Washing Machine Drum Loose? Easy Methods To Get It Fixed

When you use your washing machine, does it sound like it’s playing drums? There is a lot of noise, a lot of loudness, and it vibrates like crazy. You may have problems doing laundry because your washing machine’s drum wobbles. There is no need to spend a lot of time or energy fixing a loose washing machine drum by yourself.

When your washing machine drum is not level or loose, there may be a problem. You will need to learn how to tighten your washing machine drum if it is loose.


The best way to fix a loose drum on a washing machine.

The drum of your washing machine should be checked for broken bearings, shock absorbers, suspension rings, and dampening straps in case it is loose. Replacement is necessary if any of these parts are damaged, worn, or broken.


What is causing my washing machine drum to be loose?
There are times when the inner tub of a washing machine, also called a basket, becomes loose. In washing machines, the rear drum is equipped with ball bearings, allowing the basket of the drum to spin smoothly. In the event of worn or broken bearings, your washing machine will produce a loud noise and perform less efficiently.

Another reason why the washer drum may be loose is because of the tub bearing. Damaged or worn out tubs can also cause the drum to become loose. As a result, your washing machine will perform less efficiently.

It is also possible that the drum of your washing machine is loose if it is not level.


Are you aware of how to tighten the loose drum of a front-loading washing machine?

To tighten a washing machine drum, the first step is to make sure that the machine is level before tightening the drum. In the case of a washer that is not level, it will make banging sounds when it is spinning. In the following guide, you will learn how to level a front-loading washing machine in the correct way.

  • The time frame of the procedure is twenty minutes.
  • The procedure is of an intermediate difficulty level.
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Do you know what you will need in order to get started?

  • Wrench.
  • If you need help lifting your washing machine, consider hiring a helper.
  • Spirit Level.
  • Pliers.


  1. The spirit level should be placed on the washer.

Your washing machine should be leveled with a spirit level. The level should be lying flat on the ground, and you should be able to see a bubble inside it. It is likely that there will be a bubble on the side of the machine that is higher than the rest.


2. The locknuts on the washing machine need to be loosened.

It is necessary to loosen the locknuts on the legs of the dryer if the legs are made of metal. However, it may be necessary to use a wrench in order to accomplish this task. It should be about one and a half inches below the washing machine when it’s turned clockwise.

There are no locknuts to loosen on plastic legs.


3. Adjust the legs by lifting or lowering them.

In order to shorten or lengthen the metal legs, turn them clockwise or counterclockwise.

Take the plastic leg by the bottom and grab it with pliers. To shorten the legs, turn them clockwise and to lengthen them counterclockwise.

It is recommended that you shorten the leg of the spirit level on the bubble side, and to lengthen it on the opposite side. In addition, make sure your washer is level frequently by checking the level.


4. Locknuts should be tightened.

Turn the locknuts on the metal legs counterclockwise until they are tight against the machine with the wrench. Moreover, if you need to readjust your washer’s legs, do not tighten the locknuts too much since that will make it harder to loosen them.

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As far as the plastic legs are concerned, there is nothing else that needs to be done.


What should I do if the drum of my top-loading washing machine is loose?

Ensure that the spirit level is placed on a flat and level surface on top of your washing machine. In order to determine whether your washing machine is level, check the bubble in the center of the level. When you turn on your washer, you will see the bubble swing to the higher side of the machine.


2. The locknuts on the washing machine need to be loosened.

The locknut on the metal legs needs to be loosened. The locknut needs to be turned clockwise until it’s about one and half inches below the machine with the wrench.

In the case of plastic legs, there is no locknut on the leg.


3. Adjust the legs by lifting or lowering them.

To shorten or lengthen the legs, turn them clockwise or counterclockwise. Using pliers, ensure that your hands are firmly gripping the plastic legs. In most cases, you won’t need pliers to turn the metal legs.

A spirit level’s bubble side will be shortened and a spirit level’s other side will be lengthened. Make sure your washer is level frequently by checking the level. You are now finished if your washer has plastic legs.


4. Locknuts should be tightened.

By turning the locknuts counterclockwise until they are under the washer, tighten the metal legs with the wrench. In addition, you should tighten the locknuts by hand the rest of the way, taking care not to over tighten them.


Tips on how to fix a loose drum in a washing machine.

When your washing machine drum is loose, here are some tips on how to fix it.


Replace the shock absorbers.

Make sure your front load machine’s shock absorbers are not leaking fluid. Moreover, they are placed between the outer tub and the base frame. Replacement of all shock absorbers is recommended if one is damaged.

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Replace the suspension springs.

It should be noted that both top load and front load washing machines have suspension springs. In addition, tubs are either attached to the base or suspended from the ceiling.

It is imperative to verify that these are connected. If any of the springs are loose or damaged, it is recommended that they all be replaced.


Replace the Snubber Ring.

Plastic or felt snubber rings come with top-loading washing machines. The metal base below the tub will wear out when the tub wears out.

It is best to check both the snubber ring and the suspension springs at the same time, since you will need to remove the springs. The snubber ring should be free of dust or clumps. You should replace the ring if this occurs.


Replace the dampening straps.

There are four dampening straps on washing machines. Each corner of the washer tub is held in place by these straps. As soon as one of the straps fails, the washer will begin to vibrate as a result. In this case, the straps will also need to be replaced.


Washing machine driver bearings need to be replaced.

The tub spindle and motor shaft of some washing machines are connected by ball bearings. Moreover, as the casing wears out, the bearings will dislodge from their position, causing the tub to vibrate as a result. You will need to disassemble your washing machine in order to perform this repair.

When the bearings wear out, it’s recommended that you replace the entire unit.


What to do if the drum in your washing machine gets loose?

You should balance the loads in your washing machine to prevent the drum from becoming loose. As a result, clothing needs to be distributed evenly in the washing machine.

If you have weighted blankets or unusually heavy items to wash, you should run smaller loads.

Make sure your washer is level so that it doesn’t vibrate. Additionally, it is a good idea to check for loose nuts and bolts periodically and tighten them if necessary.

It is not recommended to move your washing machine, and if you do have to move it, make sure not to drop it.


Loose washing machine drum requires tightening so that it can operate properly.

Whatever brand or model washing machine you have, whether it’s Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool, or GE, the drum can sometimes become loose. To avoid excessive banging on the sides of the washer, make sure the machine is level.

When the drum doesn’t turn or reminds you of a tumbler, you’ll need to tighten your drum and have a working washer.


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