Best Uses For Smart Plugs [30 Smart Plug Uses Ideas]

 In terms of versatility, smart plug uses are one of the best available on the market today.

The smart assistant allows you to control the non-smart products in your house from your smartphone or other smart device.

The Philips Hue Smart Plugs had a great deal recently and I bought ten of them to use throughout the house.

smart plug uses
As I wanted to make the most of my new smart plugs, I searched the Internet to find out the best ways to use them.

Smart plugs can be used for a variety of creative purposes around the home as it turns out.

It’s possible to use them for a variety of home automation products, from powering your Wi-Fi router and radio to pairing them with Christmas decorations or lawn sprinklers.

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To With the help of this list, which details 30 creative ways to use your smart plugs, you will be able to use them to the fullest.

When it comes to smart plugs, the best way to use them is to use them with appliances such as Air conditioners, lamps, night lights, and garden lights.

Smart plugs are able to automate the operation of these appliances by adding them to your ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good Night’ routines.

Smart Plug Uses in House

smart plug usesI Automate Homes For A Living

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Device Charging

Most of us charge our phones and tablets at night so that they have fully charged batteries when we wake up.

Most devices can be charged in less than two hours nowadays due to fast charging.

The battery of an older phone can be ruined by overnight charging.

Additionally, it can also cause short circuits, so it is not regarded as safe either.

In To prevent overcharging in such a case, smart plugs are an excellent solution.


Using smart plugs, you can ensure your radio automatically turns on at a specific time.

Additionally, you can program the smart plug so that it will begin playing music just before your favorite show begins.

With the smart plug’s companion app, you can easily create a schedule.

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Wi-Fi Routers

It Rebooting your Wi-Fi router requires you to get up from your cozy couch or bed.

An inoperable Wi-Fi router can be the result of IP conflicts or overheating. Turning off the router for a few minutes will usually fix the problem.

The router doesn’t have to be physically turned off if you connect it to a power source through a smart plug.

By contrast, you can use your smart assistant or smartphone to instruct the smart plug. Larger households will particularly find this useful.

Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers

You can use your phone to control the humidity level in your home by connecting your dehumidifiers and humidifiers to smart plugs.

In addition, if your thermostat system is compatible with IFTTT, you can use it to automatically start your dehumidifier or humidifier depending on the humidity level in the room.

Air Purifiers

Smart plugs can also be used for automating dehumidifiers and humidifiers.

A programmable thermostat or a routine can be used to control them. Energy conservation can be done by creating a schedule.

Hidden Outlets

You may have difficulty accessing power outlets behind couches, tables, or beds.

A You can use Wi-Fi to reach them using smart plugs. You can get to them without moving any furniture.

Smart plugs won’t have to be left on at all anymore, which is even better.

Electricity saving

Your electricity bill is heavily influenced by stand-by power. Using smart plugs with computers, laptops, TVs, Stereos, DVD players, heaters, ACs, etc., you can prevent them from drawing power in standby mode.

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Plugs with smart features in the kitchen and utility room: Uses of Smart Plug

Cooking-related tasks are rarely carried out with smart plugs in the kitchen.

As an added bonus, when you discover how useful they can be when operating kitchen appliances, you will be amazed.

Crockpot / Slow Cooker

If There’s no need to buy a slow cooker or a Crockpot that prepares meals according to a schedule; instead, you can purchase a smart plug that does this automatically.

Adding all the ingredients to the cooker and turning it on a few hours before you return home is the next step.

Thus, you will be served a delicious steaming hot meal.

Kettle & Coffee Maker

As soon as you wake up in the morning, do you crave a cup of coffee?

You can schedule your coffee maker to start brewing coffee at the right time every morning with the use of a smart plug.

If you have a smart home morning routine, then you can make it part of that.

Waffle Maker

It is best to cook waffles a certain amount of time so that they taste delicious. Waffles that are undercooked are mushy, and those that are overcooked are tough.

So You can set your waffle maker’s timer with your phone and plug it in to a smart plug to hit that sweet spot.


A Microwaves are power-guzzling machines that draw a lot of electricity, even when they’re idle.

Connecting it to a smart plug can save you a lot of money. If you forget to turn it off before leaving the house, you can turn it off remotely.

Pet Feeder

Pet owners worry about feeding their animals when they are away from home.

Many smart pet feeders are available on the market, but the majority are quite expensive. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by connecting your pet feeder to a smart plug.

Your furry friend can be fed properly at all times if you remotely turn on and off their feeder.

Tumble Dryer

If you have ever had to leave the house before the dryer finished a load of clothing, I am sure you have experienced that.

By using a smart plug, it’s possible to turn off your dryer remotely without waiting until it completes its cycle.


By pairing smart plugs with smart assistants, you can start your kitchen appliances without actually turning them on.

Utilizing Alexa or Google Assistant, you can start the microwave, turn on the oven or start the kettle.

If you are working in the kitchen with full or messy hands, this can be especially useful.

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Smart Plugs Uses In the living room, dining room, and reception area.

smart plug usesEntertainment Systems

In order to preserve the aesthetics of the room, you might conceal the sockets and wires behind a console or other decorative items.

If you have to move things around to access them, it can be frustrating. It is possible to turn appliances on and off using a smart plug in this instance without moving anything.

Air Conditioner

 The smart plug can be used to automate some processes such as turning on your AC when you return home if you don’t have a smart AC. Additionally, you can control your AC remotely with a smart plug.

You can turn it on/off remotely with your phone even if it’s not part of a pre-set routine.


Plug-in lamps can be used in a number of modes using smart plugs.

You can, for example, set the lights to dim, turn on the lamps, and adjust the overall mood in a theater mode. You can do all of these things with Alexa or Google Assistant.

 Moreover, a smart plug will allow you to control your lamp remotely.

Therefore, if you return home after dark, the lamps will be turned on remotely. As a result, home invaders are deterred from entering your home.

Fish Tank Lights

It is important to know how the brightness of the lights in a fish tank affects the fishes’ sleeping and eating habits, if you have one.

To Smart plugs, which allow you to schedule lights, will ensure accurate timings.

Christmas Decorations

Electricity is used a lot by Christmas lights. You can therefore program smart plugs to turn on during low-cost electricity hours with the aid of smart plugs.

Furthermore, they can be set to automatically turn on at night.

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Smart plugs are used in bedrooms.

smart plug usesFans

White noise is sometimes necessary to sleep for some people, and children are no exception.

The fan can be programmed with a timer so that it turns off after some time on a smart plug in these cases.

Electric blankets

Heat up time is required for electric blankets. Smart plugs can be used to control the blanket remotely if you aren’t home or don’t want to get up.

All you have to do is tap a few buttons on your phone.

Hair Straighteners & Curling Irons

In how many cases have you left your straightener or curler on while you were out of the house?

An intelligent plug is your best friend if you have trouble remembering to turn off appliances.

Bedroom Lamps

Using smart plugs, you can control the lighting schedule for your bedroom.

A timer, for instance, can turn on the bedroom lamps at a certain time in the morning if an alarm isn’t enough to wake you up.

Furthermore, you can turn the lamp on with voice commands if you wake up at night to use the bathroom.

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Use of smart plugs in kids’ bedrooms

TVs & Game Consoles

If your kids have a TV and a game console in their room, give them some advice. It is possible to schedule the system to automatically shut down if they have a curfew.

Furthermore, you can also keep tabs on the time the kids turn on the TV or the gaming console.

 You could use a smart plug to limit your own and your children’s screen time.

Night Light

Kids must feel comfortable at night, so night lights are important. The majority of children are unable to sleep in the dark.

The night light can be kept on throughout the night using smart plugs.


Uses of smart plugs in the yard and garden

Lawn Sprinklers

Sprinklers can be controlled more easily with a smart plug. With them, you can use voice commands, set timers, and even integrate them into the automated systems in different houses.

Irrigation & Plant Watering

The smart plug allows you to automate a sprinkler system, such as a lawn sprinkler, with the help of an irrigation system.

If IFTTT can be used with the plug, as well as custom applets.

Pool Pumps

Uses of smart plug also includes pool pumps as well.

A smart plug could be used to schedule regular pool cleanings if you have a swimming pool in your house.

This ensures that the water is always swimming-worthy.

Garden Lighting

Few of the uses of smart plug includes garden lighting.

 Smart plugs allow you to automate the lighting in your garden at night.

Smart plugs also allow you to control your lights using any smart assistant.

By using this method, you are also able to integrate them with Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings.

Greenhouse Accessories

 As someone who owns a greenhouse, you know how crucial it is to keep the atmospheric variations in check.

Your plants will enjoy a suitable growing environment when you automate your humidifiers, heaters, and growth lights with smart plugs.

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How to use smart plugs to your advantage

smart plug usesThere isn’t anything cheap about smart products. A workaround is, however, available. Smart plugs uses allow you to automate home electronics rather than spending more money on smart products. Moreover, these are many uses of smart plug, as mentioned above in this article.

It is important to check how do smart plugs works with your smart home hub when choosing one.

 The companion app should be easy to use and have a lower learning curve if you don’t have a smart home hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do smart plugs save energy?

Smart plugs conserve energy, not waste it.

Can smart plugs be used without an Internet connection?

It is possible, but you cannot control them remotely.

What is the data usage of smart plugs?

The amount of data used by smart plugs depends on the model you are using, but on average, each consumes 50 MB of data per month.

How do smart plugs affect Wi-Fi?

There is some bandwidth heaved over, but it is not much.

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