rebooting your Ring Doorbell when it is flashing steadily. Depending on how fast the ring doorbell flashing blue is, this may take a while.

Rebooting Ring Doorbells occasionally is not unusual. It may be a problem, however, if this happens regularly.

Regularly charging the Ring Doorbell battery will prevent this from happening.

When dealing with hardwired doorbells, ensure that the connections are secure and the wires appear intact.

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Ring Doorbell Flashes Blue During Charging

Ring Doorbell Flashing BlueWhen your Ring Doorbell is charging, you will see a blue pattern on the light.

Ring Doorbells from the first and second generations don’t have charging ports behind them, so the battery is charged by putting the charging cable in the port directly behind the doorbell.

During charging, the Ring Doorbell will display blue blinks on the front panel while it is plugged in.

An increase in battery life is indicated by the circle light filling up. It turns solid blue as the battery charges.

Unlike most battery-powered Ring doorbells, these can be recharged externally with removable batteries.

When batteries are removed from the doorbell, the light goes out, and when they are replaced, it turns back on.

It is still necessary to charge the Ring Doorbell Pro several hours after the installation for the first time, despite it being a hardwired device.

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After the device is configured, the LED on top of the device begins blinking blue, signaling that it has begun charging. Once the charging is complete, the light goes out.

The Ring app may sometimes inform you that your doorbell’s battery is low, even after it has just been charged.

To make sure the app displays the correct battery level, give it a few test rings.

When you press and ring the doorbell button you are updating the battery measurement inside the app.

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Blue flashing light on the ring chime

Ring Doorbell Flashing BlueRing Chime’s blue light serves the same purpose as the Ring Doorbell by informing you of the device’s status.

If the blue light is solid it means the Chime is working as it should, if it isn’t illuminated it means there’s no power, and if it blinks, there’s something else wrong with it.

There are four possible explanations for the ring doorbell flashing blue:

  • Setup is in progress.
  • Rebooting is taking place.
  • Connecting to the WiFi network is in progress.
  • The device is undergoing an automatic update.

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White and blue flashing ring camera

It means that the Ring Doorbell is in the process of resetting when its blue and white lights start flashing.

In order to see that exact sequence, you have to start a factory reset from your phone. But if you see the same sequence without doing anything else, it is likely that the Doorbell got stuck in a reset loop.

If that were the case, Ring support should be contacted.

An additional blue and white sequence is visible when you turn on the doorbell, but with 4 different LEDs.

It could take an hour or more for the computer to fully boot up after the setup procedure you followed was successful.

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Ring Doorbell Light Spinning

Ring Doorbell Flashing BlueIf the Doorbell does not have any saved credentials, the spinning white light appears when it attempts to connect to WiFi. This means that Ring will be unable to connect to the network for as long as it shows this error.

In the event that you are unable to connect to WiFi for 10 minutes, this status light will turn off automatically.

Despite the fact that the Doorbell may not connect to WiFi, the problem is fairly easy to fix.

What to do if your Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

Charged Ring Doorbells flash blue to indicate that they are charging.

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Once the battery is fully charged, the device should automatically turn off after three or four hours.

You can try these troubleshooting solutions if, however, the light continues to flash for an extended time.

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Try setting some alarms

Possibly, the doorbell is blinking continuously because of a software bug.

To fix this issue, use either the Ring smartphone app or the doorbell button to trigger an alert.

Besides restarting the doorbell, you might also try resetting your ring doorbell or using an option on it.

Make sure your internet connection is working

If Due to a weak internet connection, your Ring Doorbell might not be able to connect to the internet, even when fully charged.

Make sure that your Ring Doorbell is connected to the network, and check the status of your internet connection.

Get in touch with Ring Support

Nevertheless, if none of those solutions work out for you, it may be an issue with the doorbell’s internal components, such as batteries, wiring, or the LED light itself.

The best course of action, in this case, would be to contact Ring customer support.

The warranty will not be voided if the technician performs some diagnostics to identify the problem and find a solution.

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Final Thoughts

Just by looking at the way the LED on your ring doorbell flashing blue, you can tell a lot about what it is telling you.

To better understand your device’s status, you should know what each pattern means.

Blinking, continuous blue lights are usually not an emergency and can usually be fixed in a few simple steps.

My solution was to charge my doorbell and restart my computer when I had a similar problem.

It is best to seek some professional assistance from the Ring customer service department or to directly visit the local service center if the problem persists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Ring Doorbell flash blue when it is pressed?

You can tell that your doorbell is charging when the blue light flashes continuously.

Increasing battery life is shown by the circle filling up. The light remains solid blue when the battery is fully charged and turns off when the battery has not been charged.

Is there a reason why my Ring Doorbell keeps blinking?

A The doorbell’s charging status is indicated by a blinking blue light. When your doorbell blinks white, you have either lost internet connection or the battery is not powered sufficiently.

How long does the Ring Doorbell’s battery last?

Ring states that your fully charged doorbell battery can last anywhere from six months to a year, depending on how much usage it receives and the weather outside.

In determining battery health, temperature and humidity are critical factors.

If my Ring Doorbell is hardwired, do I need to charge it?

A Your Ring Doorbell receives a trickle charge when it is hardwired, and this is solely for charging the battery.

The doorbell’s battery powers all its operations.

When does the Ring Doorbell battery need to be charged?

A standard micro-USB cable is used to charge the Ring Doorbell. Depending on the USB source, the battery will be fully charged within five to ten hours.

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