PS4 Keeps Beeping? – Here Are Methods To Fix Your Console [2022]

The beeping sound that something makes is definitely not a good sign. There may be times when your PS4 will make strange beeping sounds, but that doesn’t mean that it will stop working. However, if your PS4 keeps beeping, here are some great methods to fix it.

You may find that your PS4 console keeps beeping for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the more common ones:

  • PS4 keeps beeping while playing games
  • If you aren’t actively using the console, it will randomly beep
  • PS4 keeps beeping and won’t turn on or ejects disk
  • After a single beep, the PS4 turns off

When it comes to beep duration, sometimes it is a long beep, sometimes it is a short beep.


Why PS4 keep beeping?

PS4 consoles beep when major hardware problems are detected, such as loose eject screws or faulty connections. As a result of overheating issues, your PS4 will beep to inform you that something is wrong and you might damage your hardware.

Here are instructions for how to fix this ‘PS4 keeps beeping’ issue if restarting and unplugging your console didn’t work.


Warning! You should proceed carefully and at your own risk since some of the solutions in this article may void your warranty.


Fix PS4 Keeps Beeping? Here are some fixes

Fix 1 – Make sure the console is positioned correctly to fix PS4 beeping

Ensure the console is fully seated before you begin to play. Move the console around for a while and see if that helps. A plain surface and proper ventilation should be provided for the console.


Fix 2 – Tap the PS4 console gently for a few seconds it might fix PS4 keeps beeping issue

If the console is not responding or keeps beeping, gently tap it. The PS4 console won’t be broken if you do not hit it hard. If you want to push it, that is fine. In the event that you hear strange noises that might indicate that some hardware components have come loose, it’s best to have a professional repair your computer. You can also bring your console directly to a Sony repair center.


Fix 3 – Try inserting a disc into your PS4 console

In some cases, users confirmed the issue was solved by inserting a disc in the console. You can, however, avoid this by not inserting it all the way. However, as soon as you hear the beep confirming the disc has been detected, take it out.


Fix 4 – Use an Air Blower to remove dust from your console

It may also be caused by dust particles that cause strange beeping sounds on the PS4. You can solve this problem by air dusting the device to remove the dust particles. In addition, make sure the fan spins smoothly after removing the front plate and dusting everything. Moreover, place the plate back on and see if the beep continues.


Fix 5 – Resolve overheating problems with your console

By unplugging all cables and leaving the console to cool down. The console may also beep unexpectedly if it is overheating. To solve this problem, you need to cool it down as soon as possible. Overheating issues may result in permanent damage to your system if you force the device.


Fix 6 – Make sure the screw on the manual ejector is tight

It has been reported that tightening the eject screw solved beeping sound issues for PS4 owners. However, you can do this by following these steps:

  1. Remove all the power cables and accessories from your PS4.
  2. Make sure the console is fully powered off by pressing its power button.
  3. Remove the top of your PS4 and tighten the manual eject screw. You should be able to turn it six times by pressing down a bit.
  4. The eject button should be covered with a piece of scotch tape.
  5. Plug the controller back in and reconnect everything.
  6. For Safe Mode to begin, press and hold the power button for two beeps.
  7. Choose the option to rebuild the database.

We hope that these 7 suggestions have helped you solve the annoying ‘PS4 keeps beeping’ problem.


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