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GE Universal Remote Code List [2022 Updated]

All our tech devices can be controlled with a single remote control. With this universal remote, you can control all your devices with ease. GE (general electric) universal remotes are the top performing universal remotes. Thus, we will provide a list of general electric universal remote codes and instructions for programming GE universal remotes in this post.


Codes for General Electric Universal Remote CL3, CL4, CL5

You can use the General Electric universal remote codes below to program your remote control to operate your TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, sound bar, and air conditioner. The CL3, CL4, and CL5 models were discussed, so we covered all types of General Electric remote controls. It’s okay if you don’t know what these GE Universal Remote code list mean. GE universal remote codes allow you to control your devices. All you need to do is enter specific numbers, such as 3, 4 or 5 digit codes, on your remote control, and then enjoy your favorite shows.

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Below is the list of universal remote codes for General Electric.

Occasionally, you may get irritated by the plenty of remote. Here is the complete list of working General Electric Universal Remote Control Codes CL3, CL4, and CL5. Let’s scroll down the page and have a look at the list of general electric universal remote codes.


General Electric DVD Universal Remote Control Codes List

  • AIWA: 0414
  • ADVENT: 0922
  • AMES: 0431
  • AMW: 0917, 0918
  • AFREEY: 0417
  • AKAI: 0395, 0435


General Electric VCR Universal Remote Control Codes

  • ADVENTURA: 0251
  • AKAI: 0227, 0229, 0228, 0230, 0231, 0254, 0303, 0337
  • ADMIRAL: 0226
  • AIKO: 0252
  • AIWA: 0245, 0227, 0269, 0251

Remote Control Codes for General Electric CABLE Set-top Box Devices

  • ABC: 0461, 0463, 0464, 0465, 0466
  • ANTRONIX: 0468, 0469
  • ALLEGRO: 0524, 0525
  • AMERICAST: 0527
  • ADELPHIA: 0512, 0511
  • ARCHER: 0468, 0469, 0470, 0471


General Electric DVD Recorders + RW Remote Control Codes

  • BROKSONIC: 0967
  • COBY: 0894
  • ASPIRE: 0933
  • EMERSON: 0899
  • CENTRIOS: 1060, 0951, 1061
  • CYBERHOME: 0939

HDTV Set Top Boxes with Remote Control Codes from General Electric

  • HUGHES HTL-HD: 0632, 0607, 0641
  • HUGHES HIRD-E8: 0641, 0632, 0607
  • LG LSS-3200A: 0607, 0641, 0632
  • HITACHI 61HDX98B: 0632
  • LG HTL-HD: 0641, 0632, 0607


Remote control codes for General Electric TV/DVD combos

  • AXION: 0177, 0921
  • APEX: 0214, 0401
  • BROKSONIC: 0394
  • CHANGHONG: 0214, 0401
  • CLASSIC: 0214, 0401


Remote Control Codes for General Electric TV/VCR/DVD Combos

  • PANASONIC: 0437
  • DIAMOND VISION: 0896, 0092
  • PHILIPS: 0456
  • MAGNAVOX: 0456
  • SAMSUNG: 0942

Remote control codes for the General Electric SAT/DTV/WebTV

  • CHANNEL MASTER: 0579, 0578, 0577
  • CHAPPARAL: 0561, 0560
  • CHEYENNE: 0561
  • DRAKE: 0587, 0574, 0562
  • BELL EXPRESSVU: 0655, 0628, 0654, 0647

DVD/VCR Combo General Electric Remote Control Codes:

  • BROKSONIC: 0967, 0394
  • DAEWOO: 0971
  • DURABRAND: 0245, 0405
  • EMERSON: 0227, 0458, 0456
  • CINEVISION: 0245, 0405

DVD/VCR Combos Remote Control Codes For General Electric

  • JVC: 1072
  • LITEON: 0959
  • PANASONIC: 0387
  • MEDION: 0959
  • ILO: 0959

DVR/SAT Remote Control Codes for General Electric DVR/SAT Combinations

  • DREAMBOX: 0620
  • FORTEC STAR: 0555, 0569, 0556
  • EXPRESSVU: 0655, 0647
  • DISH NETWORK: 0655, 0647
  • ECHOSTAR: 0655, 0647
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General Electric DVR/CABLE Combo Universal Remote Control Codes

  • ROGERS: 0506
  • TIME WARNER: 0506
  • ILLICO: 0506
  • PIONEER: 0506


Laser Disc Remote Control Codes for General Electric

  • RCA: 0308
  • PIONEER: 0305
  • SONY: 0323
  • SANYO: 0232
  • PROSCAN: 0308

DVR Remote Control Codes for General Electric DVRs

  • RCA: 0409
  • HUGHES: 0580
  • HUMAX: 0912
  • PANASONIC: 0373, 0387
  • PIONEER: 0909, 0977
  • PHILIPS: 0371, 0344, 0345

Remote Control Codes for Home Automation General Electric

  • 0998


General Electric Home Theater in a Box (HTIB) remote control codes

  • CLASSIC: 1051
  • BOSE: 0672
  • AMW: 0918
  • CRITERION: 0448
  • APEX: 0436
  • CENTRIOS: 1067, 1055, 0449


TV/VCR Remote Control Codes for General Electric

  • DAEWOO: 0039, 0279, 0138, 0252
  • AKAI: 0254
  • AIWA: 0227, 0269
  • BROKSONIC: 0147, 0147, 0250, 0310, 0257

General Electric Universal Remote Control Manual


How Do I Program A General Electric Universal Remote?

We have three simple methods through which we can set up your General Electric universal remote codes, for example, we can program General Electric backlit universal remotes. You should now be able to use your remote for all functions after following the step-by-step instructions. Next, let’s examine the methods:


How To Program General Electric Universal Remote With Codes?

  1. Once you see the red light of your remote turn on, you need to continually press and hold the “SETUP” button.
  2. You may need to press and release the button according to your device. You can choose from TV, CBL, DVD, or AUD.
  3. Then you must enter the 4-digit code you chose from the above list of universal remote codes. When you enter the code, the red light will go out.
  4. Place the remote toward the device to test the buttons. You may need to repeat the above steps and enter the next code to operate your device if your remote does not work.
  5. Similarly, repeat the procedure for the device you want to control, and you can enjoy your favorite shows without experiencing any issues.


Here is the complete list of GE Universal Remote Codes for all

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How To Program General Electric Universal Remotes With Auto Code Search (No Codes)

  1. By pressing and holding the setup button, you must first enter the setup mode. Press the button unless the red led is on. You may not always know where the red light is. You’ll find it at the upper part of the remote.
  2. Each device is different. Depending on your device, you must press and release the button. You’ll see the red light blink and stay on. It is equipped with TV, STR, BLU-RAY, AUD, DVD, CBL, SAT, AUX.
  3. There is no need to look at the codes. After you point the remote at the device, you must press and release the POWER button. The 10 different codes will be sent to your device, and when you see 1 code, the red light will blink and stay on.
  4. There’s a good chance you’ll skip one of the 10 codes. You can then review them individually. You simply need to hold the VOL * button for a few seconds. Red light will blink and remain on when you press this button to re-send the code.
  5. The steps are the same for all of the devices, so we can repeat them for them too.


How to Program the GE Universal Remote with Direct Code Entry

  1. You cannot use your device without knowing the model number and the code list version. To do this, you have to remove the battery.
  2. You can then determine the code list version. The code list version includes three types. CL3 is one of them. CL4, and CL5.
  3. Replace the battery and try to access the remote codes for that version.
  4. Press and hold the button until the red light appears on the remote. Again, you will have to press and release the device’s button.
  5. Enter the 4-digit code. Your red light will go out.
  6. Test the buttons on the remote. In most cases, the incorrect 4-digit code will prevent it from working. Select another code from the list and apply this method again.
  7. Thus, I want to let you know that you can easily repeat this method for each device you wish to operate and enjoy.


General Electric Universal Remotes: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do these General Electric Universal Remote Codes work?

Of course they do. If you have trouble setting up your remote, please read this article again. You will know what to do then.

How do we reset the General Electric Universal remote after configuring it?

If you can, you can reset your General Electric universal remote after configuring it.

Where can we purchase universal remotes?

Universal remote manufacturers have a website. You can order one from there. Remotes are also available from other online retailers.

Does the General Electric universal remote work with other smart TVs?

Yes, universal remotes can be configured for other smart TVs. Just follow a few simple steps.

Is it possible to control multiple devices simultaneously?

The General Electric Universal Remote allows you to control multiple devices at the same time.

Is it possible to program Roku with General Electric Remote?

We wrote a detailed process about how to do this. Read the article on the Universal Remote Roku code by General Electric and follow the steps.



With the help of the above methods, I hope you now have detailed information about the General Electric Universal Remote Codes. Byjasco remote codes can also be programmed. We have shared the complete list of General Electric codes and programming methods. Therefore, you will not face any difficulties. Please let us know if you have any issues by commenting below in the comments section


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