Keurig Won’t Turn On? How to Fix Your Coffee Machine Instantly

When a Keurig brewer is turned on, a green light or a display screen indicates that the brewer is good to start. If your Keurig brewer doesn’t have a green light or the display screen isn’t illuminated, it’s not powered on and won’t brew. This troubleshooting guide will help you fix a very common issue faced by many people: Keurig won’t turn on?

The Keurig brewer might not turn on because of a bad switch, power cord, thermostat, fuse, or control board. Check your house’s electrical wiring and make sure the socket is working before troubleshooting Keurig components.

If your Keurig won’t turn on or brew, here are several ideas to help you troubleshoot and fix the problem.


Is there a particular reason why the Keurig Brewer won’t turn on?

In the unlikely event that your Keurig coffee machine won’t turn on or won’t brew, the fault probably lies with your power outlet instead of the brewer itself. Perhaps the power cable is loosely connected to the socket, or perhaps the plug is not firmly seated in the socket. Check to make sure the Keurig brewer is plugged in correctly, then try powering on a toaster or blender on the identical outlet if the brewer won’t turn on.

It is important to note that if the other appliance powers on, then there is something wrong with your Keurig brewer. Alternatively, you might have forgotten to turn on your Keurig brewer’s power switch.

It is most likely that the outlet is faulty if the second appliance does not power on as well as the first one. In order to find out if the first outlet is faulty, use another grounded outlet to see if that is the problem. Alternatively, you can check the circuit breaker box in your home to see if there is a flipped circuit. The switch needs to be turned back to the ‘ON’ position once it has been flipped.

If your Keurig brewer still won’t turn on after trying all the above options, you may have a problem with the electrical components.

Coffee making machines that won’t turn on are often caused by an inoperable ‘power on’ button and display screen. The following sections describe other hardware parts that may develop faults that result in the Keurig won’t turn on problem.


The switch of Keurig Brewer might be damaged.

Keurig coffee makers won’t turn on when external power buttons, switches, or knobs engage the switch. When the power-on switch fails, there may be a problem with the engagement, or the switch itself may be damaged.


The power cord of the Keurig Brewer might be damaged.

When the power cord is damaged and the wires aren’t connected appropriately, your Keurig unit won’t turn on. It is also possible for an old power cord that has been twisted too many times to have wires that do not make good contact.


Thermal fuses of the Keurig Brewer might be damaged.

If a power surge occurs, your coffee maker could be cut off by thermal fuses. In the case that you do not replace the thermal fuse in your Keurig brewer, it won’t brew.


The control board might be damaged.

In a coffee maker, the control board, also known as the circuit board or circuit motherboard, serves as the brain. Your coffee maker communicates with all its electronic components so it knows what to do. Keurig machines won’t turn on if the control board’s ‘power on’ components have a problem.


The Coffee maker thermostat might be damaged.

Using the thermostat, you can prevent your coffee maker from overheating by regulating the internal temperature. Regardless of whether the thermal fuses are burned, a faulty thermostat can cause your Keurig brewer not to work.


Do you have a little curiosity about how to fix your Keurig brewer that won’t turn on? : Troubleshooting Steps

Keurig coffee machines that won’t turn on can be fixed as quickly and simply as possible by resetting them. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that there is no reset button on Keurig brewers. In general, Keurig brewers can be categorized into two general types: Keurig 1.0 brewers and Keurig 2.0 brewers. The procedure for resetting each of them differs from one another.


Instructions for basic reset (for Keurig 1.0 brewers).

The following is a procedure for troubleshooting and fixing Keurig 1.0 brewers.

  1. Start by opening and closing the K-Cup pod lever, because it could have been affected by a power outage. You will be able to use the lever again after doing this.
  2. Next, turn off your Keurig machine’s power switch.
  3. After unplugging the power cord, let the brewer sit for about an hour.
  4. After removing the detachable water reservoir, let the brewer sit for another 30 minutes.
  5. Reconnect the power, attach the water tank, and plug in the brewer. The brewer will now be reset and ready to use.


Instructions for Advanced Resetting (for Keurig 2.0 brewers).

The following is a procedure for troubleshooting and fixing Keurig 2.0 brewers.

With more computer-driven components, Keurig 2.0 models are harder to fully reset. Performing a basic reset on Keurig that won’t brew might not work, so the advanced reset procedure outlined below is recommended to get it working again.

  1. Press the ‘small’ and ‘medium’ cup buttons at once, and then release them simultaneously.
  2. Then, press the ‘menu’ button three times.
  3. As a result, the display clock will show ‘6:09’. Once again, press the menu button to display ‘brew 0:00’ on the display screen.
  4. After tapping and holding the ‘medium mug’ button, press and release the menu button.
  5. While pushing the ‘medium mug’ button, press and release the ‘small mug’ button.
  6. Finally, you should repeatedly unplug and plug the brewer. In order to complete your advanced reset, you will need to plug it in one last time.

Note: Your brewer’s power-on failure may not be solved by basic or advanced resetting. Troubleshooting and repairing or replacing the defective components may be required in such cases.

Switches, power cords, thermostats, or circuit boards that are faulty should be repaired by a professional appliance repair company. Brewers can also be safely repaired by yourself using various online resources.


How to turn on the Keurig coffee machine?

The following steps will guide you through turning on your coffee maker and brewing a cup of coffee:

  • Plug your Keurig’s power cord into an electrical outlet on the wall.
  • Lift the handle to ensure the water tank is full.
  • The drip tray plate should be covered with a cap.
  • In order to begin heating the water, press the power button on the Keurig brewer.
  • Place a K-Cup pod in the pod holder after a few minutes.
  • Once you have selected the amount of coffee you need, click on ‘brew’.



It is possible that the thermal switch was tripped so that your Keurig won’t turn on after descaling. It is recommended that you contact Keurig support before trying this troubleshooting guide without their assistance.

In fact, descaling a coffee maker is just one of the many joys of owning a coffee maker. Limescale can damage kettles, boilers, and coffee makers if it isn’t removed, and it can change the taste of coffee as well.


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