Promac TV Universal Remote Codes and Programming Guide

In addition to providing universal remote codes through social media platforms for four years, now we are providing promac universal remote codes through this blog. We have a lot of experience with universal remote controls and their codes, such as how to program your Promac tv with your favorite remote control, whether it is GE or another brand.

In the following lines, we will give you Promac TV universal remote codes and then show you how to program as quickly and simply as possible. Now that we know the code for Promac, we will be able to control our Promac TV.

4 Digit Promac Universal Remote Codes

  • 5931
  • 0015
  • 0107
  • 0162
  • 0000
  • 0031
  • 0163

 3 Digit Promac TV Universal Remote Codes

  • 102
  • 012
  • 184
  • 029
  • 027
  • 048
  • 101
  • 058


Promac TV Universal Remote Programming Without Codes

The universal remote code is scanned by the automatic search method in the remote. In order to program your remote control, the device scans one code at a time. The process is as follows:

  1. Start the smart device you wish to control with the universal remote, such as a TV.
  2. For TV, SAT, CAB, OK/SET, hold down the device button for 2 seconds. Upon programming the device, the LED light should turn on.
  3. After pointing the remote at the device, click the “CH+” and “CH-” switches. On the remote you will see a signal for on/off. By continuously pressing the “up” and “down” keys, the device will turn itself off.
  4. To verify the code, press the power button. Ensure the device is on. To ensure that the remote is programmed correctly, change the channel if it starts.
  5. After saving, tap on the “device” button. If the code has been successfully stored, the LED on the device will blink twice.
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Programming Promac TV Universal Remote Via Manual Code Method

The keycode allows us to easily identify your equipment by its make and model and program a universal remote.

  • Please turn your device on first.
  • Then, select “TV” from the remote.
  • When the “Light Flash” appears on the Universal Remote, the “Setup button” has been pressed (indicating “Learning mode”).
  • Enter the “Keycode” from the programming guide (User Manual) to complete the process.
  • Once you have completed these steps, you simply need to point the remote at the TV and press the power button.
  • Your TV will turn off when the power button is released.

It is now equipped with a universal remote control that works perfectly with your TV. When the device does not function, repeat the procedure with a different reference table code.


Programming Promac TV Universal Remote Via Code Search Method

You can set the universal remote to search for the correct code if you cannot find the key code at that point. During setup, the remote is instructed to look up the key code using a code found in the manual.

  • Start by turning your device on.
  • Press “Setup” for a few seconds until the remote recognizes the key code.
  • Enter the code 9-9-1.
  • Keep pressing the “Power Button” on your remote while holding the Channel until the device, in this scenario, your TV, “Powers Off.”

Finding your key code may take a bit more time with the above method, but it’s crucial. All remote functions should now work after completing the above steps.

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These methods and codes should help you to program your Promac TV as well as your favorite remote control. Promac TV remote controls are programmed using these methods.


Final Verdict:

It has been our pleasure to show you how to program Promac TV Universal remote codes. Additionally, we got the newest codes for universal remote controls that you can use. Those articles will be mentioned in the related posts section below, so that everyone can benefit from them.


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